How to get Loan upto N500,000 with Gtbank Salary Advance Request



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Do you know you can get loan in Nigerian to help handle that project or solve that urgent needs with the help of Gtbank Salary Advance Request scheme

Gtbank Salary Advance Loan will help you get between N12,500 - N500,000 and while you pay instalmentally depending on the amount you request and how much you earn monthly as a salary.

With GTBank Internet Banking, you can request for Salary Advance Online without physically coming to the Bank. You are required to have your salary account domiciled with GTBank before initiating a Salary Advance Request. Below is your Salary advance request history.

     *   You must have your salary account domiciled with GTBank.
     *   You must have received your salary through your account in the last three months from the same employer.
     *   Your salary is paid in Naira (NGN).
     *   Minimum net monthly salary for public sector employees is =N= 25,000.
     *   Minimum net monthly salary for private sector employees is =N=50,000.
     *   You can only apply for a maximum of 50% of net monthly salary.
     *   Minimum loan amount on Salary Advance is N12,500 and the Maximum loan amount on Salary Advance is N500,000.
     *   Monthly salary is N 50,000 and above for private sector employees.

     *   This application is subject to the Bank's approval. The Bank shall be entitled at its sole discretion to decline an application without furnishing any reason.
     *   Your application will be treated between 8am and 5pm on working days.
     *   You can only view the history of your request on this platform.
     *   Terms and Conditions Apply.

Frequently asked questions on GTSalary Advance
Keep reading below you might see all the answers to any question you might have.

How much is the interest rate for Gtbank Salary Advance Loan?

Am sure the question on you head might be the interest rate involved on the Loan but don't worry i have the answer to that question.

You will be paying 30% interest rate, according to Gtbank

Interest Rate: 28%*

Management Fees: 1%
Commitment Fees: 1%

it simply means that you are going to pay 30% interest rate. and when you borrow like N500,000 you will need to pay.

N500,00 + 30% = N650,000

What are the repayment validity for Gtbank Salary Advance Loan?

The most important question again you need to ask yourself before requesting for a loan is how long it will take you to pay back and Gtbank only gives you between 30days to 6months.

Finally getting a loan is not bad especially if you have a genuine reason for it but my fear is that 30% interest rate is really too high but i will soon provide the list of some companies and banks who provide low-interest rate loans in Nigeria

Read the Gtbank Salary Advance Loan Request Terms and Conditions Here


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