List of Best Art Courses In Nigerian Universities & Polytechnics


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List of Best Art Courses In Nigerian Universities & Polytechnics
Posted on: November 30, 2018, 10:31:17 PM
Gone are the days in which art courses were considered mean below the science courses. The art courses are widely patronized by many students mostly not for the hate of 'mathematics oriented science courses' as was in former times.

Art courses are reputed for filling the gaps in which science courses failed to. There is also more work under these art courses opened up to Nigerians as against yesterdays.  Arts courses are conspicuously simple and well-structured, making it easy for students to get used to it.

What you should consider before you chose a course to study at the university

We mostly search for the "best art courses in Nigeria" to study but honestly, you should consider what you have passion for and what you can actually study and not just the best course. Ask yourself what am I good at and can do well and come out with good results.

Choosing the right course also has to do with who you wish to be in the future, I mean your desired career, for instance, If you desire to be a bank you will have to study either of the social science courses:

  • Accounting
  • Business Admin
  • Public Admin
  • Business Management
  • BMarketingt

So what am I trying to say?. Whatever course you choose to study at the university should correlate with what you can do and who you desire to be in the future. every career has its road map and if you want to get there your must follow the direction that leads to where you wish to be.

If you are still contemplating on which course to study, I am going to help you by listing the best art courses in Nigeria to choose from. However,  I will also explain the opportunity that awaits you for any course you decide to go for, though in Nigeria anything goes and if you have oga at the top you can get any job irrespective of the course you studied.

Below are most of the sought after art courses in Nigeria tertiary institutions of learning. It doesn't matter if you are seeking admission into the university, Polytechnics, or College of education. You will surely find something suitable for you before leaving this page.

Best Art courses in Nigeria (University, Polytechnics, Colleges)

Take your time and go through this list of the best art courses to study in Nigeria, after that you can check out my list Of Jamb Courses and 4 required Subjects you need During JAMB Registration

It's important to research about the course you are going for before your final decision, Know what the course is designed for and what you stand to gain. I will example from number 1 to 5 of the list of best art courses In Nigerian

1. African & Asian Studies: This course is mainly about African and Asian societies, their cultures and their relationships.etc,
2. Arabic and Islamic Studies: It's about Arabic and Islamic societies, their cultures, and their relationships.etc,
3. Arabic Language & Studies: You can study the Arabic Language to work as a translator, Arabic to English or become a teacher in Overseas helping others learn the language.
4. Archaeology: This has the ability to provide new knowledge about the human experience, to reinforce one 's connections with its social or national history and to provide economic means to locations around the world
5. Arts Education: The arts refer to the philosophy, practical practice, and physical representation of creativity by skills and imagination found in practical cultures and societies.
6. Arts (Combined Honours):
7. Business Administration
8. Chinese Studies;
9. Christian Religious Knowledge, Studies or Theology;
10. Classical Studies;
11. Communication and Language Arts;
12. Communication Arts;
13. Communication Studies;
14. Comparative Religious Studies;
15. Counseling and Psychology;
16. Creative and Visual Arts;
17. Creative Arts;
18. Criminology and Security Studies;
19. Drama, Dramatic or Performing Arts;
20. Economics;
21. Economics and Development Studies;
22. Education Arts;
23. Efik-Ibibio;
24. English and International Studies;
25. English and Literary Studies;
26. English Language;
27. English Language and Communication Studies;
28. English Language and Literature;
29. English Studies;
30. European and Nigerian Language;
31. Film Arts;
32. Fine Art and Applied Arts;
33. Fine Arts and Design;
33. Foreign Languages and Literature;
34. French;
35. French and International Relations;
36. French and International Studies;
37. French with German or Russian;
38. Fulfulde;
39. Geography;
40. Geography and Environmental Studies;
41. German;
42. German Combined with French or Russian;
43. Guidance and Counselling;
44. Hausa;
45. History;
46. History or Sociology;
47. History and Archaeology;
48. History and Archeology;
49. History and Diplomacy;
50. History and Diplomatic Studies;
51. History and International Relation;
52. History and International Studies;
53. History and Political Science;
54. History and Strategic Studies;
55. Igbo;
56. Igbo or Linguistics;
57. International and Comparative Politics;
58. International Relations and Diplomacy;
59. International Studies and Diplomacy;
60. Islamic Studies;
61. Kanuri;
62. Kiswahili;
63. Languages;
64. Languages and Linguistics;
65. Languages and Literature;
66. Languages Arts;
67. Languages Arts and Yoruba;
68. Library and Information Science;
69. Linguistics;
70. Linguistics or Edo;
71. Linguistics or Urhobo;
72. Linguistics or Yoruba;
73. Linguistics and African Languages;
74. Linguistics, Igbo and other African Languages;
75. Literature in English;
76.  Marketing;
77. Mass Communication;
78. Media Studies and Mass Communication;
79. Modern and European Language;
80. Modern Language and Translation;
81. Music;
82. Nigerian Languages;
83. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution;
84. Performing Arts;
85. Performing Arts and Culture;
86. Public Administration;
87. Philosophy and Religious Studies;
88. Philosophy;
89. Political Science;
90. Political Science and Conflict Resolution;
91. Portugues;
92. Psychology;
93. Psychology and Human Development;
94. Religion and Science;
95. Religious and Cultural Studies;
96. Religious and Human Relations;
97. Religious and Philosophy;
98. Religious Studies;
99. Religious Studies or Theology;
100. Russian with French or German;
101. Russian;
102. Sociology;
103. Sociology and Anthropology;
104. Theatre and Film Studies;
105. Theatre and Media Arts;
106. Theatre and Performing Arts;
107. Theatre Arts;
108. Theology;
109. Visual and Applied Arts;
110. Yoruba;
111. Yoruba and Communication Arts.

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theatre and performing art subjects needed in University/Polytechnic


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which subject can i study to become an architect


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which subject can i study to become an architect

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i need my art courses

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I want to enrolled a course in university with a low level of result


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Can I study this course in polytechnic Criminology

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