When You should Upgrade or move to another Webhosting


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When You should Upgrade or move to another Webhosting
Posted on: March 30, 2017, 10:06:38 AM
If you are a blogger you should know how important and role a good Webhosting plays to your blogging career and if you are still complaining and still using that Webhosting that doesn't work for you, its time to move to something better.

Before we continue I will like to show you other awesome articles I wrote about Webhosting for you to check out, 2017 Nigeria best Webhosting, Local and Foreign hosting and How I Successfully Moved my site from Web4africa to Inmotion.

Now let get back to business about when you should upgrade or move to another Webhosting if you read one of the above articles I shared above titled How I Successfully Moved my site from Web4africa to Inmotion you will know that I have recently moved this forum out of web4africa to Inmotion web hosting and I shared more info on how I successfully moved the site to a new host without any helping hand but now I will tell you main reasons that prompted me to move to another Webhosting and am sure the same thing might be happening to you right now.

Here are the 4 signals that show you when You should Upgrade or move to another Webhosting
Using my own experience I want to tell you when you should either upgrade your current hosting plan or move to another Webhosting provider entirely.

1. You website goes offline and online the next minutes
I want to tell you more clear that you are hurting your audience that trust you and your words because they are struggling to visit your website to consume what you have which they love so much but they might be forced to look elsewhere since they can't reach your site, no one likes to waste his or her time unnecessary, keep reading I will tell you the possible cause of the problem below.

2. Your website takes 20-50 seconds to respond
If you are a blogger you should know that you only have the opportunity to make money when people visit your site but how can you make that money when your visitors are struggling to visit your site and all they see is connecting between 20-50 seconds, not everyone is that patient to wait, they might even hate to visit your site since its waste their time, all this is what I have experienced myself that is why I am writing about it and I will still tell you how I was able to solve all these problems.

3. You Webhosting provider ask you to Upgrade your hosting plan
When you started newly you might not need expensive Webhosting with more power since you don't receive much visitors but once your site visitors start growing over time you Webhosting provider might ask you to upgrade to another hosting plan with more power that can contain your current traffic and you should consider doing so.

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4. Your website always gives you error message Server not responding
In Some case, your website might take lots of time to connect to the database but this server not responding error means that your website is totally unreachable to your visitors it kills your website reputations and pushes your visitors away.

Possible causes and solutions
If you are currently experiencing one of the above problems on your website then you are not doing something right, is either you are using the wrong Webhosting provider or you need to upgrade your current hosting plan.

If you are using a cheap low hosting plan then you might need to upgrade to business or enterprise hosting plan when your website grows because the allocated bandwidth might not be enough to serve your visitors

You are still using Shared Webhosting
Yes when I started back in 2012 i stared with shared hosting plan with web4africa but currently I am no longer using a shared hosting plan because when you are using a shared hosting your website might be crashing every minute and every second unless you are using advanced business/enterprise hosting plan with more power because you are using a shared resources with others and that was what happened to me some time ago.

You don't need to upgrade to virtual private server (VPS) if you are not receiving thousands of pageviews per day all you need is a better-shared hosting plan according to your need.

How to identify bad Webhosting
The first thing you need to consider is the server uptime of any web hosting provider and the only way to know that is searching for their user's review and opinions to know if others using their service are happy or not.

Customer support is another thing I don't joke with and I hate any Webhosting provider that doesn't provide any support on weekends or at night and this reason is one of the main reason I moved form Web4africa to Inmotion hosting that is always online to assist their customers.

What on the package, Before you pay for any Webhosting you must be sure that what they offer is what you need, using myself as an example I wanted to upgrade to web4africa VPS hosting but they offer less for a high price while Inmotion offers much for less price.

If you have any questions or contributions regarding webhosting kindly register and use the reply option below to share your thought


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Re: When You should Upgrade or move to another Webhosting
#1 Posted on: April 15, 2017, 05:08:51 AM
Nice one

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