(Video) Nigerian Italian based footballers chased out of the camp by Italian Authorities


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I felt so much anger in me when I saw and watched this video about Nigerian-Italian based footballers being chased out of the football camp by Italian Authorities, the question now is why?

Why is it that Nigerians are being humiliated and rejected all over the world in one way or the other and am sure that these guys on the video travelled to find their future and useful to themselves but see what is happening to them.

Their family members are happy and some are boasting that their brothers are living abroad but after watching this video you will know and understand that travelling to abroad doesn't favour everyone.

Now am sure you are done watching the video but am still telling every Nigerian most especially the young one's that are still dreaming of going abroad that going to abroad doesn't make life any less easy nor make it easier for you to get rich quick without other risk and humiliations attached to it.

You can be in your country (Nigeria) and still be who you want to be with hard work and determination but in all i wish you all of us good luck in whatever decisions we are taking in life.