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With technological advancement, different brands have emerged. These brands comes with different unique functions.

One of such function is Internet television. The meaning of IPTV and what it really constitute was simplified on the thread - the difference between IPTV and satellite tv.

One emerging brand promising internet tv is Cruise TV.

Cruise TV is a 24hour internet TV, where according to them, you can watch educating, entertaining and interesting programs.

  • Cruise TV programmes are structured around three key strands: informative, educational and entertainment; projecting the face of Africa.

    Cruise TV is dedicated to promote the African Culture Heritage; it has been designed to cater for all ages and all races throughout Africa.

    The channel offers a unique experience in digital broadcasting. Cruise TV provides high- quality, cultural entertaining programmes and broadcast dedicated to Africans.

    Cruise TV is the world’s most well-known and trusted source of informational, educational and entertaining content in the projection of Africa.

The tv service seems to be in serious partnership with telecom giant MTN Nigeria. According to them, you can stream channels with their app using your MTN sim at NO COST!

However if you haven't an MTN sim, you will need to make provisions for data while accessing the app. The free app streaming on the MTN network might be shortlived though as the telecom network might unlikely offer such for long.

There are reviews that it's certainly free on MTN and others have countered that it's not free at all. You can try it out by downloading their official app!

Cruise TV Android App


The Cruise TV Android app is the key to stream movies, news, sports and other entertaining contents for free all day on your mobile device with MTN. Atleast that's what they say.

To get started, Download Cruise TV Android App here.

Install and launch the app and hopefully you can enjoy your 24hr internet TV access.

Women are mostly considered as house wives( married or not). They are placed to properly get the house running - cook food, buy things lacking, etc.

Women were also made to mastermind all other house functions with income sourcing reserved for the men. The younger women - girls suffered a not-too-less ordeal as they were brought up to understand that they were inferior to their male siblings. Girls were deprived of further education (that's if they were given a basic education in the first place). She had to be tutored to embrace the kitchen of which she had no choice.

These narratives has quite lessen as civilization creeps into our society. Ladies including girls are now being considered as important as their male counterpart. More and more women are given formal education and their talents are cropped.

Like the males, the females are given some certain level of privilege nowadays to make their own income. Today most women with good management skills grow international companies. The've now shown that what a man can do, a woman can do as well.

Starting a business as a female is easy, however, starting a business considered that of the male could turn difficult. There's some kind of stigmatization when a female being tries to do what is mostly done by the males. It's not totally unnecessary for such to be, men aswell as women has different parts to play in life.

To this, the various best ways a lady can make money doing business in Nigeria would have the stigmatised ones ommited.

To be frank, to really succeed in a business scene which has the males in it would be difficult, especially if the've edged you in terms of duration in the business. You really need to be passionate firstly of what you want to do.

There are other things you have to gamble with as a woman passionate about starting a business. There's the house chores and house upkeep to start with.

One thing most men benefit is their total negligence of home chores. They relegate their partners as total house wives. These conditions might mar a woman's chances of setting-up a good paying business even with a will to start one.

For the good, economic factors might force women out of their kitchens. In todays Nigerian economy, there's need to balance incomes and expenditures and the woman might likely be called to the rescue. She has to contribute to family's growth in ways suitable.

Girls and young ladies aside married women have a very good chance of getting a lucrative business going. With the duty of the home keeper at bay, there would be efficiency instilled in the business. She would have more time to attend to the business and that might help raise the business high at a very short period of time.

For the woman to get a blossoming business started, she need to have:

» Discipline
» Passion for the business
» Needed skill for the business
» Efficiency
» Multi-tasking ability( for some)
» Funds [ Learn how to increase your income ].

There are other requisites for starting a business for ladies but those are the core ones needed.

Business ideas for girls & ladies (women) in Nigeria

The following listed ways to earn more income through business as a woman in Nigeria are just ideas requiring your touch to make it come to life. You might as well need to research more on the selected ideas to find out more about a particular chosen idea. Take time to research on ones that follows your passion.


There are young girls around with the gift of impacting knowledge into others, why not groom it and start a business out of it.

From pupils in the primary schools to those in the secondary schools or even those in higher colleges; there're in need of knowledge. Schools don't always at most time start instantanously, there're most atimes a modified tutoring classrooms. You can teach the pupils on subjects which are core like maths during holidays.

As a female, you can rally pupils in by winning the heart of the parents. The students in the secondary schools might be tricky to tutor especially if you are new to teaching or they haven't seen you teach or heard you've taught before. As a skillful teacher, you need to win the heart of the students by breaking down difficults subjects to the best of each and everyone of them.

You might try setting up additional classes for periodic examinations like JAMB,WAEC and NECO. Going into the tertiary institution, there's space for tutoring given you really know what you're tutoring.

Give out your best and demand reasonable fees. The more you are known and trusted, the more your coast expands!


If you have preparing food and delicacies as a hobby, you should think about making money with it.

As said, women are mostly known to be house wives and a good one should be a good cook. Turning into a good caterer is quite easier for women than men in that cooking is what they do most of the time.

As a woman, you might know how to cook but cooking as a proffession might need more from you. The much needed management skill must be in you as well as efficiency and the cooking skill. To really turn catering into a good income business, you really must be good at cooking delicacies and assorted dishes.

As always, your reputation determines the limit of your business.

Event Planning

This kind of business care for management skill as well. As good home managers, women are tipped to being good event planners.

Actually, event planning are usually of scales and the lesser ones are always handled by the owner of the event or their family members. The bigger ones that requires much co-ordination and activities are manned by event planners.

As a passionate woman, you can bring your planning skills to bare by taking an event by the helm. Apart from being a good business, it might turn out to be fun as well.


This is one lucrative business one can't doubt. Despite suffering it's fate in Nigeria, it still remains a good business to kick-start in the country.

If rearing of animals is what you're passionate about, then give it a try.  One hiderance to proper agricultural business is machanization and land availability. Without machines, you can still go on with your farming if there is land for such. Animal farming might be exciting; as an innovative woman, settle on which animal to rear and get your farm buzzing in the shortest period of time.

