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I scored 183 in JAMB, UNIBEN is my choice of school and Petroleum engineering is my course. Please what can I do. I need guidelines on how to go about this!
Your choice course isn't among the least competitive courses and your UTME scores isn't that good aswell. Probably, Favour you should make a change of course?

Telecom / How To Migrate To Airtel Data Plus Plan & Benefits
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:49:48 PM »
When telecom brands are ordered, networks like MTN, Glo are being introduced first before Airtel which has seem to take it's position as the 3rd placed telecom network in the country.

However MTN Nigeria has it's shortcomings, same with Glo. For the former, bonuses and affordability aren't quite as it used to be. For the later, although having the best bonus package, poor network coverage is an issue long to be discussed.


This likely bad odds have brought Airtel Nigeria up an alternative and the telco isn't joking with this possibility, atleast for the few months past. Airtel Nigeria has of recent introduced a new tariff plan, and it's an exquisite one.

The telecom company started the month by adding some thousands of new users to it's network and are once again on it's way to maintaining the feat. The latest NCC report which covered the month of April has the telecom network surpassing it's setbacks.

The reason for such uplift couldn't be far-fetched - Months ago, the telecom brand introduced tariff plans, one to cater for data and the other to cater for calls. Then, to restore parity this new tariff plan emerged as an intermidiate between data and calls. It's named the "Airtel data plus tariff plan".

The new Airtel Data Plus Plan gives you 1GB worth of data and N2000 talk time for just N1000. This seem beyond par from what Airtel usually gives. It's much like a tariff plan as the bonuses(both data and calls) lasts for only 30 days!

How to subscribe to Airtel Data Plus Plan

To get started, recharge your Airtel sim card with the sum of One thousand Naira. Before that be sure you weren't subscribed to another plan which might make the network credit your bonus account instead of your main account.

Haven made sure the N1000 airtime is on your main balance, dial *154*2# an await their response. If the response is positive you are good to go, if it's negative probably it's due to the unavailabily of due airtime to activate it.

This plan was first announced on twitter:
Get 1GB data plus N2000 airtime on Airtel Data Plus to enjoy the best of both worlds. Even your 1k will be happy to be spent so wisely. Recharge and dial *154*2#

The plan has been belittled by many supporting their claim on the fact that other providers offer more. In all it's a good plan. Any issues while activating it?

As the economy is gradually tightening up, new distinct ways of making money emerges. In a country of the highest number of black persons - all trying to make ends need, no year do pass by without a crowd-moving money-making move.

As pathetic as it is, these money making moves do end in a predictable way even from first start discernable by the investors. One thing is sure, all the players in it want is to get quick sources of income no matter the stratagem involved.

Today's review is on the new Loom Nigeria Money Network. This a peer-to-peer pyramid ponzi scheme similar to the doomed MMM but differs in the platform of operation.

While the MMM operated on a created online portal, the loom network has it's stay on the popular messaging app, whatsapp. While MMM's payment and processes was fully automated by the owners, Loom's own is left as a game :D .

Looms Nigeria mode of operation

Reading this piece either as a potential investor to the scheme or just to get a knowledge of it, you might get confused about how this scheme do play out.

I first get to know about the scheme few weeks ago in school (checkings shows the scheme started in late 2018). A friend was trying to convince one of my friend to join the scheme, promising that he will get him registered for just N500 of which he stands a chance of earning N5,000 in the run. The possibility itself might have been correct as at then, but the intensity of persuation of the friend adding to my confusion made me hate the scheme before i came to know anything about it.

Before listing the breakdown operations, please be advised to invest into it as a game.

The Loom pyramid scheme has itself divided into four colour-coded levels.

photo credit: queennaijang

The top of the group contains the admin in the red level. He gets the payout until the group fills up. The next colour level is the pink which has a limited number of only 2 persons. Next is the blue color level which has a limited spot for 4 persons. The last color level is the purple level. This level is the entrance level for 8 beginners.

The modus operandi of the scheme has that each time 8 people join the group, the person in the centre, which is the red spot gets the entrance fees of all of those eight. After collecting the entrance money and altogether recruiting the last of the eight in the last color level, the Loom would then be split into 2 independent groups. At then, the admin would leave.

There would be a top half and a bottom half and each of them becomes new groups. The ones that were in the last colour level(purple) would move up to the blue color level. All others in other colour levels would upgrade to higher colour levels.

Let's take it more practical.

For instance, the filled group before being split had 1 person in the red colour level, 2 persons in the pink colour level, 4 persons in the blue colour group and 8 persons in the purple colour level.

With the one on the red central level gone and the group split into two. The upper top new group would have a new one red level person, a two new pink level members and a four new blue level members after they have all upgraded their levels. This applies aswell in the bottom group.

For the new two groups, eight spot in the purple colour level would be empty for new investors inwhich their entrance fees goes into the purses of the new red level admins.

The new red level admins create new whatapp groups to operate their ponzi e.g. with the name 'Daniel loom'

Loom Money Review - Is it a scam?

Loom money network is a loose form of ponzi scheme difering from the normal norms of most schemes which do have controls by the persons at the center.

All admins in the newly created whatsapp ponzi are bosses on their different groups and take whatsoever action they want.

On whether the scheme is a scam or not, the only preferable answer i can offer my readers is that according to the law of Nigeria, any organisation and financial scheme without necessary regulatory approval is illegal and can be sanctioned by the government.

The fact that the anonymous ponzi's operators couldn't be traced and punished makes them seem unstoppable. During the bliss of MMM, the government had been consistent in restraining it's citizen from such schemes like this.

As a game of chance, if you can earn much with little, you can lose much without knowing. Take care while gaming on it if you can't abhor it.

Education / Jamb 2019 Change Of Institution - steps and price
« on: May 13, 2019, 07:06:18 AM »
Jamb 2019 examination is finally over and long past. The long hours of research and sleepless nights including the anxiety and drama in the examination hall had long gone.

You've probable seen you result as that has also been released. For those who are yet to see theirs, checkout how to unravel your Jamb score on the official portal.
In all, i think all reading this topic should have seen their jamb score.

Now, after haven seen your result, then later pairing it up with cut-off mark of your choice institution, you decide to retrace you steps. How can you opt for another institution through the Jamb portal?

Before going through the basics of change of institution on the jamb portal as it is indeed possible, it's worthy to note that having a low UTME point shouldn't be a one definite reason of staying off your decided institution. A scary percentage of candidates got less than the 200 half mark? This shows that many with low jamb result will still get admitted in most institutions. If there's a concrete reason for still opting for a change of institution, don't relent afterall.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB allows in addition to a change of institution, a change of Course, Name, Gender, state/lga of Origin and Date Of Birth, however, not without a price paid.

