How to start a T-shirt production business - procedures


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How to start a T-shirt production business - procedures
Posted on: December 18, 2018, 10:26:31 PM
T-shirts are popular, especially among youths. There are different designs and textures. Most of the designs come with the latest trends and this makes t-shirts favorite among young people.

The texture and design of these clothes might trick you; you will likely see enough of them in your wardrobe. Seeing it is much loved by all irrespective of gender, there is a business there. All you need to do is to grab the opportunity and start producing the t-shirts of your unique designs.

This is one of the dozens of my 2019 business edifications.

How to start T-shirts production in Nigeria

You don't need to own a multi-million printing company to start t-shirt production. You don't as well need much staff to kickstart your venture - you can do it all by yourself or with some help. The following are steps to starting a t-shirt venture:

Get some funds

There's a belief that in order to be really successful in business, you have to start small. These are just quoted as there are businesses in which enough capital is needed.

Examples are the list of business which require up to ₦100,000 funds.

Whether through family, grants, or loans, you need to get hold of some valuable sum of money. More money would accord you more discounts as you will be buying some items in bulk. There's also the profit margin to extended with enough capital at hand.

Find a printing company

This is the company that would print out your required design. These companies are located in cities. Charges are rather high in some places due to probably lack of electricity supply. Be prepared to print each plain t-shirts around ₦300 - ₦800. However, discounts would be given when printing your shirts in bulk. As was said, more capital lower costs.

Purchase plain T-shirts

Plain t-shirts come in a different texture. It's advisable to buy ones that are of differing texture so as to serve the different tastes of buyers. You need to research where t-shirts are sold cheap and weigh the distance.

Purchase in bulk would accord you the delight of getting valuable discounts.

The cost of plain T-shirts does differ according to texture. The least you can get should be around ₦300, however, you might not see one with that amount in most markets due to the fact that it's mostly imported.

Design your shirts

This is the selling part of your whole endeavor. If you aren't good at graphics, you might need to spend some thousands for it. In all, put up a recommendable design reflecting the current trends across localities.

If you are bent on creating your own design your own self, you need to get the necessary software to effect it. Various tools are all over the internet, download ones that get the job done.

Observe reviews and harken to trends. Let your designs reflect them.

Find avenue of sales

Without sales, you are losing. Your sales channel shouldn't be one-way. Put up a shop in a suitable location and try other sales alternatives.

Instill your ingenuity and let your uniqueness market it'self. You would also need to put up a good online presence. Some social media handles might help as a start.

There are other unique businesses requiring less amount of capital to set up. There're ones requiring just ₦50,000 and there're also ones much cheaper than that, the ₦10,000 ones. 2019 has much in wait for businesses and the earlier one kickstarts them, the better.

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Re: How to start a T-shirt production business 2019 - procedures
#1 Posted on: January 28, 2019, 03:20:23 PM
I find this as a very interesting business idea. It really does not require significant initial investment. I think that it can be also financed through bank loan. The only important thing is to find market for T-shirts. Have anyone tried to sell shirts through Amazon?

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