Supporters feared a terrorist attack at the fan zone in the Italian city


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Juventus supporters at the Piazza San Carlo in Turin fled in panic during a special event for the Champions League final, fearing an attack after Cristiano Ronaldo's second goal.

Real Madrid extended their lead to 3-1 in the final, with 13,000 fans fleeing when they heard noise which later was revealed as a combination of a railing collapse as well as firecrackers. After the railing fell, some people shouted 'bomb' which caused panic among the crowd.

Once the initial confusion turned to relief, fans began to return to watch the rest of the game - which Madrid won 4-1 thanks to a double from Ronaldo as well as goals from Casemiro and Marco Asensio.

The stampede which followed caused minor injuries to 40 supporters, but police have claimed there were no serious injuries caused by the confusion. Most of the injuries are cuts or were caused by the railing collapsing.

Watch some of the aftermath above, as supporters attempt to understand what happened and reunite with their friends and families.