One important thing to note is that in agriculture, there are rules one need to follow. Try to follow them to avoid expensive losses especially when dealing with animal farming.

Affiliate marketing

 Women are good attention makers. With your social reach whether through the social media you can promote sales of products.

In affiliate marketing, you work in a third-party position - you promote sales. As absurd as it might seem, Affiliate marketing is one of the assured ways to make money online. With your influence as a woman, you can earn lots of money by just promoting a commodity.

There are affiliate programs like the popular Jumia affiliate. You need to register as a marketer and your unique link would be given you which you should share to the reach of friends.

On successful clicking and payment for a particular product, a percentage of of the sales would be rewarded you. You can learn more on affiliate marketing here.


Blogging has proven to be a consistent way to make money online. With a proper structured website, you can begin your blogging business with little funds.

Blogging isn't as interesting as you may want to hear; you need to be deligent, consistent, dedicated and dexterious to get anything from blogging. Many females have beaten odds to come out great in blogging and you too can.

If your site attracts a good amount of traffic due to the quality of content in it then you've got an income stream already. It's highly recommended for sit-at-home mums.

Hair styling business

 Women do value their looks more than men do. They prefer to style their hairs uniquely in order to look eye-catching.

Meanwhile their fellows at the salons haven't also stopped in making money from this addiction. This makes hair-styling a lucrative business to start in the country.

If you've got the skill to style hairs in ways needed, what's left is to get a shop rented for a business. Winning customers is only by quality in style and a little of price factor. The business can turn really lucrative if one is really delligent with it.


Both men and women are endowed with skills unique to each person. Each personally possesses certain traits to get a business running.

As a woman, you might certainly need to square out challenges that are inevitable. You might need self-motivation as you might not often be encouraged. One thing of joy is that at the tail end you might make yourself proud. Make yourself proud from the beginning aswell!

please did you mean that this program is no longer effective?, what then happens to the money we used to obtain forms because we were been warned from onset that this program is false,

Your persistence to buy the form is risk. The fact is that the scheme isn't effective probably for the mean time. Their contacts were provided on the post, you can try them. There are other latest empowerment scheme you can checkout here

Education / Re: 2019 ASUU Strike Latest Updates
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:54:32 AM »
According to Daily Post, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has vowed that the ongoing strike would not be called off until the Federal Government fulfils all the agreement both parties reached in their last meeting.

ASUU said it was tired of Federal Government’s antics of making unfulfilled promises. The lecturers insisted that the strike would be called off only if they got tangible evidence and concrete actions that the offers made to them by the Federal Government had been implemented.

In an interview with reporters in Lagos, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, the National President of ASUU asked when the strike would be called off, the ASUU President said,

“Our members said they want to see evidence of satisfactory implementation of all they have proposed before the strike can be called off.”

“As for the proposal, it can be disaggregated. “There are items there that require implementation. If they are setting up a committee on state universities, and they actually do, it is not something we need to agree on. It is about action.

“If they have implemented it, it is off the list. If the government says it will pay a shortfall of salaries on a certain date, and the date comes and they release the money, it is also implementation. There is no agreement on the matter.

“On the revitalisation fund, we presented to the government that five tranches of N220bn each were outstanding. The government has not said it will release one, even if it is spread over a period of one year. There is no agreement on that. What they are offering is not even up to one tranche.

“Last year, they promised to release the fund but they did not till November when the strike began. Long story short, our members are saying they do not want promises again, what they want is action, implementation or disbursement of funds. The government must act in a way to convince the union that agreement has not been set aside; to show that government has not set aside the agreement, they should release one tranche.”

On Tuesday, ASUU met with the Federal Government officials including the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, as well as his Labour and Employment counterpart, Chris Ngige.

Ngige had told reporters that the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation and the Ministry of Finance had confirmed with evidence that N15.4bn had been released to public universities.

Education / Re: Nigeria University Guide 2019
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:18:09 PM »
I was wandering if there is a possibility to get a scholarship from abroad for studying in Nigeria. I have recently heard that there are some international organisations that are willing to support poor students with scholarships. Does somebody know something about that?

Its very hard to get such and one more thing is that you need to be very intelligent to attract their attention.

When will disbursement start i fill form since 2017 till now no news

We understand your plight but we are following updates from the scheme. It seems its isn't effective any longer

Bank/Money / Ways to Increase Your Personal income in Nigeria this 2019
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:07:46 PM »
Today you hear the economy is weak. This was the same headline you heard yesterday and even two days ago. There's no doubt it wouldn't still be heard of tomorrow.These are bad news but that shouldn't stop you from planning to get a good personal income.

As a student, worker, trader, enterpreneur we do have incomes which are personal to each of us - how do we then increase them?

One might think, what's the need to get a personal income increased as far as it's still coming in? An innovative individual on the other hand would be thinking of finalising deals and targeted investments, weighing oppurtunities and making a leap for them.

We've discussed on several money-making ventures one can start. One of such is a N10,000 business idea. Much more have also been said of funding. There's highlighted the various empowerment schemes to vie for this year.

Personal incomes can kickstart businesses - many enterpreneurs can testify of this. As a student these are money you earn daily, weekly, bi-monthly , or monthly.

Students don't get much income independently, they depend more from money from parents adding it up with tokens from well wishers and family members. However little it might be, it's an income.

As far as there's is something coming in periodically, it can be increased. Talking about incomes of students, there are students whose income surpasses those of some working class. They acquire skills and get themselves some odd jobs which adds to their day's incomes.

Students can be a lively companion at the workplace especially if it's related to his/her programme of study. Vibrant youths get works done efficiently well as they are full of strength. Aside learning important skills, the next important thing is that these youths have some 'change' in the pockets. Add that to sustenance funds from parents, then you can't deny that the've got income!

Aside students, the worker do get  some distinct amount of income in wages and bonuses. There are the self-employed who they themselve determine the amount of income to drive in.

