Auxfinance, SwiftMonie, Kashfinance, Crown Fin LOAN is a SCAM run and never come back


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One of the so-called loan provider hiding under the name of Auxfinance, SwiftMonie Fin, Kashfinance, Crown Fin and westmonie is a big scam and have defrauded millions of Naira from innocent Nigerians. Please whoever reads this should share and notify the general public about this loan scam

Presently the scammers operate using the following web address (auxfinance. gq and swiftmonie. ml) and Facebook page (Facebook. com / swiftmonie/). I was very angry when I noticed that many have already fallen to their trap but I promised myself that I am going to do everything within my power to expose them and enlighten Nigerians on how to avoid cheap scams like this.


Different names and web addresses but still the same scammers. Kindly take note of these names and web addresses and I will keep adding them to this list as soon as i discover their new name and address because once exposed they will change to another name. It was Auxfinance, SwiftMonie etc but knowing that when you search about Auxfinance or SwiftMonie that this website will expose them, they changed to other names like Crown Fin, Kashfinance and westmonie etc.

Scammers new website and names on Facebook

The same people, the same ticks but different name and URL address

  • Crown Fin = crown-fin. com is scam
  • Kashfinance = tarfinance. website

How Auxfinance, SwiftMonie Fin Loan scam operates

Auxfinance or whatever they call themselves designed an attractive loan platform promising to offer a loan between N100,000 to 1 million with a 10% total interest rate which looks too good to be true. However, to scam people they asked loan seekers to pay the 10% interest rate upfront before receiving their total loan amount within 48 hours (2 DAYS).

Hey: the last time I checked, no bank in Nigeria is offering a 10% total interest rate for a complete 10 months loan tenure, can't you detect that something is fishy here. Anyway, to make people believe and trust their loan platform and offer, they created a Facebook ad and page with some comments from numerous hacked Facebook account. They knew that no one will believe that such offer is real without confirming from others so with the help of the hacked Facebook accounts they left interesting comments like:

  • Thanks for the loan, I got credited immediately. God bless you abundantly Swiftmonie (Amen). Paying up soon
  • Wonderful!! I was able to get a good amount of funds for my business. Gotten the loan. Thanks
  • Thanks for the loan, I got credited to my bank account as soon as my 10% upfront interest is successful
  • Thanks for the loan, I really appreciate it

With this kind of comment above, you will easily believe that everything about Auxfinance and SwiftMonie is real but a wise person will always think twice when he comes across anything that looks too good to be true. I will explain why I can boldly tell you that  Auxfinance and SwiftMonie is a big scam, just keep reading to learn how to know when someone is about to scam you.

What Auxfinance does to their victims

When you fall prey to these guys they will withdraw your money multiple times and if you don't do anything fast they will gradually take all the money you have in your account while waiting for your loan to land in your account within 48 hours as promised which is approximately 2 days.

Whatever I am saying here is purely out of the box, no one told me anything about this scammers hiding under the name of Auxfinance and SwiftMonie but was able to find everything that I need to know after doing a lot of homework to find the real truth about them.

How I came across Auxfinance

I logged in to Facebook and was navigating through the news feed only to see this attractive loan offer with some positive comments from other Facebook users and I decided to check it out. Well, I was like wow, I can get this:

  • N100,000 to pay N110,000 in 10 months ( N10,000 monthly repayment)
  • N150,000 to pay N165,000 in 10 months (N15,000 monthly repayment)
  • N500,000 to pay N550,000 in 10 months (N50,000 monthly repayment)

They even have a 1 million loan offer with the same 10% total interest rate, I was attracted and will be pleased to see such a loan offer from any platform in Nigerian but such doesn't exist presently. Being a blogger since 2012 helped me to know my left and right when it comes to the internet, I have my way of finding the truth.

How I knew that Auxfinance (SwiftMonie) loan offer is all a scam

I wouldn't tag a genuine loan platform a scam if I am not sure of it with some proof and even the images shared above is enough proof but explaining the process I followed will help you learn to stay safe on the internet.

I visited their loan platform: As they say, seeing is believing, I visited their platform making sure that none of my bank details will be given until full investigation and what I saw raised a red flag, I requested for a loan and got approved immediately, tried it 5 times and got approved 5 times without informing me that I have requested for a loan earlier.

Google Search: I searched google with the keyword (Auxfinance scam) but couldn't find any clear info whether they are scam or not but I still have other ways. These shameless people still dare to open Google business account with this Address: 301 Port Harcourt - Aba Expy, Mgbuesilara, Port Harcourt people who are in PH can verify whether the address exists or not.

To find another scam signal I noticed that they have 4 people that rated them on their Google business account but on checking their rating I saw that some have already been crying for help after being scammed. The attached image is to prove my claim.

Facebook Comment verification: Since I don't see anyone or platform that called them a scam, I went on to verify the authenticity of those positive comments from other Facebook users that claimed they received the loan successful after paying the 10% upfront interest rate.

To do this I clicked and checked each facebook user that left a positive comment to see their profiles and what am looking at is how active they are and how many friends they have, maybe I can even ask them some questions but guess what?

All those profiles are inactive and some were last used in 2017, some in 2014 and some since March 2019, interestingly some other guys interested in the loan was asking them about it since they have paid the 10% interest but never receive the loan, none of their questions were answered.

Checked their contact us page: To find out more about them, I decided to check their website to see if  I can find a contact us page and yes they have it. They created a web form that you can fill to reach them but don't have any phone number to contact them and only gives contact address (301A, Aba Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt) different from the one they gave on Google business page

* Address on Google business page: 301 Port Harcourt - Aba Expy, Mgbuesilara, Port Harcourt
* Address on their website: 301A, Aba Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt

Another red signal and I can tell you that these addresses don't exist and even if they do exist you will find someone who doesn't know that scammers are using their address to scam people.

Always be careful and stay safe

The info I shared above can guide you on how to stay safe on the internet because you are not going to be seeing the same name Auxfinance or SwiftMonie once exposed. the first address they used is swiftmonie. ml and after Google and other browse detected their activities they changed to auxfinance. gq and once detected they will change to another name because they are not going to stop, you need to stop them and make sure you don't fall for them.

In as much as you are working hard to succeed in life always run from anything that looks too good to be true because 99% of them are always a scam no matter how real it looks.

Avoid any business or platform that requests you to invest N5,000 to get N50,000 in 1 or 2 months because you will end up losing the little one you have.

Don't download any loan app from an unreliable source apart from Google play store because you will end up giving them the info they need to clear your bank account.

How you can get a reliable loan easily

I understand that many falls for this scammers because they needed money but presently you cannot get a reasonable amount of money through mobile loan app without first building a good loan history that will show how credible you are and if you want to start from somewhere then try Carbon loan app  Branch or Migo (Kwikmoney). I use them and they are the best I have seen so far.

You can read:

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* Carbon Loan Top Up feature and how it works

Finally, always be smart and don't let anyone outsmart you because it's better to hold on to the little you have than to lose it to fraudsters. Kindly share this post to save your family and friends from being scammed.

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