What does it take to become a blogger in Nigeria

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What does it take to become a blogger in Nigeria
Posted on: April 23, 2018, 05:56:38 PM
Blogging is one of the best ways to make money on the internet, big enough to take care of your daily needs and as well to take care of your family but there are things you need to know because nothing good comes easy.

Am sure you have heard the big names of the Nigerian bloggers who earn thousands and millions of Naira every month and you want to be like them, the good news is that you can and am about to guide you on how to get started.

I have a similar post how to become a successful Blogger in Nigeria which explains more on how you can become a successful blogger but in this post, we are going to discuss something different.

This post is all about what it will take to become a blogger in Nigeria basically designed to guide new bloggers and those who want to join the blogging world.

You might think that you need lots of money to start a blog but trust me you can start free of charge or optionally spent as low as 10K to start like a professional.

Blogging is my passion and what I do

I have explained more about what to expected and what to learn while reading this post so let's kick-start the engine but before then I will like to tell you more about myself.

I started my blogging career in 2012 and I have learned lots of things since then, by his grace am doing well managing more than 3 different websites and if you wish to know whether I am making money blogging or not then the answer is yes I do

As a matter of fact, blogging is what I do for a living, my full-time job and outside making money, I love blogging it makes me happy and finally I am the boss I don't need to answer sir to anyone because I work for myself though am yet to reach the height I wish to attain but with hard work I will surely reach to my destination someday

Am not boosting but encouraging you, if I can make little money through blogging then you can even make more and that is why I want to share the little experience I have got over these years of my blogging career.

What does it take to become a blogger in Nigeria

I made a lot of mistakes when I started blogging because I don't know much but I want you to start your own blogging career in a positive way that will help you succeed and start seeing the results of your hard work in no time.

Start with a Research

To be sincere I have never gone to any seminar to learn how to blog or how to create a website which could have been the fastest way to learn and start blogging but I didn't because I trusted google search so much and I don't mind spending hours researching and reading helpful articles on a daily basis.

Is not a must to start the way I did but trust me you can't just open a website and start blogging without knowing what actually you need to be doing, last time I came across one website owned by a guy who regularly visits this forum to see if I have something new or some post with lots of page views to copy and past to his site but my brother it doesn't work that way.

I was a good research even before I started blogging, I used to search how to do this and that until I came across the name blogging and how one can make money through blogging.

You might like to read how to make money blogging all you need to know (Full Guide)

What I searched for using Google search

Since I don't know anything about blogging or how to create a website i first did some homework by searching for something like

⇒ What is blogging
⇒ How to blog
⇒ What is Webhosting
⇒ Best and Affordable web hosting in Nigeria
⇒ How to create a website for free
⇒ How to Install SMF
⇒ Best SMF Themes and Mods

I was always browsing with my phone and laptop consistently, am not talking about chatting on WhatsApp or facebook because am not good in those areas, I like learning and I search for things online and searching for "what is blogging" made me understand what blogging is all about and I told myself I can do it why not.

My second research was "How to blog" understanding what blogging is about is not enough for me to get started so I searched for how to blog which also explain to me that I will be needing a web hosting and domain name.

You might like to read Who is a Blogger, webmasters? and what they do

I searched to know more about Webhosting and later looked for best and affordable Webhosting in Nigeria and that is how I came across web4africa back in 2012 and later migrated to inmotion hosting later on

Well I didn't start with free blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress but I paid for a web hosting and domain after researching about web hosting and I surely understand that I need to create a website after Webhosting and domain purchase but the question is how?

I chose to go for a forum, this forum precisely after doing some research on "how to create a website for free", back then I was told that SMF is one of the best forum content management system (CMS) and I went for it.

I managed to install SMF from my hosting account Cpanel which I learned when I was searching "how to Install SMF" and to make it look better since I don't know anything about code or designing I searched for good recommended Wordpress theme from other users.

This was a long journey for me since I don't have money to pay someone to give me a helping hand, I did it all by myself at the bigging but if you have the money to invest then you might not go through these process, the only money I spent was N12,000 I paid for shared web hosting and domain name per year.

Start Reading other Bloggers post and learn from them

No one becomes a professional blogger overnight you need to read to learn how things work because you can't write and published whatever that pleases you because you need to please someone else which is your visitors and followers.

As a newbie, you need to know the type of articles that can get organic traffic, if you have a popular website that you do visit on a regular basis then ask yourself why do I like this website and the answer might give you the insight on what you need to do.

Researching and reading many articles online will help you to know learn how to write helpful and well-formatted articles that your visitors will be happy to read till the end.

You need to Please your Vistors and Search engine

The best way in this regards is to provide good content that answers the questions of your visitors and as well provides solutions to their problems and needs.

On the other hand, if you are dreaming of making real money on the internet you need to be in good term with search engines and to make them love your site then consistently write and publish new unique articles and not copying and pasting from other peoples site.

You can read 8 Reasons why your Search Engine Ranking is dropping, it will teach you what you need to do in other to rank well in search engines.

Be patient, Forget making money and keep working

I didn't just become a full-time blogger overnight because I was working in a company before I started blogging and combined both of them for almost 2 years and later decided to stop the company job in 2014 just to concentrate in blogging since I have started making some little money that can sustain me.

What I am trying to say is that you don't need to quit your job because Blogging doesn't make you good money without putting in some hard work and patience is also required because when you will start making a sustainable income is not certain but its all depends on your capabilities.

I will stop here but if you have any question or contributions then feel free to join the conversation.


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