Enterpreneurs are among the list of workers - their income depends on the fluctuations of their enterprise. A good enterpreneur need to predict how his income would be in the future.

Shifting attention from works and proffession, facts shows all grown-up has some income in one way whatsoever. These are what you mainly use in purchase and there's much need to have it increased.

Chances might be, you are barely managing the current income scale and then you need to perhaps plan for the future.  Increasing personal income shouldn't be mis-matched with savings. Although saving funds is part of steps to income increase, it's isn't it in it'self.

Before outlining the ways a personal income could be expanded, it is important to clear some impressions. Your personal income is just like your economy. You can take for instance the economy of the country - it spans round more that just the monetary value at the moment in the treasury but the facts of how the country's economic projections are. This means it's arbitrarily the economy of a person.

As all fingers aren't equal, individuals aren't blessed with the same financial strength. There are the ones whose income are quite below the par and there are others whose own are large. One person did say that he lacks money, then informed me as well that it's isn't that he don't have some funds but because it isn't satisfying as should be to him. All what he later tried to make understand was that people lack money in scales: what the other have might be N10,000 and still say he lacks while another might have two N100 and say he lacks. I had to agree with him at the end.

Despite your scales, you might increase your income to a personal best as much as you follow the guide.


How to increase your income in Nigeria

Internet writers(which are quite increasing these days) would tell you many ways which you can get much money easily mostly on the web. How does that happen that easy?

Working on such principles would land you where wouldn't want to near. There's no guarantee the steps in upgrading you income might be easy, you might even sacrifice you main work afterall. The steps in upgrading you personal economy are outlined in no particular order below:

Go back to school

If you've got enough fund, try appying for study in a good tertiary institution for another certification. Getting a degree in a university would boost your high income chances in your current employment or any other. If admission offer might hamper your chances in a university, then have a try at polytechnics or colleges.

To greatly bolster your high income chances at your workplace, you can opt for a higher certification on your work field. There are some workplaces that do pay you for enrolment into a certification sheme and that would have lessen your expenses there at school. It is unlikely that you will get allowances for a further certification in Nigeria, however, a good certification ups the dignity and prominent inclusion of an individual in the society as well as increase his/her chances of a high-paying job.

Be a thinker

Really breaking through a skimpy income towards a better one needs a calm mind with a stable brain.

Advances just doesn't necessarily take people unaways, you've got to work for it. Being a thinker isn't just a mere thoughts or day dreams. It includes planning, cross-checking and re-planning. For example, a kid whose parents wants a better future for, would urge him always to move beyond his/her comfort zone. The individual needs to wake up and experiment on some life situations even at a young age. Excess cushioning reduces effectiveness and might bury talents aswell.

As much as you can, try to think more than average - don't settle for such. Deliberate on the hindrances that might follow an ambition and how you intend to tackle them. Don't get too over-excited on one solution. Try to provide yourself with more solutions and projections. Make a plan of all these and hopefully it would click!

Start a side hustle

 'Hustling' and 'muscling' isn't a new slang in Nigeria's social media world. They are terms used to describe part-time jobs.

Actually, side hustle are part-time jobs and hustle. However, it's a kind of hustle combined with a main work. This is one of the ways to increase yor income in the country where things keep on inflating.

Starting a side hustle demands possessing some skills. Getting to learn a skill has been some people's trouble over the years but that shouldn't be a problem to you. Some people are endowed with certain skills but you might possess one which you need to unveil it up yourself.

One tip to getting hold of a side-hustle is by doing one which you're passionate about. Side hustles like blogging, vlogging, SEO consultants, website designing, graphic designing, and tons of more abound and there should be ones which you have passion for.

Make Money with Your Hobbies

Plan and turn those things you usually do at free times into money. There are hobbies you love doing which unknowing to you, might generate some amount of income to your reserves.

Are you good at beads design? In your spare time, craft a presentable piece and give a try at marketing them. Some are good at making delicacies and some other crafts, put more ambition into creating them and let people know of them.

It is no doubt some of your hobbies might change your lifestyle but it's better to pursue the money than exhaust in pride.

Follow the money and stay focused

Being delligent at a workplace might earn you some extra coins as well. This is if you really work for the good of the firm you're in. The income might be in form of bonuses and promotions rewarded for outstanding performances.

Whole-hearted services do pay especially if you possess some iota of uniqueness. Following the money in a workplace doesn't necessarily mean requesting for increases or switching jobs, it's just knowing your rights and pays while giving out your best for the employers.

As a tip, if you intend to make more income, don't necessarily spend more of your earnings. Atleast a quater of your income should be saved for other side-investments.

As a young unemployed youth, there's nothing wrong in following the money in good companies. In Nigeria, such are oil companies. However, as was said before, immediate money isn't an assure income, financial projections are.

As an end note, to gain enough and increasing income, think, analyse and actualize!

Bank/Money / Top Best Crowdfunding/Fund raising Sites In Nigeria 2019
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:33:03 PM »
Expectations might slumber and outcomes might be against you especially early this new year when everything seems dry.

The reason to this being that it is the necessary period to source for school fees(for childern) and other dues to start a new year with.

In Nigeria the hustle is real that's why you see parents do any kind of odd job just for their kids to 'feel among'. Mothers are certainly the best, she goes an extra mile to make sure she is deprived to cater for her child.

Apart from such, there are many ways inwhich money can be spent. Businesses are of classes and types, suitable for the class of the individual manning such. In one of my article, i listed about 10 businesses one need to start this year with just N100,000.

That amount of money isn't one you might normally have ready at home. This means you need to get funds whatsoever way.

Funding your motives might be tricky if you haven't a guide to lead you through. One need to know the different channels through which money need to be raised - especially when big funds are required. You should have heard about loans!

People would naturally refer you to get loans if you request money from them. Heard of Ren money quick loan? This is the new trending loan platform in Lagos. There are other loans platform you can apply for once you navigate through the bank & money section of this forum.

