Diamond Bank eyes 8m new customers with digital strategy


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Diamond Bank eyes 8m new customers with digital strategy
Posted on: February 17, 2017, 07:06:12 AM
IAMOND Bank Plc said it has deployed a digital banking strategy designed to empower its existing customers and also attract eight million new customers by the end of 2018.

Managing Director/Chief Executive, Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Uzoma Dozie, who disclosed this in an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, said that the emphasis in Diamond Bank was no longer provision of banking services but empowerment of customers through digital adoption using the Diamond Mobile app.

He noted for example, that Diamond Bank was able to grow its customer base by 50 percent in two years, not by opening additional branches but through its mobile banking services.

Digital adoption

“We have about 12 million customers. The first six million took us 23years and 300 branches. The last six million took us two years and no branches, no account opening fonts. It was all mobile, so we are taking advantage of the millions of mobile phones people are actively using in Nigeria to now use that as a platform to deliver banking and beyond banking services,” he said.

Speaking further, Dozie added that the Diamond Mobile app is not just about banking but a tool for providing information to customers that will enhance their businesses, adding that the strategy is to help customers achieve digital adoption in order to reduce cost.

He stated: “Here on our Diamond mobile we communicate with our customers cost effectively. So if anything happens, in services like that, we push that information to them at least. It is not an email but it comes on the screen. So that is one way they see it and they absorb the idea. The more people become digitally enabled the easier it is to give them information especially information on a benefit.

“For instance if we are having a promo at a place like Shoprite, all our customers when they get to that vicinity they see information saying we are having a promotion in this particular store. That is just a way to help our customers. So why do you bank with Diamond bank? It is not because of banking. It is because Diamond bank moves customer to me as well. Which is why when customers ask me what is it you can do for me? I don’t talk about banking. Everybody can do banking. It is how I help you achieve your objectives as an organization.

“That is also tied into the shares of life. It is not about the share of money. Share of money is transactional. How much money can I make from you? Share of life is that we are in this journey together.


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