Nigerian Banks Dollar, Euro Pounds to Naira Excahnge Rate Today


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Do you want to know the current Dollar, Euro and Pounds Exchange rate in All Nigerian banks such as Gtbank, UBA, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Union Bank, Skye Bank etc, if that is the main purpose you are here then you have come to the right place at the right time because I have just made a full list of all the popular currencies and their Exchange rates in many Nigerian banks that will help you know how much you are likely to spend whenever you want to do any online international transaction using you Master Card, Visa Card or Verve Card.

Before I begin I will like to commend Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for their positive effort so far because the exchange rate has reduced a bit in our own favor following the intervention by the Central Bank Of Nigeria.

I wouldn't say that things are fine now but at least a positive step has been taken and we hope to see the best results soonest but for the main time below are the current Dollar, Euro, and Pounds Nigerian banks exchange rate as at Today.

This page will be updated regularly to make sure you get the correct bank exchange rates for all the foreign currencies at any given time.

Access Bank Exchange Rate

* Access Bank dollar Exchange Rate – 325 Naira to 1 USD
*Access Bank Canadian dollar exchange rate – 250 Naira to 1 CAD
*British Pounds Bank Rate – 408 Naira to 1 GBP
*Access Bank Euro Rate – 355 EUR
*Access bank Indian rupees – 5.02 Naira to 1 INR

Diamond Bank

*Diamond Bank dollar exchange rate – – Naira to 1 USD

First Bank of Nigeria PLC.

*First bank Nigeria dollar exchange rate – 316 Naira to 1 USD
*First bank Nigeria CAD exchange rate – 239 Naira to 1 USD

GTBank Exchange Rate

*GTbank dollar exchange rate – 378 Naira to 1 USD
*GTbank Pounds exchange rate – 406 Naira to 1 gbp
*GTbank Euro exchange rate – 353 naira to 1 EUR
*GTbank CAD exchange rate – 245 Naira to 1 CAD
*GTbank Ugx exchange rate – 10.8 Naira to Ugx
*GTB MYR – 73 Naira to 1 MYR
*GTB Ghana Cedis – – Naira to 1 GHS
*GTB Russian Ruble – 5.4 Naira to 1 RUB
*GTB Indian Rupee – 5.09 Naira to 1 INR

Stanbic Ibtc Bank Exchange Rate

*Stanbic ibtc bank Dollar exchange rate – 450 Naira to 1 USD
*Indian Rupee 5.9 Naira to 1 INR
*Zar – 34 Naira to 1 ZAR

Standard Chartered Dollar exchange rate
*406- Naira to 1 USD

Skye Bank Exchange Rate

*Skye bank dollar exchange rate – — 320 Naira – 1 USD

UBA Exchange Rate

*UBA bank Pounds exchange rate – 393 Naira to 1 GBP
*UBA bank dollar to naira exchange rate – 320 Naira to 1 USD


*Wema bank AED exchange rate – + Naira to 1 AED

Remember this exchange rates are subjected to change anytime, any day but i will try my best to keep it updated and some bank in Nigeria don't allow international transactions using your ATM Debit cards but the best option is to contact your bank to be sure, you can check out All Nigerian Banks Contacts, email and phone numbers in case you don't know how to contact your bank.


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