Loan merchants require you have some form of collatoral - what if you have none?

These instances could be seen in most youths who as at the start of their grown-up life have nothing to offer. Young graduates from school face this kind of challenge aswell.

You can get your needed funds through crowdfunding without any collateral!

What Crowdfunding is


Crowdfunding is an organized way of associative funding of projects or some purpose.

Mostly done on the internet, each individual donates what he/she is willing to give. Non-governmental organizations do use crowdfunding to get donations for some projects set to be done. Individuals do make use of crowdfunding to get funds as well.

If a popular music act like Banky W can request for electioneering funds via crowdfunding portals, why is your try an impossibility.

Enterpreneurs do make use of crowdfunding to power-up their enterprise or kick-start them. There are series of guides on how to start an online business this year and the procedures on venturing towards moneymaking online.

Online enterpreneurs wouldn't need much, as most online businesses necessarily need little capital. This makes crowdfunding an option for fund raising.

Internet crowdfunding takes place on the different portals designated for that purpose( it will be listed as you read further). A crowdfund portal might have differences from others but the fact remains that they all perform the function of fundraising.

To start crowdfunding, you to locate one of the portals on your browser. Register and give the necessary details and purpose of the crowdfunding. After due completion of all details, a link would be given to you.

As a skillful internet influencer or social media attraction, invite friends and well wishers to donate to your cause.

The payment gateway might be handled by the crowdfunding agency or a third-party agency all of which a percentage from your fund would be deducted as 'transaction fee'. The crowdfunding portal would aswell deduct a percentage from the fund as payment for the service done in organizing the fund.

In crowdfunding, there's usually no limit to how much money is raised - it might be above expectation or very below your set goal.

It is pertinent to note here that most crowdfunding sites don't get anything from you as 'registration fee'. You don't need to pay to crowdfund, however, a percent would be deducted by them when the fund is ready.

For Nigerians especially now when the times isn't favourable, there's much need to crowdfund. In crowdfunding, you don't need to beg or entice too much. You have to state your purpose, give out the link and watch the funds roll-in. Read on to learn the best crowdfunding sites suitable for Nigerians!

List of crowdfunding websites in Nigeria

In no particular order, the best crowdfunding sites with effective operations in Nigeria are as follows:

Fund an enterprise

For young Ceo's stranded while planning to get an enterprise started, this crowdfunding platform is for you. The platform hopes to favour SME's willing to gather funds from the audience.

You can learn more about the platform including it's terms and conditions at

Naija Fund

This is a nigerian owned crowdfunding portal. It is not necessarily for business funding alone, classmates and peer-to-peer fundings could as well be done on the site.

To get started visit You can aswell navigate through their policies on the site.


This is another reputable crowdfunding platform to look out for.

According to Wikipedia
it "help bring creative projects to life". Kickstarter has reportedly received more than $4 billion in pledges from 15.5 million backers to fund 257,000 creative projects, such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology and food-related projects.

The Kickstarter platform might be tricky a bit. To get your funds when due, the funds which was set as minimum expected funding need to to arrive the crowdfunding account before your deadline.

In the event that your crowdfunding project failed to reach your goal within your deadline, you won't be able to get any of the fund.

Kickstarter gets at least 5% of your funds including a 3-5% payment processing fee after a successful crowdfunding. Get started now at


This unique platform is much different from other crowdfunding platforms. Here, a young manufacturer gets donations from wellwishers in exchange for some gifts usually the first of his manufacture.

You can learn more about the crowdfunding platform at

Micro venture

This crowdfunding platform is much unique in it's own way. It's a venture kind of fund raising - Investors need to give out funds to project owners.

These investors are gifted some percentage of shares in the investment. The stock and shares of a company was broadly discussed here. The value of the stocks depends on the successes of the company.

Learn more on micro ventures at 

While choosing which crowdfunding platform to use, confirm certain functions like payment gateway, fees and international reach.

In terms of payment gateways, be sure that donations can be made in Nigeria without stress using a nigerian payment gateway. If you intend your crowdfunding to be more than a National level, make it's on an international platform. While previewing the platform you intend to start your crowdfund with, checkout for the fees charge.

Some small insignificant-at-first policies might affect your funds esecially when more of it is involved.

Aside crowdfunding, there are certain youth empowerment schemes you can apply for in Nigeria. Even if you are not in need of them, your friends could. Let your friend know by hitting the share button!

The President Muhammadu Buhari's administration has been rolling out empowerment schemes to curb unemployment in the country.

The popular of it all is Npower which attracted thousands of Nigerian youths. The federal government has initiated a new empowerment scheme which according to them would last for just 2 years.

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) is powered by the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and coordinated by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs.

It promises to create 774,000 empowerment opportunities through direct youth empowerment over a minimum period of two years. Qualified are males and females within the ages of 18 and 40.

Full Requirements for application

Quoting the scheme:

  • The scheme will be accessible to the literate, semi-literate and the non-literate population. The threshold for qualification is set at the basic ability and capacity to learn and be teachable. In addition to the fore going, the following is set as the basic pre- conditions for enlistment;

    ₹ Applicant must be a Nigerian male or female between the ages of 18 and 40.
    ₹ Applicant must have a means of identification (National Identity card, International Passport, Permanent Voters Card- PVC).
    ₹ Applicant must provide a Second Level Beneficiary (SLB) to qualify for benefitting from the scheme.
    ₹ Ability to communicate in Basic English language and or any local Nigerian language.
    ₹ Provable upright character and a stable mind.
    ₹ Applicant must provide a guarantor preferably a community or religious leader.
    ₹ Ability to secure the endorsement of a local government official.
    ₹ Beneficiary should possess the capacity to transfer knowledge and mentor pairs within their communities.
    ₹ Applicants Must Complete a guarantor’s form. Get Form here

How to Apply for P-YES empowerment

The application for the scheme is easy and simple. Click here to Apply online. Fill in the necessary details required to register.