The price of Jamb change/correction of institution is two thousand naira only (N2,500).

The body gives as well a lenghty duration for any one dissatisfied with his/her choice institution to make a change. This piece spotlights on how to make a change of institution the easy and official way.

Notwithstanding, following these steps below, you can apply any change to any of your incorrect data.

The jamb change of institution

1. With a good internet browser visit the Jamb e-facility portal at .

There, you would be requested to enter your username and password.

2. Login to your jamb profile on the portal.

3. A tap to make a correction of data could be seen at the left sidebar. For mobile users, you will need to click the menu to access Correction of data.

4. Click on correction of data and under correction of data, you will see course/institution, names, date of birth, gender and LGA. Tap on the one you need to change.

5. After clicking that, you will be taken to a payment portal

6. You can pay either online with remitta or through the bank. To pay via remitta online, your ATM details would be requested.

7. After a successful payment process, you will be redirected to a page to fill a form. After filling out the form, JAMB would process your application and if approved, your details will be changed.

Dstv is a reknowned paytv in Nigeria.There are several reasons for this and one of it is it's quality.

Using satellite reception, the cable tv provider boasts of unwavered effectiveness. In Nigeria, it's rated best for top league football viewing.

Despite all the worship and recommendation, activating your package after subscription might be tedious and time wasting especially if you are in wait for it to be automatically activated by the cable service providers.

Before shedding some more light on activating a dstv decoder, let's go through the basics of renewing your subscription through mobile banking.

To initiate such, start by launching your mobile banking app or platform. Log in or sign in to your mobile app or internet banking profile.

From there locate 'pay bills'. That should be similar in all banking platform, however. if there's a deviation locate the tap for bills payment. Upon locating that, select 'cable tv' and choose 'Dstv' from the range of satellite tv displayed.

Next. you have the duty of selecting the dstv package or bouquet you want to pay for. Enter your authentication PIN. You will be notified after a successful transaction has been initiated.

Supported banks include;

Gtbank. First Bank. Zenith Bank. Access Bank. FCMB. Union Bank. Stanbic IBTC Bank.

Payment can also be made through most mobile banking ussd code or other several channels. 

Activating DSTv Decoder After Payment/ Subscription

To readily activate your subscription after making payment, send “RA Smart Card Number” to 30333

  • Example, if your smartcard number is 0123456789, so text “RA 0123456789” to 30333.

Now, there are times your subscripion had expired and youhad been restricted to free channels. Upon renewal of subscription, most of you channel might still be missing. This can be solved by resetting your decoder and it takes no time.

How to reset DStv after payment

Reseting your Dstv can be done in two ways: Via SMS and Via easy service. To start, be sure your decoder is switched on and your SmartCard inserted properly.

Reset via SMS

After payment, message RESET followed by your SmartCard number to 30333. This option works on every phone network service in Nigeria. After few minutes, your decoder should have been reset and your channels unscambled.

Via Easy self care

Visit the eazy Self-service website at and select your country. For Nigerians choose 'Nigeria. Sign in to your account with your Surname or Mobile Number and your SmartCard Number. Next tap on 'Fix Errors'.

A box would be provided for your smartcard number, do the needful. Move on and select the “E16” error option. Enter the text displayed in the captcha box or solve any captcha given and click on “fix Error Your subscribed channels should be reset.

Games / Betking Betting Sure Prediction - Tips On Winning Big
« on: April 11, 2019, 08:17:09 PM »
Sports gambling is a popular feature in Nigeria's contemporary society. The main reason being the 'make money quick' nature of it - Once you've win your staked game, you are entitled to whatsoever you won.

Despite the many brands that facilitates this, the procedures remains the same.

Betking is the brand to be discussed today. Betking Nigeria is a popular betting platform in Nigeria although it's popularity isn't a match to the Bet9ja.

The Company is a registered gambling firm in Nigeria haven being authorized by the Lagos State Lotteries Board, Anambra State Gaming Company, Osun State Government as well as the National Lotteries Board.

Registering for this betting platform isn't different from the directives for other betting platforms. From their homepage, navigate to their registration link, provide the necessary requisites needed and you're signed-up.

Although without much difference from other sports bet sites, BetKing has it's unique benefits. One of it is that it has a very comfortable odds - one slightly better than bet9ja's own. Correct scores has odds ranging up to 10,000. What this means is that as a correct-score prediction guru, you are offered the possibility of earning some few millions from few hundreds of naira.

One other benefit of Betking is that they offers fast payment within 24 hours of winning. Upon winning, you will be accorded your desired payment. This isn't a unique feature as almost all betting platforms does this.

Other benefits are that they give weekly and monthly bonus on turnover and that it offers up to 170% multiplier bonus (on online games).

Image source:

General tips on making a perfect prediction on Betking

It's improper talking about winnings without talking about sure predictions. To move up the ladder of having an edge over betting platforms is by learning to get a correct prediction. These guildline aren't directly for betking's patronizers only, they are suitable for other betting platforms aswell.The ways of achieving this are:

1. Bet according to a team's immediate antecedents

I've seen gamblers fall prey of alligning their bet to teams based on head to head records leaving aside the teams current form and immediate situation in the club.

Before betting have a plan to follow, to avoid favouriting a team. Several good hours before the encounter, search for the forms, scores of past encounter and possible situations during those encounters of the teams you have decided to place bet on. From there, you can know the strength of a team in a fixture. That's your first direct step towards sure predictions.

2. Bet on many encounters with multiple betslips

While betting, don't be limited to only a betslip, try accumulating some differing encounters on different betslips. This would increase you chance of winnings in that one of slips should get you something if you had applied all of these principles. While betting on differing encounters, you might as well shuffles league encounters around the differing slips.

Giving differing league's encounter to different slips would reduce any losing tendency as it would further shuffle your bets.

3.Have partial dependence on betting sites

I won't totally advice people to abhor predictions from betting sites as they do help atimes. Some are credible while some are totally scam!

I would rather advice that in getting predictions from these sites, you rather know aswell their antecedents. In discovering a reliable site, search for a site that has a good history of winning. That is, the site must be one that gives out good percentage success of winnings. It is also advisable that you shouldn't patronise sites whose predictions are generated by software as certain important factors which affect team performance isn't analysed.

