Top 10 Businesses to start with N100,000 (100k) in Nigeria


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Top 10 Businesses to start with N100,000 (100k) in Nigeria
Posted on: November 19, 2018, 01:44:00 PM
2021 should be your year! There are several businesses you can start and make profits in return. A successful business is no magic, it's just successful because it started earlier than competitors and then because of effective management.

No matter how big capital is, without good ideas and determination, there is bound to be a problem somewhere. However, the bigger the amount of capital, the assured the income would be.

The kind of business to be discussed today need certain things like:

₹ N100, 000 of investment;
✔ Required skills for certain ideas ;
✔ Passion;
✔ Dedication 

Businesses to start with under 100k investment

1. Drinking Palour/Bar

This service business is one of the easiest to set up in Nigeria. You just need to rent a good spot where your target customers abound, decorate the place and you are on track. Others become very successful by putting up a TV set for customers' satisfaction.

Serving your drinks with meat is greatly welcomed by most customers.

2. Bedding/Bedsheet production

This is a popular business in Aba, Abia state of the country. They just need to lay hand on a good looking material then off they go - it's all sewn. The basic requirement is having a shop in a good looking environment. Buy the materials and remember it must be of good design, sew it properly to the likes of your customers, and see your business grow diligently.

3. Perfume and liquid soap production

This business really needs you to stand out with quality. Production of hand-made perfume isn't a tough deal - just methanol, fragrance, and all that. Due to the fact that hand-made perfumes are very easy to make, adulterated ones are all over the market making consumers refrain from buying ones that are from local vendors.

You need to make good research on the perfume or liquid soap production you are going to. Make one with a unique fragrance and make sure the perfume smells long and as well, the liquids soap should resemble a good one in quality.

4.  Cakes & Confectionery

In most events, cakes do emerge and that signals good business to those cake producers. Apart from having giving preference to cake in your business, you can also learn to produce sweetly things of which apart from the young ones, most grown-ups are much in love with it.

5. Cyber Cafe

It is always said starting low in a business is the best way to grow a good business. You don't need to buy flashy PC's around, just stick to good fairly used ones. Try to secure where you would see the target audience like schools and where there is a buzz. Having a cyber cafe in a village or a small town can be likened to a business dead before arrival.

6. Bead making

Bead making can be stressful as well as paying. If you've lived with one who does this, you would have known things are better said than done.

To make a good looking bead warrants time, attention, and dedication. As well, you won't eat your beads, find a good market for it!

7. Shirt Production

Don't be a home-based tailor, start to upgrade your career by producing quality materials. Make classy shirts, trousers, gowns, and market them at a high price! That's just it.

8. Open a store

Be ready for competition by outclassing them. Look for ways of attracting most of your competitor customers either by good customer services or anything, just look for one and make your business grow!

9. Tutorial classes

Most schools in the country nowadays don't teach pupils and students anything worthy of education. Help parents see the need of you filling those gaps on holidays. Relate with parents, rent a good spot or you might use your compound. With good teaching and modeling, you might grow to what you might have never thought of. Make sure you don't disappoint the parents!

You can as well extend this service to any tertiary institution around. This would demand that you really know what you doing or else your class is done and gone!

10. POS business

For the success of businesses like this, make sure it's located at a good place where people would come to redraw cash. Charge reasonable and maintain a good retailer - customer relations.

Locating your POS where students or where there is a need for quick money redraw abound is advisable.

If a 100k business is too large a capital, you might try the top 10 business you should start with 50k in Nigeria. Start 2021 a better person! 
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