You can also apply in person at their office. Get the registration form from any p-yes office. Click here to view their office. Fill the appropriate details and submit.

The scheme is a new one and so many people do have questions troubling them. Feel free to share them here! Meanwhile, there are other youth empowerment schemes still running in the country which you should checkout!

There are certain stages in life and each unique step requires a corresponding unique actions.

The only stage suitable to teach a language to an individual is the child stage. There are other actions which is only proper to teach an individual at the child stage. That's why you can't rule any stage off an individual - it's like the metamorphosis of organisms we were taught back in school; no step missing, just same process for all same specie.

Above the child stage is the Youth stage and the Adult stage.
Of all these stages, the Youth stage is the most buzzing stage of an individual existence. This is the stage an individual gets to know who he/she really is and where his/her weakness and strength lies.

From the childhood stage, there's development of character, consciousness and most importantly strength. The youthful stage of an individual is that stage he/she determines who to be and what to become in the future. Decisions made at this stage might either floor him down or move him forward. That's why the youth might not be able to actualize who he is independently on his own.

A Nigerian(and african) youth is much different from ones from European nations. The perils and plenty-to-be-served distractions are different and might remain different. For an ordinary European youth, the process of utilizing fully his/her potetial is properly set and ordered for him/her. Whatsoever talent an individual possess is carefully cropped for his utmost benefit. When he turns youth eventually, it's left for him to effect them himself.

This is clearly different from a Nigerian case. You strive to follow your skill and endownment in Nigeria by probably luck and a small dose of determination. This doesn't mean that there aren't structures to cater for this, it's because they are all severed or rotten. The familiar social vices like corruption and over-population account for it.

Being an important stage in any country, despite the thumps down, responsible agencies still need to do the needful - roll out schemes to build the youths up.

Why wouldn't they be made? When analytics shows Nigeria is performing badly in most spheres of endeavour( in comparison to other country). Nigeria is widely known to be the poverty capital of the world and much more, statistics has it that the population of Nigeria is ever increasing.

When compared to the rate at which children are being given birth to, the economic growth can't stand such. The economy is recently recuperating from recession and this signals the need for youth activeness in National growth.

There are many organised schemes that encourages youths to take charge of their lives through different emowerment projects. Some are initiated by the government through it's agencies while others are done by non-governmental organisations. There are others made by firms to cater for the losses in a particular area. Example of such is the ones initiated by oil firms in the Niger delta region. Each of these platforms has it's unique ways of empowerment and they are outlined below:



Ways Nigerian youths are empowered

1. Fostering skill acquisition.
2. Community projects and social action
3. Youth Employment Program
4. Philanthropy 
5. Youth research
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Engaging youth as volunteers 

There are so many civil engagement functions of youth empowerment scheme. They would all be listed as the various schemes would be detailed one after the other.

There are schemes that basically promotes team work among youths. There are ones that are just a personal initiative manned by philanthropists in the country to better the odds of the youths. There are also others which are adult - youth organised schemes.

List of youth empowerment schemes in Nigeria


This is a federal government initiated empowerment scheme. This program was brought so as to reduce the level of inactivity of youth across the country.

The scheme has boasted on massive deployment of 500,000 trained graduates. They were trained for the less than 1 year on skills which would better their image in the society. They are made to be enterpreneurs after their training duration although a business start-up fee for trainees isn't confirmed.

The program isn't effective recently as it was initiated to be. There are cases of delay in payment of stipends and other delay which all boils down to non-disbursement of funds. You can follow up all updates of the empowerment scheme here.

Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin)

This is a collaborative empowerment program between the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria in collaboration, the Ministry of Communication Technology and Ministry of Youth Development.

It's main purpose is to encourage and spur up the innovative spirit of young enterpreneurs. Youwin is program in colaboration with the federal government to aid innovative ways of creating jobs as well as youths development.

New Era Foundation

 This is an individual funded empowerment scheme by Senator Oluremi Tinubu. The organization was incorporated on the 17th of January, 2000 with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja.

According the organization, when children are supported and encouraged by their families, the do better in their life and roles in the society. They empower youths through creating youth development centres, organising mental and physical contests.

Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI)

This youth initiative kicked off in 2011 and aims to edify youths the ways possible. At a point, one of it's foremost aim was to inspire youths in such a way as to reduce the rates of HIV and stigma in the youthful population.

Another of it's program is the Grassroot Soccer West Africa program. More than 60,000 graduates were developed in Lagos, Ogun and Akwa Ibom state. The program was piloted by YEDI’s international NGO partner, Grassroot Soccer for Nigeria.

Youth Empowering People (YEP)

This a regional empowerment scheme. It is initiated help youths of the Niger Delta region towards sustainability and wealth creation. It is sponsored by oil firms and state governments.

The scheme accords youth in the region the ability to reduce the rate of poverty and unemployment currently facing the region and country in whole. Educational grants and funds are also given.

Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (YEN)

This is a leadership development sheme offering extensive leadership training and programs to youths. Through teamwork and community placement, the organisation hopes to develop the youths for future leadership.

There's also a valuable 'on the field' experience for trainees.

African Youth Empowerment Nigeria (AYEN)

This empowerment program offers financial and educational aid to youths. Seminars and youth- inclined activities are made to prepare the youths for National building.

Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture in Nigeria (YISA)

The agricultural sector of the country is stigmatised as belonging for the poor. There are less investments by youths to this sector and that called for correction.

The program aims to encourage, educate, inspire, train and support young people to take up agriculture as an enterprise worthy of turning out huge amount of revenue. Youths interested in agriculture (graduates and non-graduates) are free join the program.

Youth Entrepreneur Support Program (YES-P)

The YES program focuses at equipping youths with the proper skills and knowledge to be self employed. Graduates with proven leadership skills between the ages of 18 and 35 years are requested to apply for it. youths who have gotten a minimum educational qualification of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and who are filled with innovative ideas are encouraged to appy for the program.

