Numa launches Artificially Intelligent Healthcare App


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Numa launches Artificially Intelligent Healthcare App
Posted on: April 09, 2017, 03:14:15 PM
A health technology company is delighted to announce the launch of AskNuma, a mobile phone based, personal health assistant that gives patients high-quality health information and provides a platform for healthcare vendors.

The innovative mobile health platform has revolutionized the mode of healthcare service delivery in the country with an artificial intelligent healthcare platform hosting a wide database of health information which users can interact with in real-time.

Through the platform, users will be able to access a wide variety of healthcare information on various topics and symptoms. AskNuma which is positioned as a mobile-driven Primary Healthcare Centre offer users a smart means of getting quality information about their health through an interactive system.

The artificially intelligent personal healthcare assistant provides users with diagnosis based on the results of their interactions with the platform and goes further to connect them with health facilities close to them based on the diagnosis ascertained.

To access theAskNuma platform, users can visit www.asknuma.comfrom their mobile phones where they can interact with the artificially intelligent personal health assistant.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Co-founder, Dr.Obisanya reiterated the lack of information and poor supporting healthcare infrastructure which leads to poor health for a vast majority of patients.

“In maternal health, over 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age die daily in Nigeria and according to UN figures, Nigeria contributes to over 10% of the maternal mortality figures globally. These figures highlight the wider issues and challenges in the Nigerian healthcare system and exist due to fragmentation in the healthcare system, a lack of information regarding healthcare options and a lack of basic medical records.”

Co-founder, Anthony Ajose further added, “Numa directly addresses these gaps in healthcare provision by leveraging existing healthcare resources with novel technology, increasing access to healthcare for patients and caregivers. Our personal automated health assistant is accessible via, patientscan manage minor conditions while securely and confidentially connecting toverified healthcare professionals and services when needed for further treatment locally.”