Truth About MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System


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Truth About MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System
Posted on: October 23, 2017, 08:07:57 AM
Being a user of the MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System for up to 7 months now, I want to use this opportunity to tell you few things you need to know about MTN and Lumos yellow box solar system as we use to call it.

I have written some great articles about MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System that you can check out below.

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Being a user of the Mtn mobile solar electricity I will tell you my findings after using it for many months so that you will know what you are getting it while planning to buy the MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System.

1. MTN Yellow Box mobile solar system is a hire purchase and pay as you go

It might only cost you less than 20,000 Naira to buy MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System but at the long run you will spend not less than 233,000 - 365,000 + Initial deposited between 19,000 - 26,000, installation fee = 2000.

Plan Price Subscription Code
    5 Days 1000 Naira (200 NGN per Day) SMS 5 to 317

    10 Days 1800 Naira (180 NGN per Day) SMS 10 to 317

    30 Days 4500 Naira (150 NGN per Day) Text 30 to 317

    90 Days 12,600 NGN (140 NGN per Day) SMS 90 to 317

    180 Days ₦23,400 (130 NGN per Day) Text 180 to 317

    365 Days ₦46,720 (128 NGN per Day) SMS 365 to 317

Looking at their subscription plans above you will understand that what you spent for 5 years hire purchase solely depends on how you subscribe to the MTN Yellow Box mobile solar system.

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MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System will be fully yours after 5 years but the truth is before 5 years and you will surely spend between 300,000 - 400,000 plus without knowing.

But the question remains is this MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System worth this price?

Since I have this system I know its capabilities, "what it can do and what it can't-do" but this MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System can only handle few things such as your laptop, few energy bulbs, some low voltage LED Tv set etc.

My suggestion

If you have between 150,000 - 200,000 Naira with you don't go for MTN, Lumos Mobile solar Electricity System because such amount of money can enable you to build your own solar system or inverter that you will not need to pay anyone to use because paying like N4,500 per month to use MTN yellow box solar energy is not funny at all.

2 Poor Customer support and maintenance

They promised to take care of the maintenance of the solar system for the 5 years that the contract will last but to tell you the truth if anything spoils from the solar system you will have to wait till God knows time and all you can hear from them anytime you call after many weeks and months of waiting is sorry for the inconveniences to excise some patience while you are still on active subscription and will even subscribe again without making use of the system.

3. Don't feel excited yet until you understand how MTN mobile solar electricity works

I understand how excited you are when you heard about the new MTN mobile solar electricity that can give your home/office 24/7 electricity but the question should be can I pay N4,500 or N46,720 year, what about your house rent and other utility bills but if you can afford fuel your generator on a daily basis then you can afford to pay for MTN mobile solar electricity subscriptions.

4. MTN mobile solar electricity cannot replace normal NEPA/PHCN etc

MTN mobile solar electricity can help a bit but cannot in any way be compared to NEPA because MTN mobile solar electricity doesn't do much other than powering few bulbs, and other low-voltage electronics for a limited period of time after fully charged.

I will keep adding to the list once I discover something new but for the main time if you think am wrong or right feel free to share your own opinion using comment reply option.
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