While accertaining which prediction site to depend on, shun paid VIP sites as most are just made to get your money. There are social media premuim prediction avenue as well. The popular social media, Whatsapp is always the host to most of these self-acclaimed prediction gurus. Seek advice before obtaining any prediction from them.

4.Don't underestimate a team

Despite the fact that there exist the highly performing teams and the low performing ones, trying to place your bet upon that ideology might destroy your slip. As a better option, always rate teams based on their recent statistics and other situation in the team.

5.Steer away from favourited teams

While preparing your betslip, don't insert encounters inwhich your favourited team is into. The reason is really obvious. Emotions might toy with your analysis and it should be kept away.

Staking any other teams aside your favourited teams would bolster a dispassionate prediction.

6. Bet depending on your income

Don't expend more than you gain. This should hold aswell even while betting. Consider the money you use to place your bets as an expenditure. Doing it that way would create a limit to what you spend on betting as well as the frequency of your betting. Don't spend too much on a betslip aswell to avoid heavy losses. Instead split those money through different betslips.

Winning big on betking

Winning six figures on bets is possible and easy. It just need your application of the above primary procedures on sure predictions with an added tip which is aswell simple to actualize.

One important step is that you need to familiarize yourself with betking's betting options. If your are new to the betting platform, you can perform a search to learn about that or better seek instruction from a physical tutor.

Haven known those basics, you need to check the fixtures of the performing teams in a particular season. You might start this from about the begining of the season where top teams would likely want to start on a good note. Let your fixtures run from 3 weeks to about a month to accomodate more games.

With the general principles earlier listed, play with the options that matches your analysis. Summing up all the odds, you will find out that your total odds and bonus would be great of which if you stake a N100 you will get a good cash. If you can aswell sort out other differing encounters using the same principles, you will get about 70% success possibility.

It's as simple as that just that it would need your time and proper use of your analysis skill. The above tips aren't limited to only betking betting platform only, it stretches to other betting platforms. Bet responsibly!

Music / Top 10 Latest Naija Songs for May 2019
« on: April 07, 2019, 11:27:05 PM »
Nigerians are on the lookout for new scintillating musics especially by musicians whose former tracks were adjudged good.

Each months different outflow of music reverberates the streets of towns and cities. In villages which hadly gets electricity, portable phones resound these musics. Added to this is that FM stations never fails to resound music.

This april isn't a different month as there're much new releases by popular musicians as well as with those releases months before but still trends.

In no particular order they are:

1. Olamide – Totori Ft. Wizkid

Starting from late 2018, the YBNL Boss, Olamide has been the artiste savouring the airwave. Now, he serves us with a brand new single “Totori ” which has featured Starboy Boss, Wizkid .

His previously released singles are “Buga Small Small ” and “Woske.

2. Victor AD ft Davido - Tire You

These two artistes makes a savoury collabo. Victor AD came to limelight upon his release of hit single "Wetin You Gain".

The title which has now turned to a popular phrase has turn Nigerians into liking the single. The musician has featured alongside many other musicians, however this time he features DMW boss, Davido in a hit track titled " Tire You".

Aside Olamide, Davido seems to be the other musician who is enjoying the current playout of things in the industry.

3. Teni – Party Next Door

Accepted by Nigerians because of her hot single 'Case', Teni continued in her streak with 'Uyo meyo'. Adding to her growing collections is a new single titled 'party next door'.

Teni who is currently touring the UK, Paris and presently in the US drops this one to kick start 2019 with.

4. Kizz Daniel - Madu

The controversial mucisian and Flyboy inc boss, Kizz Daniel has a song that still trends this month. He titled it "Madu" which means person and files it in his debut album "No Bad Song".

5. Slimcase Ft. 2baba, Peruzzi, DJ Neptune & Larry Gaaga – Azaman

This another new release by Otunba Lamba, Slimcase featuring 2Baba, DMW star Peruzzi, as well as prolific disc jockey DJ Neptune and Larry Gaaga. It's a cool release no doubt.

6. WIZKID – Jah Bless Me

The controversial Nigerian musician who had been handpicked by Nigerians online as the one dating Tiwa Savage has yet released another music. He titles the single 'Jah Bless Me'.

7. Mr P – One More Night Ft. Niniola

The seperated peter of psquare who has chosen to be curtly known as Mr p has since seperation release some enjoyable music.

This time he partners with Niniola which has the title “One More Night”.

8. Lil Kesh - Undertaker

Lil kesh has always release his songs far unique from what others do. This fact could be easily traced in his latest release. From all the names available to name a song, he chosed 'Undertaker'.

This stresses his unique identity in the Nigerian music industry. It's a trending hit currently.

9. Kizz Daniel – Fv*k You

While in preparation for his tour of the UK, the star musician has release yet another single which he names ‘Fv*k You’. The song has him talking about a promiscuous partner messing around as well as rapouring with other notable industry names. The song was produced by Young John.

10. Pasuma – Amen Ft. Davido

Davido this time around went with Fuji music icon, Pasuma to make a new hit of 2019. The record is titled “Amen”. It's a must download.

I want to opt out of Glo Yakata

Just follow the steps above....

Glo Nigeria is a reputable telecom provider in Nigeria. The brand is widely known among Nigerians as the master of data, little wonder it's catch phrase accents 'the grand masters of data'. Aside being the brand with the cheapest internet bundle, Glo Nigeria is the only indeginous owned telecom firm operating in Africa.

Internet data back then in 2014/2015 had seems so cheap leading to the wide assertion by Nigerians that this brand is surely the grand masters of data. From the time earlier outline up till the time of writing this post, Glo Nigeria has drastically reduced their data volume for each corresponding plan. Even with this, no other telecom brand could bulster to take the place of Glo as the cheapest data network in Nigeria.

The reason is simple. In the two times Glo did review their data plans, MTN , Airtel and 9mobile also reduced the data accrued per plan. Still staying top in adversity endeared Glo Nigeria to many Nigerians including me. It is also good to note that Glo Nigeria did earn more subscribers during that time than other telecom operators except MTN nigeria.

All the worship aside, Glo Nigeria is the worst network provider in Nigeria with the least network availability. Even when in it's full coverage( that's if you are near where their mast is located), their network is still slow and to a certain extent unreliable for browsing. If you've been incapacitated from accessing the internet by bad network with a bulky unused data, you will understand more.

Notwithstanding, there are certain places inwhich the Glo network is good, maybe because there's 4G availability. You enjoy more of their data plans in such places.

As was stated before, there's no other telecom network to fly to that would get you a data match to GLO Nigeria's.

