MMM Nigeria Job Recruitment participants and Promoter wanted


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MMM Nigeria Job Recruitment participants and Promoter wanted
Posted on: February 02, 2017, 11:40:49 PM
MMM Nigeria is currently recruiting more people to work with them, basically they are looking for participants and promoters who can help the spread more word about mmm Nigeria.

I just see this news on their website recently which according to them says:

MMM Nigeria is upgrading at the moment. Having taken into account its past experience, the Community is getting more and more stable. We are constantly looking for new development paths. At the moment we would like to hire for remuneration active and responsible participants and guiders who can promote MMM Nigeria online.

Please fill in the form to apply:

Questions You need to fill out.

Your Name *

Email of Your MMM-Account *

Your position in the MMM Community *
You can find it in your PO

What city, region and country do you live in?

In what ways MMM can be promoted on Facebook? *

Please put the links to FB profiles, pages and groups created by you *

Please write an enticing post on FB and put the link here *

How many hours per day you can work online? *

What salary do you expect? *

Be reasonable and you will have more chances to get hired

Your Contact Details *

(Facebook profile, Skype ID, Phone/WhatsApp number)

As a first task, you should: 1) compose a list of 50 most popular Nigerian Facebook groups (dedicated to working online, mlm, bitcoin, classifieds, etc), 2) post enticing posts in 25 groups with invitation to MMM (1 post per group). Create a google spreadsheet and insert there the links to 50 groups and to 25 posts. When you will be done, please submit the link to google spreadsheet below *


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