Would you hand over your monthly salary to your husband as a wife

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This question goes to the women, can you feel comfortable handing over your monthly salary to your dear husband? I decided to talk about this topic because I attended today's church service and such argument came up, it started when a man stood to please his wife and told the congregation how his wife used to hand over her monthly salary to him to decided the best way to make use of it on a monthly basis.

To my surprise, some women shouted over my dead body will I hand over my monthly salary to my husband, some said no I can't do such thing instead I will save mine while he saves his until when there is a need then they will contribute together.

As i just kept quiet and watching, a woman picked up a microphone and say to the congregation boldly that she will never give her husband her monthly salary and behold the woman in question happened to be the women's leader in the church.

I also noticed that 95% of the women in the church opposed the idea of giving their husbands their monthly salaries but my anger was they are trying to tell the woman who believed that she should be handing over her monthly salary to her husband as the head and the father of the family that what she is doing is wrong by allowing her husband to control and decided over her salaries.

I don't know what your answers might be regarding this question (Would you hand over your monthly salary to your husband as a wife) but if you really have some spare time I will like you to register and contribute to this argument but then I want to tell you my own opinion right away.

What I think about whether to hand over your monthly salary to your husband as a wife or not
In as much as I value your own opinion, i will like to use this opportunity to tell you what I think and my believe regarding whether a woman should hand over her monthly salary to her husband or not.

The truth is that marriages are not the same and what works for me might not work for you, the best option is to know that which works for you and no matter what, always remember the primary objective of marriage which is "Companionship, Happiness & Love, Completeness, Fruitfulness, and Protection" etc.

If giving your husband your salary to decide how to make proper use if it makes your family more lovable and healthy then you are doing the right thing and no one should discourage you from doing so.

I will not say that those women who believed that giving their husband their salary is making a mistake either because let not forget that some men can be careless with their life and that of their family and even when you give them the money they will use it to drink beer and even use it to have fun with other women.

If you are married to a man who can't make proper use of his own salary how do you expect his wife to hand over her own salary to him, i believe that those who opposed it had their own positive reasons.

If you have a responsible husband then handing over your salary to him is not bad at all neither does it show that you are not capable or have the right to use your money you worked for the way you wanted but it shows how submissive you are to your husband, it also shows that you trust and believes in your husband's decisions and above all you regard him as the king while you are the queen.

As a man if you ask me to choose over a woman who cannot let her husband know about her salary let alone handing it over to her husband over a woman who rushed home from work and says to her husband "Honey or Sweetheart I have been paid today and here is the money" what do you think, who do you think I will choose?

I don't need to tell you the answer to that question because you know the right answer yourself and am sure no responsible man will not love and appreciate a submissive wife

Over to you, let me see your own opinion register on this forum and join the conversation.


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Everest, I was really inspired and also learned a lot from this topic and i must say you are blessed with great wisdom and i love it were you said that works for one person might not work for others which is the truth one has to know what works for her family and follow it

Once again thanks a lot for your teachings


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Well it all depends on the kind of husband one has because as you said if my husband cannot manage the money well I will never give it to him for any reason but if I believe he can manage it well for the benefits of our family then I will not have any problem handing over my salary to him especially if he takes good care of me that I don't even need to keep the money myself

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