Needs and Importance Of Effective Planning In Life.


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Needs and Importance Of Effective Planning In Life.
Posted on: June 09, 2017, 07:55:45 AM
Planning is what we say all the time, many know what is planning but can not apply it to their daily activities while some do not even know what is all about or if there is really anything called planning.

What is planning?
Many scholars define planning in different ways according to their area of interest, but I will tell you that Planning is a statement of what should be done when it should be done and how it should be done. In other words, planning is a process of creating a roadmap to accomplish the design of a desired future or what one wants to do.
Planning sets objectives or goals and analyzing the future course of action for achieving a stated objective.

Planning is a continuous process in life and one must try to plan at every level of life. It has short-term and long-term of planning. In fact, planning is inevitable for anyone who wants to achieve.


1. State your objectives ÷ A good state of your objectives helps a lot. That is to define your goal, know what you want at a particular time and they should not be conflicting of objectives. Know the once you think is most important at that time.

2. Develop strategies ÷ these are to outline the best possible ways to achieve your goals effectively. Developing good strategies helps you to choose the best alternative.

3. Evaluation of plan÷ put encouraging effort to your plan, there must be some set back to pool your plans down but the ability to overcome all that one of the most important part of a good planning.

4. Monitoring the out come÷ you do not just plan, you follow it up and control it in other to achieve a positive outcome.

5. Contingency plan÷ one must have a backup plan in mind while planning. If the outcome of your plan is not turning out positively then you come up with some contingencies to move on.

Planning can never be over said, it is very very important in our lives and one must put it in practice at all times.