Best businesses 2019 | Top 10 untapped ideas


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Best businesses 2019 | Top 10 untapped ideas
Posted on: December 26, 2017, 10:09:25 PM
A small business idea can grow into a large-scale company - It all begins with the simple idea. Therefore, the following untapped ideas might work great for citizens of Nigeria in 2018. 

Of course, success does not happen overnight. Nevertheless, those who start their own business right now have greater chances to be successful a year later or the year after next.
Those who have extra money should invest them to make even more money. There are a lot of business areas where success is not guaranteed, especially if you are new to the entrepreneur world.

The list below are of businesses that move fast in Nigeria and is suitable even for those who don't have large capital:

◆ Agriculture

It is not difficult to start an agricultural business: all you need is land, choose a focus, purchase seeds or seedlings, learn the concept, and wait for harvest. The best advertising will be word of mouth, which will spread from your neighbors and friends.

◆ Online market

Nigeria is a quickly developing country. A lot of citizens are reading news online, studying online, watch tutorials etc.  You can become a blogger and write about anything you really love on your own website and earn money. You can also become a SEO expert. Web design is another idea to think about.
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◆ Digital currency market

The Bitcoin that was once sold at less than a dollar each is now sold for thousands of dollars. The cryptocurrency market keeps growing super-fast. Those who have been investing smartly are now rich.

This business is a great idea for Nigerians who are familiar with cryptocurrency and coin mining.

◆ Export and import business

You can start your import-export business at homeYou will need a computer, the Internet, and business cards. Also, until you establish a personal connection, you will be represented by your letter-headed paper.

◆ Real estate

Real estate is one of the most profitable investments one can make. It is almost guaranteed to multiply your capital.

Leasing premises, a garage, a summer residence, apartments for rent is a source of income, which brings good profit. 

◆ Transportation

People travel a lot these days. They need taxi services, goods and food delivery. People move and migrate and this offers numerous opportunities to grow a small private enterprise into a big company. 

◆ Garbage business

This is the sphere called "Collection and removal of solid household waste”.The consciousness of Nigerians is ready to change, and more people are considering this area.

◆ Alternative power supply

This include the selling and installation of solar panels. The market is just starting to develop and it's time to start your own business in this area.
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◆ Wrecker service

This refers to the towing and transportation of damaged or defective vehicles stuck on the road.  Transportation by an evacuator is an economic activity that consists of transporting vehicles damaged in a collision, accident or breakdown.

The vehicles are transported or towed directly from the place of the accident to the designated place.

◆ Manufacturing

Are you an expert in creating something? You can produce various products in Nigeria. The success of any manufacturing company depends on the sale of the finished product, so greater care should be taken to make a proper product for the market.

Nigeria is a major economy in Africa that keeps growing fast and this is a great starting point for any new company. This 2018, you can also achieve your goals if you choose the right road map for your business. Invest your money, ideas, and skills in Nigeria this 2018 and be ready for a breakthrough. Are you ready?

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