All the plans listed as you read on works perfectly well on 2G, 3G and 4G devices as well as on Android, Modem and iOS.

GLO Updated Data Plans (Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Night)

PlanValidityOpt-in Code
10MB @ ₦251 day*127*32#
22MB @ ₦501 day*127*14#
80MB @ ₦1001 day*127*51#
210MB @ ₦2005 days*127*56#
800MB @ ₦50010 days*127*57#
1.6GB @ ₦1,00030 days*127*53#
3.75GB @ ₦2,00030 days*127*55#
5.75GB @ ₦2,50030 days*127*58#
7GB @ ₦3,00030 days*127*54#
10GB @ ₦4,00030 days*127*59#
12.5GB @ ₦5,00030 days*127*2#
20GB @ ₦8,00030 days*127*1#
26GB @ ₦10,00030 days*127*11#
42GB @ ₦15,00030 days*127*12#
50GB @ ₦18,00030 days*127*13#
63GB @ ₦20,0001 day*127#
1GB @ ₦2001 night*127*60#

Glo Daily and Weekly Data Plans

Glo daily and weekly plans beats most of other telecom provider's own. These bundles are mostly considered as emergency bundles needed when you instantly need the use of it haven exhausted your 30 days plan. There are:

10MB for ₦25

With just N25, you can get an instant 10MB for 24hrs - which isn't that difficult to exhast. To subscribe for it, dial *127*32# or text 32 to 127.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 12.5MB for that same price.

 22MB for ₦50

This is a much better bundle to the one above given that the data volume accrued is better. It is valid for a day and can be subscribed to by sending 14 to 127 or dialing *127*14#.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 27.5MB for that same price.

80MB for ₦100

 valid for a day, you can subscribe to this plan by sending 51 to 127 or by dialing *127*51#.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 100MB for that same price.

210MB for ₦200

This plan is better in data volume and in time span.The plan is valid for a five days and can be subscribed to by sending 56 to 127 or by dialing *127*56#.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 262MB for that same price.

800MB for ₦500

This plan gives one flexibility when it comes to the duration. With ₦500, you will be accorded 800MB valid 14 days(2 weeks). It's MTN counterpart is just valid for 7 days but with a data volume of 1GB.  To opt in, text 57 to 127 or dial *127*57#.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 1GB for that same price.


Glo Monthly Data Plans

These plans are the most subscribed to. The reason being that it's always for a duration of 30days. This matches with many people's income projections.

1.6GB for ₦1000 Naira

This is our favourite plan because it's the cheapest 30 days plan across different telecom companies in Nigeria except if you are on MTN double data. Dial *127*53# or text 53 to 127 to subscribe to this plan.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 2GB for that same price.

3.65GB for ₦2000

 With an airtime worth of ₦2,000, you can be entitled to 3.65GB worth of data. Get that by dialing *127*55# or sending 55 to 127.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 4.5GB for that same price.

 5.75GB for ₦2500

 With ₦2500 you can subscribe for this bundle to get a whooping 5.75GB data volume. To get such,  dial *127*58# or text 58 to 127.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 7.2GB for that same price.

7GB for ₦3000

To subscribe to this plan, dial *127*54# or text 54 to 127.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 8.75MB for that same price.

10GB for ₦4000

 ₦4000 gives you an enticing 10GB data volume. Dial *127*59# or text 59 to 127 to get this.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 12.5GB for that same price.

12.5GB for ₦5000

 This is another juicy Glo monthly plan. Dial *127*2# or text 11 to 127 to obtain it.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 15.6GB for that same price.

20GB for ₦8000

 Dial *127*1# or text 12 to 127 to subscribe for this plan.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 25GB for that same price.

26GB for ₦10,000

 To obtain this premuim data, dial *127*11#  or text 15 to 127.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 32.5GB for that same price.

 42GB for ₦15,000

 Dial *127*12# or text 16 to 127 to subscribe.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 52.5GB for that same price.

 50GB for ₦18,000

 Dial *127*13# or text 17 to 127 to opt in.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 62.5GB for that same price.

63GB for ₦20,000

 To get this data volume, dial *127*33# or text 33 to 127.

  • Note: Upon renewal or if you're using a new sim, you will be given 78.75GB for that same price.


Glo Night,Weekend Data Bundles

1GB for ₦200

 Popularly refered to as the N200 night plan, it's for a duration of a night(12am-5am). Text 60 to 127 or dial *127*60# to subscribe.

3GB for ₦500 Naira

Popularly known as the TGIF plan, it gives 3GB for just 500 naira. This data volume lasts for just 7 days only on weekends (12:00AM on Saturday – 11:59PM on Sunday). Fortunately aswell it works on weekdays also but from 12AM – 5AM (Mon-Fri). Text 61 to 127 or Dial *127*61# or *777*1*1*7*2# to subscribe.

How to Deactivate Glo Data AutoRenewal

Most instances after subscribing for a data plan, you're on auto-renewal. This means upon expiration of your bundle, you will be automatically be subscribed for another. If you don’t want such you need to deactivate it by sending Cancel to 127.

Apps/Software / Latest OGWhatsApp V6.89 apk download 2019
« on: April 02, 2019, 07:44:03 PM »
Whatsapp is a popular messaging app among people of different status. It makes for enscripted sending of messages and enscripted chats.

Despite it's so many functions, it's still restrict certain functions on it's authentic app. This didn't go well with many and many variant of the app was created.

One of such variant is the OGWhatsapp.

Although as privy as the original whatsapp is, the new version - OGWhatsApp V6.89 has functions like theme change, no popups etc.

Some of OGWhatsapp functions include:

• Hide Online Status: You can hide the online status. What would be displayed to others will be - 'not connected'. However, your last login date will be visible.

• Hide Blue Ticks: Once you've read a received message from any of your contacts, blue ticks would appear on the sender's end. With OGWhatsapp, you can choose to deactivate it.

• Hide Second Tick: You can hide second ticks for contacts and group upon any delivered message. This creates an uncertainty in the side of the sender.

• Hides Writing Tick: You can hide the writing tick for contacts when you are typing a message.

• Hide Recording Status: You can hide recording Status for contacts and group when recording voice note. You can also swipe up the micro icon and keep it recording without persistent click on it.

• Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide Blue Microphone for contacts and group when you open received voice note.

• Hide View Status: You can hide your name when you view any published status of your friends.

• Anti-Revoke:  You can read your friends’ messages even if they delete them after they are sent to your phone.

Special features of the V 6.89

• The update for the app extends the validity of the version to 20/6/2019 until the new base update is completed.

