What is Firstmonie and how does it work


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What is Firstmonie and how does it work
Posted on: March 21, 2019, 01:44:34 PM
Firstmonie is a platform established by FirstBank Nigerian PLC designed to make transactions easier for everyone, it doesn't matter if you have FirstBank account or not. However, using Firstmonie platform helps you Save money and time while earning some good money as an agent.

This platform started in 2012 but has recently gained the attention of many due to its outstanding benefits. One special thing about Firstmonie is that everyone is eligible to enjoy the services, whether you are FirstBank customer or not and in fact, even if you have never opened an account in any bank you are still free to use this platform. The question is how? I will tell you just keep reading for more details.

Benefits and what you can do with Firstmonie

You will not be wrong if you ask why you should be using Firstmonie while you have active bank accounts in different banks that can be used to send and receive money but you have a lot to enjoy through Firstmonie platform.  Its stress-free, no time wasting and no more spending money going from one bank to the other. Below are the things you can do through the Firstbank Firstmonie platform

Open account

It's now easier to open an account even in your street, it could be in your brothers or sisters shop without any form of stress and no queues, you only need to relax and answer few questions and your Firstbank account will be opened for you. just that simple

Pay bills.

The reason for the introduction of Firstmonie is to make life easier, to reduce stress and time wasting while making it easier for you to conveniently pay your bills such as NEPA, DStv, GOtv, Schools fees etc

Deposit money

You don't need to risk your money by keeping it at home, you can visit Firstmonie agent in your street near your house and deposit your money to your bank account.

Don't forget you can still deposit money even on weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday depending on the agent that operates in your location.

Send money to any bank account

There are lots of ways to send/transfer money to any bank in Nigeria through mobile banking/Apps, Shortcodes and through ATM but what if you are not familiar with those methods then you need someone to help you. Visit nearest Firstmonie agent and everything will be over in a minute. Moreover, it doesn't matter the bank you want to send money to be it Ecobank, Firstbank, Gtbank, Diamond or UBA.

Withdraw money from any bank account

Am sure you will be surprised to hear that you can withdraw money from any bank through this platform but you don't need it because it's 100% possible. You can withdraw your money with ease from any bank in Nigeria anytime, any day with the help of FirstBank Firstmonie.

There are other things you can do through this platform which includes.

Check your account balance

I don't know the bank you are using but you can surely check your account balance using your mobile phone, internet banking, and ATM machines but if you can't or don't know how then Firstmonie agent can help you.

Enquire about FirstBank products and services

Do you have any question to ask and don't have the time to visit the bank, feel free to ask any Firstmonie agent in your location and you will likely find the answer that you seek.

How to become a Firstmonie agent

How about making serious cash as FirstBank Firstmonie agent? Oh yes, you can but we have to start with the requirements to become an agent.
You don't need to become a graduate or to own a company to become Firstmonie agent. below are the requirements as stated by FirstBank.

Anyone who meets the following requirements can be a Firstmonie Agent;

* Own an existing business with good patronage
* A visible business location which is easily accessible
* Minimum working capital of N50,000
* Complete Agent registration form and execute agreement
* Valid identification – Voter’s card, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card
* Any regulatory information as required (e.g. Business registration documents)

Potential Agents include any of the following entities:

* Unregistered SMEs – Individuals
* Registered businesses – Limited liability companies, Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Cooperative societies
* Corporates with retail chains / large distribution network

Questions & Answers about Firstmonie

In case you are confused about this platform, there are some available questions and answers about this platform that explain some important fact you need to know and as well help you understand how it works.

1. Who can transact at a Firstmonie Agent?

Everyone – whether you are a FirstBank customer or a customer of another Bank, we’ve got you covered!

2. What will I get as evidence for transactions processed at the Agent's location?

* A receipt for every transaction
* An SMS alert from your Bank for your transactions.

3. How will I identify a genuine Firstmonie Agent?

Every Agent has a Certificate of Registration and an Identification Number that can be verified at any FirstBank branch, or through the FirstBank contact center.

4. What are the benefits of transacting through a Firstmonie Agent?

* Saves money – no travel costs to the nearest bank branch or ATM point
* Saves time – no queues
* Easy to use – transactions can be processed with or without an ATM card
* Safe to use – transactions are PIN protected

5. Why do we have FirstMonie Agents?

FirstBank is committed to empowering individuals without bank accounts and bridging the gap between high-tech service and low-literacy clients.

6. What & what can you do with a FirstMonie agent?

* Open account
* Deposit money
* Buy airtime
* Pay bills
* Withdraw money from any bank account
* Send money to any bank account
* Check balance
* Customer enquiries about FirstBank products

Wish to contact Firstbank regarding Firstmonie?

In case you have some urgent question to ask, simply send a mail to firstmonie@firstbanknigeria.com or call any of the following numbers:
0700FIRSTMONIE (0700-34778-66643)
You can as well visit any FirstBank Branch


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