Applicants are expected to register online for this program and provide accurate answers to the questions involved. The trainings are done in class and this takes place on a two year basis at selected places across the six geo political zones of Nigeria.

The final selection of candidates that will qualify for funding will be announced later on.

Other programs worthy of mention include:

→ Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS)
→ Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Program (SURE-P)
→ Youth For Technology Foundation
→ LEAP Africa

Telecom / ipNX Review: Data Plans And Subscription Prices 2019
« on: January 06, 2019, 09:29:59 PM »
When it comes to internet use, apart from the cost, the speed is a factor yearn to be recognised. Looking deep at the telecom industry, you can quite see the preference held by internet speed.

This is the era of which 3G and 4G internet speed isn't new to the people anymore. Yes! many are done with speeds that have turned slow and need something more snappier. You might not experience an end to 4G service in Nigeria soon(if you are in panic). The proposed end to sloppy internet connections is headed by other countries who are currently putting finishing touches to higher internet speed projects.

Speed might be considered the life bone of internet connectivity such that even the latest of smartphones has that in view. From the streets to the school, internet speed couldn't less be under-estimated. In the Nigeria of today, you can't afford to offer a 2G browsing to a Nigerian student who is much tech - inclined.

That's why Glo telecommunications seems to be taking advantage of this fact to propagandize it's data feat. Glo is actually the grandmasters of data( no one seems to doubt that), but when it comes to internet speed - anywhere, anytime, count Glo out of it. It's isn't only Glo that is speaking much of it's unseen data speed, the arguably fastest network provider in the country, MTN deems it'self fit to argue of speed. Same also is Airtel Nigeria and 9mobile.

Yes! We have to admit that we in this part of the world( Nigeria) are much behind when it comes to internet speed. However, certain speeds are considered good standard in Nigeria. This standard is when connection speeds becomes a little bit faster than industry commons. These national peak speeds are required by people and firms that need more than ordinary telecom network speeds.

 Offices and firms might require much bulk data at a tremendous speed - and this is when specialised wifi services are needed.

ipNX is one of the fastest wifi services that gets the job done! According to the IT firm, major cities like Lagos, Port harcourt, and Abuja are covered by the wifi network which uses fibre optic cables for fast connection.

The minimum speed of 20mps just highlight the fact that speed is the main factor this IT firm comes to effect. Apart from speed, the firm has other things to offer subscribers. From telephony services to 24 hr access to the internet. The main benefits the company promises to their customers include the following:

20Mbps speed and more than. The speed which is one factor that makes the wifi platform standout is what isn't flawed. The lowest speed according to the firm is 20Mbps with the peak speed at 50Mbps!

Internet acces through the network is constant. Round the clock, 24hr, with the heavy data allocated to each plan, you access all internet portals. This is eveen better for large firms whose joy is in using uninterrupted internet data with efficient speed at odd hours.

Calls within the network are free. Those to other operators are however not so as it costs N6.99 per minute. The free calls access within the network adds to the high connectivity status of the network. There are no hidden charges as well on the network.

The Broadband services is suitable for both homes and offices and has packages to that effect aswell. There are other benefits like cuts in cost and efficiency. With the service, you have speed and credibility on your side.

iPNX Data Plans Subscription Prices: How much does it cost?

As is the customary of brands within the industry, iPNX offers it's services within certain packages. It has 3 major packages. There are:

  • » Starter
    » Advantage &
    » Ultimate

These main plans doesn't emerge alone - they are subdivided into another 3 subdivisions to accomodate the various diverse needs of subscribers. The subdivisions are - basic, preferred and premium plans.

There's a deviation to this though, as the starter plan only accomodates the basic and preferred subdivisions. It is important to state here that the installation and modem cost of all plans are constant and equally tied. The installation cost is ₦15,750 while the modem cost is equally ₦15,750 as well. Adding up to ₦31,500 initial cost(aside monthly subscription fee) as a new subscriber.

The subscription details of all the packages are as follows:

iPNX starter plans

 Starter basic plan

This plan is quite affordable for homes and costs about ₦7,900 per 30 days. The highest data you can utilise on this plan is 20Gb. Aside other recommended initial costs, the plan is near perfect for family use as well as medium-scale firms.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 20GB
    → Internet speed - 20Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦7,900.
    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦39,400

Starter Preferred Plan

This is much like the starter basic plan except changes on the data allocation and monthly cost.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 40GB
    → Internet speed - 20Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦10,500.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦42,000

iPNX Advantage plans

Advantage Basic Plan

 There is an advantageous increase in data allocation and speed from the last plan. The data allowance is 100GB while the connection speed for this plan is 25Mbps.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 100GB → Internet speed - 25Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦15,750.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦47,250

Advantage Preferred Plan

 No speed has changed with respect to the former plan for the advantage preferred plan. The is great change in data allocated and monthly cost.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 200GB
    → Internet speed - 25Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦26,250.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦57,750

Advantage premuim plan

 The advantage plan subdivided into the premuim sub-category has changes on the data allocated. It's certainly premuim as the cost for 30 days is N42,000.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 330GB
    → Internet speed - 25Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦42,000.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦73,500

iPNX Ultimate Data Plans

These set of bundles are recommended for large firms requiring more data volume.

Ultimate Basic Plan

This is the first sub bundle in the ultimate category. It's exensive but really of value when compared with what is given in the industry. The ultimate basic plan gives 670 GB at a renewable N78,750 monthly charge.

The difference noticed in the category is the introduction of an efficient 50Mbps speed limit.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 670GB → Internet speed - 50Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦78,750.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦147,000

Ultimate Preferred Plan

 Not much difference from the plan above just that the data cap is at 1000GB.

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 1000GB
    → Internet speed - 50Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦94,500.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦162,750

Ultimate Premium Plan

 This is the heaviest of their data plans. With a 50Mbps browsing speed, the data is capped at a whooping 2000GB. The plan is certainly made for large firms as no small one can utilise all of that in 30 days!