• Solve the problem of closing the WhatsApp when opening a new conversation.

• Many other negligible fixes.

Backing-up of your WhatsApp chat

Whatapp and it's similar app usually depends on alreaddy backed up files when the app is uninstalled or if you want to make an update. This is so as to get all messages and chats intact.

Before downloading OGWhatsApp, back up your data.

To do this,  Go to Settings on your current whatsapp then click on Chats then Backup.

Now, go to your file manager in your Android device and change WhatsApp folder name to GBWhatsApp3. You can then proceed to download your new whatsapp app.

OGWhatsapp download

File Size:26.9 MB
App Requirement:Android 4+ and above
Download link:here

Installing OGWhatsApp For Android

• Upon downloading the app from the link above, install it on your android device.

• Now, launch the OGWhatsApp and click on AGREE AND CONTINUE.

• Click on Allow OGWhatsApp Access, if you see the message. This will allow you to continue to the next stage.

• Enter your mobile number and verify your number.

• Wait for your Backup to restore and proceed!

Mtn Nigeria has always find unique ways to reward their subscribers. These rewards are relatively unknown to many of it's subscriber that's why i've painstakingly shared the processes of acquiring them.

Some aren't meant for reward in the real sense of it as an ordinary subscriber might view, they are sometimes doled out to drive in more customers to their network.

One of such incentives is the MTN double data bonus.

Apart from giving out true count of data as bonus, the MTN double data bonus has been around from about 2016. The only alteration since it's inception is that the duration of the bonus has been reduced from 180 days to 90 days.

Getting a double of your data sub is something heart-tickling as it improves your internet surf and lightens your subscriptions. Getting the double data bonus is simple although getting it as a new customer is different from getting it as an existing one.

How to get the MTN double data as a new subscriber

• Purchase a new MTN SIM card and insert it into your phone.
• Wait for some minutes to receive a message telling you you are eligible for MTN double data
• Upon receiving the message, dial *131# and buy a new data bundle
• Your data purchase will immediately be doubled

However, if you don't receive the eligibility message upon inserting your sim card, follow the steps required for an existing customer.

How to get the Mtn double data bonus as an existing user

For an existing user,

• Just send PROMO to 131 then an on-screen SMS saying “Thank you for subscribing for device bundle……. Press 1 to accept or 2 to reject.'' would be relayed to you.
• Press 1 and then you’ll see a thank you confirmation message
• You can then subscribe to any MTN data plan by dailing *131# to get it doubled!

This double data bonus could be used for android, ios operating systems. Windows and modems could also be connected with this data bonus.

Politics / Full list of 109 senators in Nigeria 2019
« on: April 02, 2019, 05:36:12 AM »
Lawmaking is a key issue all over the world and also in Nigeria, that is why after every four years leaders are elected as senators.

Different senators from different districts were elected during the last general election, unfortunately, most of the polls turned inconclusive. Seats of the revered senators are unevenly distributed among three political parties in the country - PDP, APC, and YPP.
The function of a distinguished senator is to make law, amend them and watch dog over the executive(federal). Bills approved by the house of reps are forwarded to the Senate for approval. This suggests the superiority of the Senate to the house of representatives. It isn't a law until it is signed by the president.

This clearly defines the relationship between the executive and the legislature. The Senate president is always consciously referred to as the no. 3 citizen of a country. More about the position of the Senate president would be unveiled as you read on.

There's one other thing one should know about these gentlemen (the senators)- they are all millionaires. They get fat sum of money as salary and allowances on a monthly basis. This is no surprise as eyes can readily see the scampering for these positions by these non-gentle 'gentlemen' who had to leave their gentility for a while especially during a post rewarding process.

An average senator earns ₦12,902,360.00 [twelve million, nine hundred and two thousand, three hundred and sixty naira - zero kobo] on an annual basis.

The different allowances that add up to that amount include:
• Vehicle Fueling
• Vehicle maintenance
• Constituency
• Domestic staff
• Personal assistant
• Entertainment
• Recess
• Utilities
• Newspaper/periodic allowance
• House maintenance
• Wardrobe
• Estacode
• Duty tour.

On successful completion of a four-year term in the national assembly, a senator is paid an extra amount of N24,000,000. This is payment for severance allowance, furniture allowance, vehicle loan, and accommodation.

The process towards being a Nigerian senator is likening to that of being a Nigerian governor. The process could be read there.

After the senator is the president of the Senate which is a post more revered that the former. The occupier of this post gets a differed allowance due to the extra duties of that position. Aside an inflated salary, the Senate president receives 250 percent of his Annual Salary as Constituency Allowance. He/she receives an estacode of $1,000 per night for foreign trips and N37,000 per night duty tour allowance. At the end of his tenure, he will receive 300 percent of his annual salary as the gratuity.

The process of electing a senate president isn't complex but it isn't that lenient also. After receiving a proclamation of inauguration by the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, the Clerk to the National Assembly will begin the inauguration from the Senate before going to the House of the Representatives to conduct he same ritual.

• A Senator-elect, addressing the Clerk, shall propose another Senator-elect to the Senate to be President of the Senate.

• A Senator-elect, when nominated and seconded, shall inform the Senate whether he or she accepts the nomination. The person so nominated and seconded may then proceed to address the Senate.

• The Clerk shall then ask “Are there any further nominations?” and if there are no further nominations, the Clerk shall say “I declare the nominations closed.”

• When only two Senators-elect are nominated and seconded as President of the Senate, the election shall be conducted as follows:

•  Voting shall be conducted by the Clerk at the table. The Clerk of the Senate shall submit the result of the division to the Clerk of the National Assembly. The Clerk to the National Assembly shall then declare the Senator-elect who has received the greater number of votes elected as President of the Senate.

