Info about Gtbank iRequire cache box


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Info about Gtbank iRequire cache box
Posted on: March 12, 2017, 03:53:09 AM
Guaranty trust Bank (Gtbank) has introduced another banking system called iRequired design to help their customers bank in a more convenient way.

According to Gtbank, you can now pre-order online the collection of your Token, Card, Cheque-Book or Bank Statement at select GTBank branches. Your item(s) will be made available for pick-up at designated branches or in an iRequire Cache Box at a pre-advised time.

Where are iRequire Cache boxes located?

  GTBank Adetokunbo Ademola
  GTBank Adeola Odeku
  GTBank St Gregory’s
  GTBank Ilupeju
  GTBank Ogba 2

What are the Benefits of iRequire Banking?

  No queues: Your requested items will be made available for pick up within 5 days – even on holidays and weekends (when you choose the iRequire Cache Box).

  Convenience: Using the iRequire Self-Service guarantees you priority service when you go to pick up your pre-ordered item, in-branch or using the iRequire Cache Box.

  Discretion: iRequire Cache boxes protect your privacy. No one sees where and how your item is collected

  Security: Unique access codes, monitoring and safe design of iRequire Cache boxes guarantee the safety of the requested item.

  Locations: The iRequire Cache boxes are located in convenient and accessible ATM gallery locations and the select pick-up branches are also subject to your preference.

How to use Gtbank iRequire Box?

You can use the above image to learn how to use iRequire cache box but to make it more simple for you below is the simple steps on how to use the new Gtbank iRequire cache box.

1. Login to Gtbank internet banking portal with your computer or smartphone then navigates and click iRequire to say another sub menu under self-service option.

2. On this step, you will see iRequire cache box with the options to choose from such as.

* Statement collection
* Token collection
* Card collection
Select the iRequire cache box option as a pickup mothed.

3. Once you are done you will receive a unique pickup code via Email or SMS when the item has been placed on the cache box

4. Let's assume you have received your unique pickup codes then you have to enter the unique pickup codes you received on the iRequire cache box touch screen

5. Now that you have done everything as required all you need to do is to wait while the cache box number is shown on the screen automatically opens and that is how it works.

Question and answers about Gtbank iRequire cache box
Am sure you might have few questions about Gtbank iRequire cache box system but thanks to Guaranty trust Bank for providing this question and answers regarding their iRequire catch box system.

Q: What is iReQuire?
A: The GTBank iRequire Self-Service allows you pre-order online the collection of your Token, Card, Cheque-Book or Bank Statement for pick-up at select GTBank branches or via iRequire Cache Boxes. iRequire is available on Internet Banking where you can make your item requests which will then be made available for pick-up at designated branches or in iRequire Cache Boxes.

Q: What items are available for pick up using this service?
A: Statement printing, Token Collection, Card Collection and Cheque book pick up

Q: How is this service accessed?
A: This service can only be accessed via Internet Banking

Q: How do customers receive their requests?
A: Customers walks into the branch and is directed to the Ops Head or goes to the iRequire Cache Box to pick the requested item(s).

Q: Are customers going to queue to receive their requests?
A: No. Customer are speedily attended to by the Ops Head or they can receive their requests using iRequire Cache box in seconds

Q: Are there charges attached to this service?
A: No charge, except for normal banking charges for the service that has been requested.

Q: Will there be weekend pick up?
A: Yes, items are available within five (5) working days

Q: Is there a time restriction/limit to this service?
A: Pick-up time will be during working hours between 8am and 5pm (in-branch). For iRequire Cache Box pick-up, Non-cash transactions are available for 24 hours even on weekends.

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