The final breakdown of the plan include:

  • → Data allowance - 2000GB
    → Internet speed - 50Mbps.
    → Cost of installation - ₦15,750
    → Modem cost - ₦15,750.
    → Monthly subscription - ₦157,500.

    The total fee for this plan(first time users) is ₦225,750

In all the plans once you've used up 80% of your data allocation, an advisory email would be sent to you. Same is when you've exceed your allocation.

 Your service might not necessarily be cut-off, however, if you exceed your allocation for two months in a row, then you will be notified to upgrade you plan.

You are free to contact iPNX through any of their contact mean:

4, Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 1 633 0000

Satellite Tv / Cheapest Cable/ Satellite Tv Decoders In Nigeria
« on: January 03, 2019, 07:23:28 PM »
Price plays an important role in every aspect of technology. How expensive or how cheap the price of a commodity is, greatly matters. Shares in the stock market are priced to the lowest kobo!

The reason isn't a mystery - the rates at which a product sells establishes the price all other variant of the product would be sold. To the satellite investor, any slight decrease in price might lead to loss as not one of the product is sold nationwide. A decrease in price is however welcomed by the consumers - it makes way for other commodity to be bought. A decreased price increases the number of subscribers and vice versa.

Aside all these reasons, Nigerians of today are much in love with cheap valuable products in the market. And the cable tv investors seem to dance to their tunes as the prices of their hardwares keep decreasing even as the country is recovering from recession. Getting a cable tv decoder to your house is quite cheap. One similarity across brands is that they all seem to be in the same price range. You might need to pay more though, if you need the service of an installer( this is recommended).

List of cable/satellite tv decoders in Nigeria

Below are the reviewed prices of cable tv decoders in the country. Their prices might deflect over time but it might not be too far from these range.

MyTv Decoder Price

Mytv owe much of it's popularity to it's 'strong' decoder. It's made for multi tasks including free-to-air access. It's installation is a bit complex with many saying they are certainly out of business.

MyTv decoder price is within the range of ₦7,000 – ₦9,500.

Startimes decoder price

Startimes uses both DTT(digital terrestrial television) and DTH(satellite television) to broadcast. It is owned by a chinese company. The brand had formerly used antennas(DTT) but combed up two package - one for it's terrestrial tv package and the other for it's satellite tv package.

The satellite package was initiated to reach more subscribers. The costs of their accessories are:

  • ₹ 10m External Antenna –  ₦1,900
    ₹ StarTimes SD Decoder – ₦4,500
    ₹ SD DTT decoder plus Antenna – ₦5,900
    ₹ ST DTH (Satellite Television) S2 Decoder – ₦7,900
    ₹ ST DTH S2 Decoder with dish and accessories – ₦11,900.
    ₹ Combo Decoder [supports both the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Service and the Satellite Television (DTH) Service - ₦5,900
    ₹ StarTimes Light HD DVB T2 Decoder - ₦7, 500 Naira.

GoTv decoder price

Gotv is another powerful DTT broadcast cable tv. It is owned by Multichoice africa which unsurprisingly also owns DSTV. This cable tv was brought to fill up the gaps left by Dstv which is a premium cable tv.

Due to the high cost of DSTV subscription with the economic down turn, Multichoice introduced Gotv to entertain subscribers who prefered quantity than quality. the cable TV's subscription is cheap and so is it's decoder.

The price of Gotv decoder is between ₦6,500 - ₦9,500.

DSTV decoder price

Dstv is inarguably the king of cable tv in Nigeria. It uses satellite broadcast method making for a crystal clear HD picture.

The cable tv has two type of decoder: The HD decoder and the newly introduced Explora decoder.

DSTV HD decoder price

The HD decoder is the cheapest of the two DSTV's decoders. It's price are:

  • ₹ HD + Dish Kit & 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription - ₦11,900.
    ₹ HD with Dish Kit & 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription - ₦15,750.
    ₹ HD with Dish Kit & 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription - ₦20,900.

Dstv explora decoder

The DSTV explora is different from any other cable tv decoder. It's stand-out features include: Pause, resume & rewind features, recording up to 220 hours, internet access & downloading.

Dstv expolora prices include:

  • ₹ Explora with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription - ₦52,100 .
    ₹ Explora with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription - ₦55,950 .
    ₹ Explora Decoder with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription - ₦61,100

Cheapest paytv decoder in nigeria

The list above clearly show the different prices of decoders in the country at the moment. They all stand out to be cheap. The only decision left to make is yours personally as individual differences comes into play. You might want to read on the cheapest paytv subscription in nigeria as well to strenghten any of your stand!

Education / Re: 2019 ASUU Strike Latest Updates
« on: January 03, 2019, 10:49:55 AM »

Federal Government Releases N15.89b To Universities To End Strike

There might be hope for Nigerian students as sources discloses that the federal government has paid the oustanding dues they owe lecturers.

ASUU National President Biodun Ogunyemi attributed the strike to “the insincerity of government in meeting our demands”. The demands are:

payment of shortfall in salaries of universities; waiver/ government fiat to set up Nigerian Universities Pension Management Company; (NUPEMCO); revitalisation funds for varsities; and payment of earned academic allowances for lecturers, senior staff and other workers. 

It is reported that on Monday, the Federal Government succeeded in addressing the demands of the lecturers and other unions.

“One of the conditions met by the Federal Government was the release of N15.89billion to universities on New Year’s Eve( Monday) for the payment of shortfall in salaries of universities,” a source said.

“The cash is expected to hit the account of all the institutions on or before the close of work today (Wednesday),”

“The government has also set aside N20billion as revitalisation funds for varsities. The National Universities Commission( NUC) has been directed to work out the modalities for allocating the funds to all institutions.

“On the demand for the setting up of Nigerian Universities Pension Management Company ( NUPEMCO), the government has directed the National Pension Commission (NUPEMCO) to issue a licence for the company’s take-off.

“Funds have also been set aside for Earned Academic allowances for lecturers, senior staff and other workers.”