The list of confirmed senators in Nigeria as at the time of writing s as follows:

List of 109 senators in Nigeria 2019

1. Kalu Orji Uzor (APC) – Abia North
2. Orji Theodore Ahamefule (PDP) – Abia Central
3. Abia South – Pending (Supplementary)
4. Ishaku Elisha Cliff (PDP) – Adamawa North
5. Yaroe Binos Dauda (PDP) – Adamawa South 6. Dahiru Aishatu Ahmed (APC) – Adamawa Central
7. Akpan Bassey Albert (PDP) – Akwa Ibom North East
8. Christopher Stephen Ekpenyong (PDP) – Akwa Ibom North West
9. Eyakenyi Akon Etim (PDP) – Akwa Ibom South
10. Stella Oduah (PDP) – Anambra North
11. Uche Lilian Ekwunife (PDP) – Anambra Central
12. Ifeanyi Ubah (YPP) – Anambra Sout
13. Bauchi South – APC (Candidate to be determined by court order)
14. Jika Dauda Halliru (APC) – Bauchi Central
15. Bulkachuwa Adamu Muhammad(APC) – Bauchi North
16. Degi Eremienyo Biobaraku Wangagra (APC) – Bayelsa East
17. Diri Douye (PDP) – Bayelsa Central
18. Ewhrudjakpo Lawrence (PDP) – Bayelsa West
19. Gabriel Suswam (PDP) – Benue North East
20. Emmanuel Yisa Orker-Jev (PDP) – Benue North West
21. Patrick Abba Moro (PDP) – Benue South
22. Kyari Abubakar Shaib (APC) – Borno North
23. Kashim Shettima (APC) – Borno Central
24. Ali Ndume (APC) – Borno South
25. Oko Rose Okoji (PDP) – Cross River North
26. Onor Sandy Ojang (PDP) – Cross River Central
27. Gershom Bassey (PDP) – Cross River South
28. Ovie Omo-Agege (APC) – Delta Central
29. Peter Nwaoboshi (PDP) – Delta North
30. James Ebiowou Manager (PDP) – Delta South
31. Egwu Samuel Ominyi (PDP) – Ebonyi North
32. Ogba Joseph Obinna (PDP) – Ebonyi Central
33. Micheal Ama Nnachi (PDP) – Ebonyi South
34. Ordia Akhimienmona Cliffford (PDP) – Edo Central
35. Alimikhena Francis Asekhame(APC)- Edo North 36. Urhoghide Matthew Aisagbonriodion (PDP)- Edo South
37. Adetunmbi Olubunmi Ayodeji (APC) – Ekiti North
38. Bamidele Micheal Opeyemi (APC) – Ekiti Central
39. Adeyeye Clement Adebayo (APC) – Ekiti South
40. Nnamani Chimaroke Ogbonnia(PDP) – Enugu East
41. Ike Ekweremadu (PDP) – Enugu West
42. Utazi Godfrey Chukwuka (PDP) – Enugu North
43. Danjuma Goje (APC) – Gombe Central
44. Amos Bulus Kilawangs (APC) – Gombe South
45. Alkali Saidu Ahmed (APC) – Gombe North
46. Onyewuchi Ezenwa Francis (PDP) – Imo East
47. Imo West – Pending (Declaration made under duress)
48. Imo North – Pending (Supplementary)
49. Mohammed Sabo (APC) – Jigawa South West
50. Hassan Ibrahim Hadeija (APC) – Jigawa North East
51. Sankara Danladi Abdullahi (APC) – Jigawa North West
52. Kwari Suleiman Abdu (APC) – Kaduna North
53. Sani Uba (APC) – Kaduna Central
54. Laah Danjuma Tella (PDP) – Kaduna South
55. Ibrahim Shekarau (APC) – Kano Central
56. Barau Jibrin (APC) – Kano North
57. Gaya Ibrahim Kabiru (APC) – Kano South
58. Babba Ahmad Kaita (APC) – Katsina North
59. Mandiya Bello (APC) – Katsina South
60. Abdullahi Kabir (APC) – Katsina Central
61. Abdullahi Abubakar Yahaya (APC) – Kebbi North
62. Adamu Mainasara Aliero Muhammad (APC) – Kebbi Central
63. Na Allah Bala Ibn (APC) – Kebbi South
64. Yakubu Oseni (APC) – Kogi Central
65. Kogi East – Pending (Supplementary)
66. Dino Melaye (PDP) – Kogi West
67. Umar Suleiman Sadiq (APC) – Kwara North
68. Oloriegbe Yahaya Ibrahim (APC) – Kwara Central
69. Ashiru Oyelola Yisa (APC) – Kwara South
70. Remi Tinubu (APC) – Lagos Central
71. Osinowo Sikiru Adebayo (APC) – Lagos East
72. Adeola Soloman Olamilekan (APC) – Lagos West
73. Akwashiki Godiya (APC) – Nasarawa East
74. Abdullahi Adamu (APC) – Nasarawa North
75. Tanko Al-Makura (APC) – Nasarawa South
76. Mohammed Sani Musa (APC) – Niger East
77. Abdullahi Aliyu Sabi (APC) – Niger North
78. Bima Muhammad Enagi (APC) – Niger South
79. Ibikunle Amosun (APC) – Ogun Central
80. Mustapha Ramoni Olalekan (APC) – Ogun East
81. Odebiyi Tolulope Akinremi (APC) – Ogun West
82. Boroface Robert Ajayi (APC) – Ondo North
83. Akinyelure Patrick Ayo (PDP) – Ondo Central
84. Ondo South – Pending (Supplementary)
85. Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru (APC) – Osun Central
86. Fadahunsi Francis Adenigba (PDP) – Osun East
87. Oriolowo Adelere Adeyemi (APC) – Osun West 88. Folarin Teslim Kolawole (APC) – Oyo Central
89. Buhari Abdulfatai (APC) – Oyo North
90. Kola Ademola Balogun (PDP) – Oyo South
91. Plateau South – Pending (Supplementary)
92. Dimka Hezekiah Ayuba (APC) – Plateau Central
93. Gyang Istifanus Dung (PDP) – Plateau North
94. Rivers East – Pending (Supplementary)
95. Mpigi Barinada (PDP) – Rivers South East
96. Rivers West – Pending (Supplementary)
97. Gobir Ibrahim Abdullahi (APC) – Sokoto East
98. Aliyu Wamakko (APC) – Sokoto North
99. Shehu Abubakar Tambuwal (APC) – Sokoto South
100. Bwacha Emmanuel (PDP) – Taraba South
101. Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf (APC) – Taraba Central
102. Isa Shuaibu Lau (PDP) – Taraba North
103. Gaidam Ibrahim Alhaji (APC) – Yobe East
104. Ahmed Lawan (APC) – Yobe North
105. Bomai Ibrahim Mohammed (APC) – Yobe South
106. Kaura Tijjani Yahaya (APC) – Zamfara North
107. Aliyu Ikra Bilbis (APC) – Zamfara Central
108. Abdul’aziz Yari (APC) – Zamfara West
109. Tanimu Philip Aduda (PDP) – FCT

MTN Nigeria is the most widely used telecom network in the country. Different reasons exist why people do choose the network as their first choice telecom provider.

