How to buy Cheap smartphones and computers online with free shipping


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Do you know that you can buy some gadgets like smartphones, computers, and tablets online and it will be shipped to your local country for free including Nigeria.

When I talk about buying cheap smartphones and computers online with free shipping to your country, am not referring to an e-commerce website like Jumia and Konga where you can buy and pay with your local currency and will be delivered within the same country but am talking about buying your favorites smartphones, computers and tablets outside your country and it will be delivered to your country for free.

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Using Nigeria as an example it was hard to buy anything online talk more of shipping it to Nigeria for free but am happy that things a really changing and it started when PayPal included Nigeria in their list of countries that can use their services.

I have found a website where you can buy lots of stuff online and it will be shipped to your country for free especially Nigeria and any other country.

The website I am talking about is no other than GEARBEST the best website to buy high quality and yet cheap Midaitak smartphones, Computers and tablets.

We used to say that seeing is believing and if you have any doubt then visit the Gearbest website and see for yourself, you will find lots of high-quality gadgets you will really be interested in buying.

Why Gearbest?
I choose Gearbest because they know the value of your money and no matter how little your budgets are your will surely find a perfect value for your money because they have a variety of high-quality gadgets to choose from.

With Gearbest, why spent more while you can buy it less, Gearbest gives daily and weekly discount on their products which makes it easier for you to find cheap Smartphones, Computers, and tablets.

Payment made easy
When buying from Gearbest all you need to do is to search for your favorites and affordable smartphones or computers that have what you needs then use your ATM credit card (MasterCard or Visa) to pay for your goods or pay with your Paypal account and your goods will be delivered to your country for free.

Convert and Compare Prices
If you don't have dollar MasterCard the best thing to do is to convert and compare the price of the product you want to buy to know the price your local Bank might charge you if you pay with your local currency (Naira)

If you see a smartphone of $110 all you need to do is to convert it to local currency depending on your bank but let me use Gtbank as an example.

₦320 x 110 = ₦35,200

Yes, Gtbank presently charges ₦320 per $1, you can read Nigerian Banks Dollar, Euro Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate Today to know the exchange rate according to your bank.