Malaria and Typhoid fever; Diferences,symtoms and natural remedy


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Malaria and Typhoid fever; Diferences,symtoms and natural remedy
Posted on: December 18, 2017, 10:09:28 AM
Malaria and typhoid are two dangerous illnesses that can go unrecognized for a long period of time. Worst still Nigerians especially those in the rural areas can't differentiate between these bacteria that causes such life-threatening diseases as malaria and typhoid fever and even the diseases itself.

What are the symptoms of these two illnesses? What are the natural remedies for them? Each year over 20 million people get typhoid and over 200 million patients suffer from malaria globally.  

What are Typhoid and Malaria Fever?

Differentiating these diseases have been problems for many, so what is typhoid fever? What is malaria?

Typhoid fever is spread through food and drinks that contain Salmonella paratyphi or Typhi bacteria. If a person drinks a glass of infected water, forgets to wash hands after a visit to the toilet or eats infected meals, there is a higher chance that he or she will be also infected with typhoid fever illness.

Malaria on the other hand is a dangerous disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It is a disease common in Africa.

The bite of an infected mosquito releases the dangerous parasite into the human blood. It now goes on to affect the blood cells, if you don’t get medical help, your red blood cells can be destroyed by the illness. It is extremely dangerous for little kids although it can be also fatal for adults.

Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

These are dangerous symptoms and they can be fatal if you do not get medical help as soon as possible.  

•Loss of appetite severe,
•regular or random headaches
•high fever of 39 and even over 40 degrees Celsius (approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
•stomach pains
•unexpected aches and rash
•blood in urine
•extreme tiredness and lack of energy
•excess sweating
•dry cough
•sudden weight loss.

The symptoms are usually noticeable on the 6th – 30th day from the moment the person is exposed to the bacteria.

Symptoms of Malaria  

•Strong headache
•muscle pain
•sudden chills
•vomiting lack of energy throughout the day
•bloody stool

While some of the symptoms might not sound too dangerous, patients who do not get treated in time can suffer severe consequences.

Malaria can sometimes cause problems with breathing, low hemoglobin levels.

You will notice that malaria and typhoid symptoms are non-specific and difficult to differentiate. They can also be easily mistaken and mixed up with other diseases.      

Natural remedy for Typhoid


•Unripe pawpaw
•Unripe pineapple
•Lime orange
•Grape orange
•Lipton tea Cooking

 Cut everything into pieces,(bit by bit) boil with fermented pap water for one hour.

Dosage: Take one glass cup three times daily for one week.  

Natural remedy for Malaria


•Bitter leaf juice
•Half bottle of orange juice (natural)
•Half bottle of lime orange juice

Mix them together and leave for about thirty minutes.

Dosage: Half glass cup morning and night for two weeks.

•Two or three Unripe pawpaw
•Clean water

 Watch the pawpaw, cut it into pieces and soak it inside water for 48hours, allow fermenting.

Dosage: Half glass cup morning and night for two weeks.  

It is recommended for you to get medical help and stay positive, healthy, and happy. Don’t play  with your health.


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