Many would sway their claim to the fact that it's widely accessible to Nigerian notwitstanding the location you are across the country. To others, it's because of it's stability. If compared side-on with other networks in Nigeria, it has the highest average degree of stability.

The network provider has it's own way of rewarding it's subscribers. These rewards ranges from airtime bonuses and data rewards. When it comes to bonuses, there's no one that doesn't like such. It relaxes your subscriptions and airtime recharge atleast for a limited time.

These bonuses are not always made for all users, however you can manoever through to secure them. To get it, you depend on certain knowledge (i won't call it tricks).
One popular MTN's bonus ploy is the MTN deal zone. You might like to view other bonuses and promos by MTN.

MTN deal zone is a promo plan by MTN Nigeria for their prepaid customers.  Usually, the MTN Deal Zone offer last at least a minimum of 6 months. The deal zone offers comes in types and has their unique criteria. It might excite you to know that one (if not some) of these offers are eligible for all users.

The MTN Deal Zone offer generally has a eligibility clause to be considered. Your SIM must have been dormant/idle for 30 days. The reason for this would be made known as you read along.

So if you're one with multi sim cards at your disposal, you can turn them into bonuses accumulated sims, if you follow the steps below each offer with total deligence.

MTN Nigeria 4000% airtime bonus

This bonus has some criteria barricade. If you are an MTN Nigeria subscriber that has not used his or her sim card for a minimum of about 45 days, you're eligible for this.

This is a form of incentive provided to users of the network who have left the network for so long. The bonus purposes to lure and encourage frequent use of the network by the user having the bonus purview at hand. It's as simple as  anything easy to get this bonus upon fulfiling the requisites.

Start by inserting your long abandoned sim card and, recharge with any airtime denomination of your choice. You will be rewarded your 4000% recharge bonus instantly. Many have reported that their original airtime value has been sweeped, so take note. The amount of bonus you can garner is a function of your recharge - the higher you recharge the more bonus you get.

As an example, if you recharge ₦100 worth of MTN recharge, you will get ₦4000 worth of airtime instantly. This is as simple as read.

MTN Deal Zone 4x data bonus

This is a new MTN Nigeria deal zone offer. With the offer you get 4 times the value of your data recharged instantly. For example, if you load ₦1,000 you will receive 4GB of data valid for 30 days. ₦200 gives you 1gigabyte of data valid for 7 days and ₦100 will give you 250mb for 3 days.

You just need to recharge the value for the unmatched data volume you need. This juicy 4x data bonus has it's migration code. To get started, you must first migrate to MTN Deal Zone by dialing *131*65#.

Select the option of your choice according to your recharge value. You've successfully opted into the MTN deal zone 4 x your data recharge. The offer is still running, opt for it while it lasts.

For sim cards which hasn't satisfied the general eligibility of 30 days neglect, it might still work. All you need do is to follow the steps above and luckily, you mighy grasp the offer. This is as many sim cards have responded positive to this particular offer notwithstanding the 30 days clause.

You can alternatively try that out by

• Sending “double” to 131 you’ll get a response like:

Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you!


Sorry, The Command you have entered is incorrect.

• Send “promo” followed by “free” to 131, you’ll get this response:

Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you!


Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1#.

• Check your data by sending 2 to 131. It should have a quadrapled or double data bonus given aswell. You can do this even if you don’t have data as this continues in all your data subscription.

If you haven't received any response apart from the one above, note that you aren't eligible!

Nigeria has 36 states across it's 6 geo-political zones. Each state has it's constitutionally backed political head - a governor.

They are most atimes the most revered personnel across each of the states given the fact that they perform certain exclusive duties.

Being much nearer to the people, the Governors represent an immediate government to the people, and a seemingly popular one at that. The position of the governor of each state is anonymous to that of the president of a country in a presidential government system.

They both sign bills into law, implement policies that augment the IGR of their entity through timely and intelligent execution.

The importance of these executives couldn't less be said.

The governor of each state had some requirements before being given such mandate. One of the requisite is that, he/she should belong to a political party. This shouldn't be obscure to identify as being the mandate winning factor, it's (their political party) always epitomised by these governors anytime, anywhere possible.

Another requisite to being a governor is contesting and winning an election. Contesting for an election requires going through the primaries of the political party of choice. The independent National electoral commission - the body responsible for conducting election in the country authenticates such primary.

Registration with the independent electoral body is done by your political in your stead. All your document required of by the body would have been made available to them.

Winning an election on the set date determined by the body is based on your acceptance and popularity. The most important factor is your antecedents, you would likely be voted in due to what the masses knew you to be, haven occupied a similar position or any leadership post.

In a free and fair election, that's what should happen, however that's isn't the case in the country. Intending Governors including other political aspirers clinch their various seats through Godfatherism, vote buying and other election defects. Over ambitious politicians trample on the loopholes of elections to gain their needs.

The different Governors when elected has the full responsibility to harness the resources of the state for communual benefits, improve the entirety of functions in the state.

The executive arm of the state is responsible for providing and presenting the state budjet to it's independent legislative assembly. To be definite, the governors and his/her co-executives have a farther control of a state's treasury.

That doesn't mean they are the owners of the state treasury.

They are only entitled to about 2.2 million naira as salary for a month. Adding other allowances accorded the personality of that position, it might sum up to 5 million naira a month.

This as you could see doesn't explain where the numerous funds personally disbursed by the governors emanate from.

A governor stays in power for 4 years , however, if he's needed again by the people, he might be returned elected for another final 4years. After completion of his/ her second term, he's not permited constitutionally any longer to go father than that as a governor.

Major political parties in Nigeria has their share of governors.
» The ruling party, the APC has the greatest share of the governors distribution with 22 governors.
» The major opposition party, the PDP has it's share of 10 governors.
APGA has 1 governor.

There are few states whose election weren't finalised in the just concluded guberturnarial elections. The affected states are asterisked and would be discussed below.

Viewing closely the tabulated data below, you would notice that the PDP is predominant in the southern part of the country while, the APC has much control of the north.

These two main political party determines how the presidential polls are won. Having more reach and popularity, these two political platform always decide the next president. Below is the list of governors, their parties and state governed.