Satellite Tv / Cheapest Cable /Satellite Tv In Nigeria [DTH Pay tv]
« on: January 02, 2019, 11:32:07 PM »
Unlike terrestial TV, cable/satellite TV has exciting and eventful foreign programmes. The days where we had to hang out antennas on top of trees and long poles are long gone. Technology did see it off and today we are enjoying quality broadcast via cable tv.

There has been flexibility inserted into tv broadcast, making for a much wider list of channels. The decoders are responsive and technologically motivated. You can even save favourite programmes which you intend to view later on your decoder.

The cable tv industry in Nigeria is certainly advanced but still has issues of subscription price as it's lurking poster man. Industry reports has it that Nigerians would likely go for cheap satellite subscription bundles that the expensive ones.

The purchasing power of so many Nigerians is low and cable tv investors know this; that's why more and more cheap cable tv are being introduced.

List of cable/satellite/pay tv subscription in Nigeria

When it comes to price scale, it's the value to price ratio that should be considered. There's no need paying less then viewing nothing.

Various DTH (direct-to-home) cable tv has different unique packages to satisfy the various types of their subscribers. There are ones that are cheap and the expensive ones aswell under a cable tv brand. The various subscription prices of various cable tv are outline below:


Mytv is one of the cheapest paytv around in the country. They own the popular 'strong' antennas and decoders. One important thing about the cable tv is it's free to air access.

Unlike other cable tv, with mytv you have the benefit of viewing free-to-air channels at no cost! The price of a mytv subscription might range from ₦500 to ₦1,250.


Startimes decoders were one of the most popular paytv decoders in 2017. They have interesting and entertaining channels to keep one busy but it's subscription also comes with the masses in mind.

They have both terrestial and satellite tv packages however only the satellite aspect of it's subscription would be outlined. Startimes has three packages under the satellite package:

  • StarTimes Nova – costs ₦1,300 monthly.

    StarTimes Smart – costs ₦2,600 monthly.

    Startimes Super Bouquet – costs ₦3, 800 monthly.


This paytv doesn't need to be introduced. They are the current industry leaders of satellite tv in Nigeria. They aren't planning to drop so soon as they offer quality contents for the price they place.

DSTV packages     

PackagesNo. of channelsPrice(per month)
DSTV Accessover 45 TV channelsN2,000
DSTV Familyover 55 TV channelsN4,000
DSTV Compactover 65 TV channels N6,800
DSTV Compact Plusover 67 channelsN10,000
DSTV Premiumover 95 TV channelsN15,800


Gotv is owned by Multichoice Africa - a company that owns DSTV aswell. The difference between them two  is that while DSTV uses satellite signals to transmit GoTv uses a new digital terrestial broadcast.

Gotv's package is quite pocket-friendly offering entertainment to various class of subscribers.

Their packages include:

  • GoTv Max - Subscription being ₦3,200 per month.
    ₹ Gotv plus - ₦1,900 per month.
    ₹ Gotv value - ₦1,300 per month.
    ₹ Gotv lite - ₦900 per month.

Cheapest satellite Tv in Nigeria

If you go for quality of transmission i.e crear HD pictures, then go for Dstv packages as your cheapest satellite tv. If you need entertainment at whatever picture quality, then go for packages under Gotv or startimes cable tv. Mytv although cheap has various signal problems and is widely voted-down by many. It might be an option no doubt!

cheat & tricks / Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheat & Tricks January 2019
« on: January 01, 2019, 09:27:33 PM »
Despite the economic situation in the country, Airtel Nigeria still maintains it's place - offering unique calls and data services to it's numerous subscribers.

This is shown in it's plan registered as one of the cheapest so far in the country. Their calls rate are affordable i must admit, but their data meter 'might' seem to be all wrong.

Their network though smooth offers internet bundle hugely hindered by metering. One might likely not opt for the purchase of aitel data citing the weight of the data allocated. The data volume allocated to each bundle is way behind those of Glo and MTN.

This isn't the only reason people feel reluctant in purchase of data[ not only that of Airtel but all other networks in Nigeria]. The one reason is the lingering case of lack of money anywhere in the recently ardorned poverty capital of the world. Telecom networks can't do any better; all bundles were increased to a record high - just last year alone.

With many Nigerians incapable of earning $1 a day, how then would they spend upto $5 for data alone. This brought the search for free browsing tricks into limelight - atleast you would spend less for data in the limited period.

Besides free browsing tricks, there have been claims of free wifi in some cities across the country. There is the widely acknowledged Facebook free wifi centres where many are complaining of sloppy speed.

Free wifi has become another choice for Nigerian youth, however, you don't expect to have a structure working for days. Mismanagement and malfunctioning would eventually return your search to the first query being 'free browsing cheats and tricks'.

Airtel Latest Free Browsing Cheats/Tricks 2019

As there is no perfect substance on earth, there are inadequacies on the Airtel network inwhich seasoned geeks pry on.

With created software or other kind of hacks, they open up a means through which one can browse the internet free.

Meanwhile, there is one other way inwhich one can browse for free at no cost. It is through bonuses and incentives made to win the hearts of consumers by these firms. Although these bonus may be open to everyone, not all people would activate and use it.

The freebrowsing trick currently on airtel could give you upto 200MB. Start by activating from the highest to the lowest. If you do dial one and it isn't activated, move to the next, hopefully one would respond.

The free data incentive is given according to your recharging strenght, so, don't expect to a 200MB data when your line is dead since 2 months ago. You don't need to power this data through apps as it powers all internet functions without any thirdparty. It's also a USSD code simple to try.

  • ₹ To get 1MB free Airtel data dial *141*13*1#

    ₹ For 50MB free Airtel data dial *141*13*50#

    ₹To get 100MB Airtel free data dial *141*13*100#

    ₹To get 200MB Airtel free data dial *141*13*200#

Please note that the bonus is a one-time one and is gotten only once. Yo don't get the 1MB data and expect to get the 50MB one at another time. Don't forget to always dial *223# to confirm all bonuses.

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