Branch Quick Loan Review (How it works)


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Branch Quick Loan Review (How it works)
Posted on: May 25, 2019, 02:59:11 AM
Branch is one of the best quick loan platforms in Nigeria with the main purpose of making life easy for Nigerians by granting them a quick and instant loan that only requires a few clicks through their easy to use mobile app. that can be downloaded in Google Play Store.

Do you need an instant quick loan in Nigerian but don't know where or how to get it, I will help you with all the info you need to secure a quick and instant loan that will land directly to your bank account in a minute. Since the introduction of Bank Verification Number (BVN) different quick loan platforms have emerged for business and some are better than the other but how do you find out?
In this post, I will explain all the basic things you need to know about Brand quick loan platform and why you should use them for your quick loan need. However, I have used many of the Nigerian quick loan platforms but Brand seems to be the best or probably among the best and will tell you why.

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Before I discovered Brand Quick loan I was using Quickteller and Kwikmoney which is equally one of the best loan platforms in Nigerian and they are still among the favorite but Brand has some advantages over them. Moreover, at first Brand loan will be at a 20% interest rate while Kwikmoney loan stays at 15% but when it comes to loan what you consider is not just the interest rate you consider repayment mode and that's were Brand Quick loan platform becomes better.

Why you need Quick Loan

It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor because occasionally you might be needing some quick loan to take care of your immediate and emergency needs. With the help of a quick loan, you will avoid unnecessary insults from your family and friends that might misunderstand you if you ask them for money.

I have you seen yourself in a helpless situation and needed someone to help you will little cash, you online need your phone and a few clicks are enough to get an instant loan directly to your bank account.

How does Brand  Nigeria Quick loan works

Branch Nigeria is not one of those loan platforms that can give you up to N50,000 and above from the very beginning you need to build your reputation with them to be able to secure the reasonable amount of money. Their loan might offer might start from N2000 maximum but as you repay your loan then they will increase the loan offers for you up to N200,000.

To get started you will need to download Branch Nigerian mobile App from Play store, install it and fill out your details and to start receiving an instant loan. Meanwhile, 2000 as a new user is not really big but you need to start from somewhere and you have up to one month (30 Days) to repay your loan. What I like most about Branch Nigeria is their repayment method.

Kwikmoney was my first choice but they only have 7 days repayment plan, once you borrow money from them you will have to repay it in 7 days but Branch Nigeria allows you to pay in parts on a weekly basis until one whole month.


If you borrow N2000 from Branch Nigeria quick loan platform you will have to pay 20% interest rate of N400 making it a total of N2400 and you will have to pay it in 4 weeks. However, you will have to divide the total amount into 4 weeks and if you divide N2400 into 4, you will have N600 and that is what you are going to be paying per week for the next 4 weeks to complete your loan payment.

Some Nigerian quick loan platform will only offer weekly repayment loan but with Branch Nigeria that offers up to 4 weeks, you will be able to repay your loan with ease. In other words, the amount you can borrow depends on your reputation and to build the reputation you need to borrow money through Branch Nigerian and repay accordingly.

You can download Branch Nigeria from Here and if you have any question don't hesitate to ask, you can as well find more info from Branch FAQ

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