List of 36 State Governors in Nigeria 2019

1.Abia StateDr Victor IkpeazuPDP
2.Adamawa State* Jibrilla JindowAPC
3.Akwa IbomEmmanuel UdomPDP
4.Anambra StateWillie ObianoAPGA
5.Bauchi StateBarrister Mohammed AbubakarAPC
6.Bayelsa StateHenry DicksonPDP
7.Benue StateSamuel OrtomPDP
8.Borno StateKashim ShettimaAPC
9.Cross River StateProf. Ben AyadePDP
10.Delta StateIfeanyi OkowaPDP
11.Ebonyi StateDave UmahiPDP
12.Edo StateGodwin ObasekiAPC
13.Enugu StateIfeanyi UgwuanyiPDP
14.Ekiti StateJohn OluKayode FayemiAPC
15.Gombe StateAlhaji Muhammad Inuwa YahayaAPC
16.Imo StateChukwuemeka IhediohaPDP
17.Jigawa StateAlhaji Muhammad BadaruAPC
18.Kaduna StateNasirel RufaiAPC
19.Kano StateUmar GandujeAPC
20.Katsina StateAminu MasariAPC
21.Kebbi StateAtiku BaguduAPC
22.Kogi StateYahaya BelloAPC
23.Kwara StateAbdulrahman AbdulrazaqAPC
24.Lagos StateBabajide Sanwo-OluAPC
25Nasarawa StateUmaru Al-MakuraAPC
26.Niger StateAbubakar Sanu-Lulu BelloAPC
27.Ondo StateRotimi AkeredoluAPC
28.Ogun StateDapo AbiodunAPC
29.Osun State* Alhaji Isiaka Gboyega OyetolaAPC
30.Oyo StateSeyi MakindePDP
31.Plateau StateRt Hon Simon LalongAPC
32.Rivers State* Nyesom WikePDP
33.Sokoto StateAminu TambuwalPDP
34.Taraba StateMr. Darius IshakuPDP
35.Yobe StateIbrahim GeidamAPC
36.Zamfara StateMukthar IdrisAPC
- Abuja F.C.TMohammed Bello -

* Adamawa state - Final colation was pursed by a court ruling in the state. PDP's Ahmadu Fintiri  was leading in the polls.

* Osun state - An election tribunal upturned the sept 2018 victory of oyetola. PDP's Adeleke was declared winner by the court. A higher court ruling is being awaited.

* Rivers state - After irregularities involving the police and army personnel, the collation and announcements of results from the state was paused till 2 April. Please note that changes might be made to this thread as updates keep filling in.

Startimes Nigeria is the subsidiary of Startimes Media, a Chinese based company which operates in 7 other African Countries aside Nigeria viz; Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Guinea and Central African Republic.

The firm is also present in various other countries aside the listed african states.

The cable tv provider is one of the cheapest satellite tv in Nigeria today.

Bringing innovative technology to Nigeria, it came when DSTV was creating monopoly in the industry. While DSTv was delivering broadcast via satellite signals at a premium rate, Startimes had to infiltrate the market in a coordinated way.

The satellite firm delivers it's broadcast through terrestrial signals at a considerate price. This helped them garner numerous costumers in a short period of time, however, their similar competitive firm, Multichoice didn't bow to their viewpoint.

Gotv was introduced by DSTv's multichoice to counter the effects brought forward by startimes. The satellite option uses terrestrial signals to broadcast and is relatively cheap like Startimes.

The competition between these firms have positively heighten broadcast quality and favourably keep the price of subscription to an affordable amount.

Before running through the methods of startimes recharge, the costs of each startimes bouquets need be outlined and aswell, the channels and benefits therein.

Star Times Bouquets/ Subscriptions

Based on affordability, the various channels are segmented. This is to enable diverse individuals with differing financial strength view cable tv programs.

StarTimes presently has four subscripton package. There's the Nova package with about 33 channels, the Basic package with about 40 channels, the Classic channels with over 60 channels, and the Unique bouquet offering about 80 channels.

These bouquets has a correspondingly varying monthly prices.

The Nova bouquet is the only Startimes bouquet that costs less than a thousand naira. The NOVA bouquet costs N900 per month and has over 26 channels in it.

The next in line is the Basic Bouquet. Adding to it's affordability, it worths your pay as it contains more interesting channels than the former one. The startimes basic bouquet costs N1,300 per month. It includes over 40 Channels.

There's another of the bouquet named the Classic Bouquet. It has over 60 Channels at a considerate price. The bouquet has all Basic bouquet channels in addition to some extra channels. The cost of the startimes classic bouquet is N2, 600 per month.

The Unique Bouquet is the peak of all startimes bouquets. It has over 80 Channels which is the combination of classic channels and some extra ones.  The cost of the ultimate bouquet is N3, 800 per month. 

Startimes Nigeria recharge options/ renewal methods

 The following listed methods through which to recharge an expired startimes account is simple and comprehensive. Before making payment, fully switch on your startimes decoder. This should be your first pre-requisite step of all the methods.

Using Quick teller

It is simple to renew your subscription of startimes Nigeria using the quick teller portal. Quickteller isn't a new name in payment processing in Nigeria. To get started,

  • »Navigate to startimes payment page on the quickteller website with a smartphone or pc.
    » Select the required bouquet plan you intend to subscribe for through the drop-down menu.
    » Insert your smartcard number, email address, and mobile number.
    » Press the continue button.

    Upon redirecting to the billing page, do the following:

    » Select your debit card type (Visa, Mastercard or Verve) then enter your card details.
    » Go through the Pay button to complete the transaction.
    Note: Quickteller will debit you 100 naira as transaction fee

 Your startimes subscription will be renewed. Be patient as viewing will soon be restored within 30 minutes.

Using USSD Code

 With the inter switch ussd code payment, startimes subscriptions can be made with any type of phone.

Conventionally, with the phone number registered to your bank account, payments from your bank account to startimes could easily be made. The general format is just by dialling *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile phone.

E.g. *322*1*240617942*3800# -

This would  fund a unique bouquet plan for a month. 

Nigerian mobile networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile) along with Verve, Visa & Master card of all banks sustained by the inter switch network could facilitate this.

Using Gtbank 737 Phone Banking

With the phone number connected to your gtbank account, dial *737*37*Amount*Smart Card Number#

The amount should be the cost of the plan you wish to subscribe for. The smartcard number is the 12 digit number on your Star times card.

To authenticate payment, enter the last four digits of the gtb Naira card.

Using ATM

The following steps are required to get this done!

  • » Locate the nearest ATM.
    » Insert your debit card, input PIN Number and choose an account type (Savings, current or credit).
    » Select Quick teller option through the ATM menu screen.
    » Select Pay Bills. Choose Others,
    » Key-in the merchant code for the star times plan you wish to subscribe for and Press Proceed.
    » Insert smartcard number when asked for customer reference and Press Proceed.


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