How Reliable and Genuine is buying Cars from Auction Export in Nigeria


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Am sure you have heard or seen a lot about Auction Export and maybe you are still having some doubt and fear dealing with them, its okay to be careful and wise when it comes to online business and transactions but I got some few things I wish to tell you about Auction Export.

What is Auction Export?

For those who don't really know what Auction Export is all about, Auction export offers Nigerians the opportunity to buy auctioned new, used and salvage accidental cars from USA directly to Nigeria or any other African countries.

If you wish to buy Fairly used cars from USA then you might love to read this How and Where to buy American fairly used or Damaged Cars.

Now let's go back to the main question how reliable and genuine is buying Cars from Auction Export in Nigeria?

If you look at this article How and Where to buy American fairly used or Damaged Cars you will know that I have actually taken some time to analyze how Auction export works for Nigerians

To give you the answer to this question I will proudly tell you that buying cars from Auction Export is reliable and genuine though am about to try them soon but I am convinced when one of my friends successfully bought a car from Auction Export and it was shipped for him directly to Lagos port, apart from that I once contacted them asking them about their clearing agent in Nigeria to know how much I need to pay for clearing of my desired car to be sure of the amount I am likely to spend, they connected me to someone  they trust and everything was very smooth and perfect.

Why Auction Export?

Am not trying to promote Auction Export or being paid to write this but to be sincere with Auction Export you don't need to travel out of Nigeria to be able to buy used cars from USA, you don't equally need to beg someone to do it for you if you know how to use your computer or smartphones because you can actually stay here in Nigeria and handle everything remotely.

Auction Export can easily link you up to a trusted agent that can handle all the clearing process and can as well tell you the amount required to pay the duty once it lands in Nigeria

With Auction Export there are thousands of Auctioned new, used and salvage accidental cars to choose from and if you are too busy to search then describe what you need and the rest will be done by Auction Export.

Buying cars from Auction Export is far convenient than you think because all you need is to visit Auction Export main website and look for your desired car, make the required payment which includes the total cost of the car, service fees and export charges then relax and wait for your ride to arrive in Nigeria in no time and be sure you have the money ready to pay the duties.

How much can I use to buy a car from Auction Export?

The amount you will be paying solely depends on the type and the status of the car you want to buy because there are none accidental clean cars, salvage accidental cars.

You can buy cheaper when you win an auction but you must have upto $400 and above in your Auction Export account before you can be able to bide for cars

Finally, if you wish to buy a car from auction export then am encouraging you to go ahead because there is nothing to be afraid of as long as you have the money.

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