Things you can do to become successful


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Things you can do to become successful
Posted on: April 30, 2019, 09:28:30 AM
Education is not just important, but also a key to unlocking many life’s impossibilities, hidden in knowledge.  No doubt, education is crucial towards man’s personal development, especially in an ever competitive world of today.

In fact, whoever says, “who schooling has helped” would need to go out and meet tons of people who in spite of their achievements still wish they are lettered.

Just like a blind man, being fed with anything the caregivers bring, until he perceives or smells to know if they are truly eatable, same goes for an illiterate mind, who can’t read nor write because he is no doubt a victim to many awful things he is being fed with.

In short, he (The illiterate) is plainly ignorant and can be said to be in darkness for many things, because he wouldn’t able to decipher which is which.

You give him anything to append his Signature on, he does exactly as directed, without cross-checking except few smart ones with native intelligence.

Some take rumors and fabricated lies hook, line and sinker without checking and asking questions.   How do they check? Because they don’t know until they are helped.

Ironically, you don’t learn all these things in school, they are just acquired as you become learned and more exposed through education. A businessman who can operate a smart fine to transact, and can’t defend a business proposal is aptly a feeding spot for others who could do that at huge costs. So whatever education you have acquired today is never a waste as they would always help you as you progress in life.

So, in a simple language, not being educated – at least to be able to read and write, is like being handicapped in the present-day world. So, your being educated is a plus.

Now having said all these, isn’t Education sometimes overrated?

Smile.  Sure it is. And these are why.

When you feel being educated is the only thing you need to have to succeed in life or way out of poverty, or when you feel when you’re educated, you automatically should be placed above anyone else without no serious things to offer as skills, talents and personality attributes, other than your paper certificate or CV, then you are really overhyping your schooling and window dressing yourself.  In reality,  you are not more than what the papers you have acquired have to say about you.

Now, isn’t that belittling?  I think it is. A graduate should be more than his or her credentials but an embodiment of intellectual assets & potentials of immeasurable values.

This is who you should be after school.  Think of ways to survive without your certificate or along with your certificate.

Now that you have graduated, Congrats, but what next?.

For how long will you keep waiting for jobs? When your life is at standstill for years? Isn’t that a reason why you should look inward and check yourself?

Well, here are four things to do, when the waiting is getting too long or you don’t know what next.

1. Discover yourself: One of the greatest personal deceits that I have noticed in people, many times, is the habit of forming or trying to represent who/what they are not, or trying to be like someone when in reality their personalities are way different.

See, there are no two persons under this planet with the same gene, so is it with our personalities. We are unique in our own different ways. Even identical twins are not always identical in gifts, needs, and desires. So why not discover yourself now that schooling is over?

You have been tricked to study courses others are studying, you got in and discovered this isn’t for you, shouldn’t that give you a clue that you need to look for what works for you and follow your own path and dream?

Sit down today and ask the following questions.

– Who am I beyond my name?

– How well do I know myself?

– What have I always wanted to become in life?

– Am I still on track, even now that I have graduated?

– Do I still have the time, ability and zeal to pursue those things I had always wanted to be or am I already rooting for something else?

I believe the answers you get for these, would evidently guide you.

So, stop lying to yourself that you are this, you are that – rather, be real.  Find out who you are, discover yourself and sell yourself.

2. Find out what people like (complement) most about you: What is that special thing people want from you, every time you meet?  When you are not around, what do people miss most about you? Is a “nose” or “penchant” for unraveling the best of gists?

“Oh. Do they say, how we wish Juliet is here, she would have found out for us, through her akprokos – the mystery behind aunty Linda belle. Lol”

Or do someone keeps saying, “Oh, there is just one guy I love in our department – Kunle, he is just brilliantly fashionable.  He truly has eyes for the best of clothes and accessories”.

Or, Greg is so intelligent, I love the way he addresses issues and I enjoy watching him speak.

Or Audu is just too studious and can explain things to you in a way that will be understandable to a little child.

What do all these tell us about these great people? –

1. That Juliet can do well with her talent in Entertainment business, as an entertainment journalist for magazines, TV houses and field reporter, covering celebrities gists or events for media houses or as an entertainment blogger like Linda ikeji kemi filani, or stelladimorkus.

2. That Kunle will, on the other hand, do well in fashion designing business, in fashion sales, and laundry services.

3. Greg will no doubt be a great Leader as a politician, a public speaker, a social analyst, a public commentator or even a journalist.

4. Audu, as will all know, will no doubt be a good teacher, and a lecturer.

Amazingly, these professions are stuff you can start today – Juliet, as a blogger or unpaid entertainment journalist with data and mobile fone.

Kunle as a low-cost fashion digital marketer or neighborhood laundry man that can start with little or nothing.

Greg as an intern journalist or social influencer that can gain recognition from social media like Facebook, and Twitter, where he would be guest on TV shows.

And of course, a teaching job is the easiest job to get for Audu today in Nigeria.

So, what else? Start somewhere.

3. Study your Environment: Our Environment is home for domestic opportunities if only we can see and unlock them, I think we do achieve more as a people. Do what works in cities for being in the city. Try what could work in Nigeria only because you see it working by business research not because some did it elsewhere in Europe, so you are thinking of copying the templates.

Study peoples attitude, culture, religion, traditions, norms and let these guide you on what they can take, what they would love and what they would hate.

You’re in Lagos, look for what Lagos can offer you to solve.

You are in the hinterland, find out what are the blessings people love about your town.

Work on this and turn it to your advantage. No one does well as a Crop farmer in Lagos, and a rising music star in the village is only deceiving himself.

Search for what exactly your place can offer you. If there is a need to change the environment, please do. Don’t bury your talent and skills where they are not wanted. Go to zones where you will be celebrated.

4. What can you do better as a Graduate?

Now, that you are educated, what are those things still being done in the traditional ways that you feel you can put a better touch too, for more appeal?

If you look around, you will see how loads of those who didn’t attend schools are doing these stuff and realize you could bring a difference.

For example, there are loads of opportunities in the food business and owambe industries, begging for better hands. You can become part of it. “No industry is too crowded if you have what is unique and lovely to crave for”.

A friend with MSC started packaged dry (iru) locust bean in a finely designed nylon pack and today the product is one of the best local brands in Nigeria.

Another friend is a professional in “Aso Oke” sourcing, (Yoruba local attires for special occasions).

Today, he is becoming an authority in the industry.

Who says you can’t start today and carve a niche for yourself?

Today, food processing and packaging is receiving a whole lot of branding and they are becoming more accepted than ever before, you too can think of something.

Think! Think! Stop sleeping, come online. “Ji ma sun”  Lol.

Please, observe those things that people are doing, that you could do better. It’s important, it’s a secret. You don’t have to start a new thing, you can always do old things in a new way. Be wise!

After all, being educated should be an added advantage just like recruiters would say – that computer knowledge and higher degrees are added advantage or edge as an applicant in Job Requirements for JD.

Wake up today, dear graduate.

Remember, You’re more than what you think you are if only you can think and make yourself successful today.


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