Watch Video Kaduna Elders ask Igbos to Leave North before October 31st


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This is new Kaduna declaration not buy the northern youths but by elders and it's now clear that every Igbos in the north should think on the next step to take, either to stay back and wait for Nigerian soldiers to protect you or you start the preparation to protect your life and relocated whatever business you might have been doing in the north.

When i first heard this news of Northerners asking the Igbos to leave the north I thought it was a joke by the northern youths but after watching this video titled.

NOTE: If you use Opera Mini mobile browser you might not be able to watch this video so consider using your Android default browser or other standard browsers that will enable see and watch this video here without going to Youtube its self.

All Igbos must leave the northern Nigeria on or before October 31st, 2017

Now it's clear to me that this threat is no longer a child play unless something big and strong is done about it if the Federal government thinks that the threat is a joke.

My advice to those in the north even if you believe that nothing will happen I suggest you stay back home for a while and see how things turns out to be because you life is more important than any other thing in life and if you value your life then you know the right thing to do but if you don't it's entirely your choice.

Finally, all the Hause people living in the eastern part of Nigeria should equally know that the same message goes to them if Igbos can not stay and live in your state definitely you can not live in theirs.

May God help and give peace to Nigeria.