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Posted by: Everest
« on: October 10, 2020, 08:44:56 AM »

Pls how many days have I paid on my Lumos solar electricity?
Contact MTN to help you check but you can find out when you make another payment because the normally send an SMS which includes how many days left before it become yours.
« on: September 25, 2020, 10:30:43 PM »

Pls how many days have I paid on my Lumos solar electricity?
Posted by: Everest
« on: February 09, 2017, 02:00:02 AM »

How would you feel if you can enjoy 24/7 constant electricity in your home by experiencing any power outages?
I know you will be more than happy to enjoy constant electricity and am using this opportunity to inform you that MTN Nigeria has taken bold steps ensuring that your Mobile phones, Laptops and other appliance you have in your home or your offices.

If you like to know how Mtn mobile electricity works and the price involved then keep reading till then end to know more about the system.


You can now enjoy accessible, noise-free and fume-free electricity for your everyday use and conveniently pay with your airtime from your MTN mobile phone. You can now live life to the fullest and enjoy 24/7 solar electricity that is safe, reliable and affordable. This mobile electricity can light up your room, charge your cellphones and power appliances like Fans, Televisions, and computers all day every day.

With the Mobile electricity you can:

    Enjoy Appliances You Already Have

With the new DC to AC converter, you already have such as TVs, fans, and laptops.

    Save More

MTN Mobile electricity saves you lots of Naira on your monthly electricity bills! Choose a suitable plan from the plan options and make small convenient payments from your MTN mobile phone.
Commitment fee    Plan    Price per day    Total plan price
One-time payment of 26,000 NGN upon joining the service

Current MTN Lumos subscription plans and prices updated on 10th October 2020

Initial DepositN25,000
1 DayN235.48
5 DaysN1,126.19
10 DaysN2,047.62
20 DaysN3,890.48
30 DaysN4,965.48
60 DaysN9,214.29
90 DaysN12,900.00
180 DaysN23,957.14
365 (1 Year)N47,832.38

Note- Prices are subject to change

To sign up visit any local MTN store with your MTN SIM card registered in your name, a valid ID card and the names/details of two guarantors.

INSTALL easily by using our professional and authorized installers near your location.

PAY easily and safely via your MTN mobile phone

What’s in the Mobile electricity device Kit?

Large 80W solar panel unit and cables

Solar indoor unit

USB mobile phone charger

2 powerful led bulbs

DC to AC converter

How To Activate Your Mobile electricity System

    Check that your MTN account (registered to Lumos service) has enough credit; You should always credit your Lumos system for 30 days a month. Please note: this service is similar to a “hire-purchase*” deal. A minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.
    Choose a plan from the options.
    SMS your chosen plan to 317. (E.g.) for a 30 day plan, SMS “30” to 317.
    Get confirmation SMS & start enjoying 24/7 electricity!

Also, to keep you always in the light, we now offer Top-up, Auto-renewal and daily fallback as options on all plans. To exit send Exit to 317 Choosing longer plans gives you the optimal value for your money!

Share your Experience and get FREE light DAYS

With your help, now everyone can enjoy 24/7 electricity! Refer a friend or family member to join MTN Mobile Electricity Service and we will give you and your friend's bonus airtime!

Read: Lumos ECO VS Prime–Solar Home System (No subscription required)

How To Refer

Simply SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773.* Once your friend completes the deal by joining the Mobile Electricity Service we will automatically credit your account with free electricity. You will receive 14 Electricity days while your friend receives 7 Electricity days.


    You can only SMS using the MTN number registered to your Lumos service.
    We must receive your SMS before your friend joins our service.
    Refer only one person per SMS. No Limit to the number of referrals per day.
    Your friends’ MTN phone number must be 13 digits long and start with 234.

For Example: If your friend’s number is 08031234567, SMS 2348031234567 to 08133134773.

Question and Answers about mtn mobile electricity

In case you still have a question or confused about the new Mtn mobile electricity then ready these questions and answers below to know more.

Q: Can I afford it?

A: Yes! If you use a generator, kerosene lamp, and batteries, then our solution can save you thousands of Naira a year! Can you afford not to?

Q: How do I install it?

A: Use one of our authorized installers for professional, safe and fast installation.

Q: How do I activate my system?

A: It is simple to use the Lumos system, simply check your MTN account for balance, chose a plan from the options and SMS your chosen plan to 317. Please note Choosing longer plans gives you the optimal value for your money!

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: No. There are a one-time commitment fee and several plans you can choose from to pay your monthly credit. For your convenience, Top-up, Auto-renewal and daily fallback are optional on all plans. You can always exit by sending Exit to 317.

Q: Do I have to credit regularly?

A: Yes. To enjoy 24/7 electricity you’ll need to credit your system for a full month. The service is similar to a “hire-purchase*” deal, so a minimum of 20 days must be paid every month. If not, the system must be returned to the point of purchase.

Q: What electrical appliances can I connect to the system?

A: Our system can carry both compatible 12 V DC appliances and compatible AC appliances (up to 60W) that you already have - such as TVs, fans, and laptops -Using our DC to AC converter.

Q: What if I need repairs service?

A: Lumos will provide repairs and support service for the system for 5 years ensuring that you have 24/7 electricity all year round!

Q: What else should I know?

A: We’re glad you asked. After 1800 paid days and 5 years have elapsed, the system will automatically unlock and you will become the owner enjoying 24/7 electricity – free!

MTN Mobile Electricity Terms of Service Agreement applies

*Please note that although similar to hire purchase, this is not a hire purchase arrangement as defined in the Hire Purchase Act. This arrangement constitutes a sale on an installment payment basis for the Service. However, like a hire purchase transaction, the title to the system will not transfer to you until you have completed payment by the [Mobile Electricity Terms of Service Agreement].
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