Good Web hosting increases Users experience, Reputation and Money


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Are you are blogger/Webmasters how is it going without your web hosting provider, is going well or do you have issues, you know the answers yourself all want you to know is that a good Web hosting increases Users experience, Reputation, and Money

I don't know the reason why you created your website or you still want to host one but am sure you want your website to be seen and visited worldwide and to fulfill that desire of us there are things you must do.

What is Web hosting?
I like explaining a bit about the topic is writing about because not everyone is a blogger or webmaster that knows what is Webhosting and that is why I asked what is a web hosting and what it does.

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or web page to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers.

All articles and comments or images published on this website have been stored and rendered to your computer or phone screen with the help of my web hosting servers and data centers.

Who are the users?
When I talk about users I am referring to your audience, your website visitors, you need to be sure that they can reach your website at any given time, are they struggling to visit your website.

How Webhosting increase users experience

Good web hosting contribute a lot to overall performance of your website/blog, by making sure that your website is up and running, they also contribute to users experience by making sure that server responds time is optimized because a website can be up and be running while it takes more time to respond to users request.

How Webhosting increase your Reputation
When I talk about reputation am not referring to your own reputation as a blogger but every website has its own reputation based on content, performance, and design.

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Since performance can be considered as one of the things that determine the reputation of a website then your web-hosting can be part of that great performance.

In case you don't, I recently migrated to a virtual private server (VPS), you can read more about the reason why I decided to change hosting provider and as well upgrade to VPS How I Successfully Moved my site from Web4africa to Inmotion

For almost 3 months I moved to a better hosting and a VPS plan I have not experience any 1-minute downtime and my website performance has increased as well, yes I pay more money for the VPS Webhosting compared to the gold shard web hosting plan I was using but am still happy for taking that decision.

You can Read: When You should Upgrade or move to another Webhostingn

How Webhosting increase your earnings
I can remember when my website usually have problem for almost 12 hours a day and I know what it looks like to make zero money for many hours but when your website is and running then nothing will stop you from seeing more $$$ but when your website down then no money for you at that moment.

Looking for good Webhosting

In case you are still looking for a better Webhosting, I have written an article titled 2017 Nigerian Web-hosting guide Questions and Answers o help you know more about Webhosting.

Finally, I will be happy to help you more regarding web hosting all you need to know is to use the reply option below to join the conversation or visit the Webmasters category to see more stuff that will increase your knowledge.

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