NEW WAY TO ACTIVATE MTN MAGIC SIM (browse +download unlimited) Free


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 1. Find a phone that have a Multi
task features i.e you can minimize
an applications and so other things.
Example of phones that have tested it with is
Iphone,BlackBerry,Any Android Phone,Any
Symbian Phone but s40 java phone won't
work neither will china phone work too.

2. Time

3. Patience is very essential too
because it's not an easy game.

STEP 1:- So just subscribe for your 2H plan
with just N250 be sending 2H to 131 and
you can now browse but take note of your
time so that u won't browse for 2 hours
before you now thought of resetting it back
to 0 mins because it won't work.

STEP 2:- Don't stop the browsing but you
can minimize your browser or any kind of
apps u are using it then go to your message
start sending this set of codes parameters to

Happy browsing ......

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