Coconut Water Benefits, Uses and Side Effects


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Coconut Water Benefits, Uses and Side Effects
Posted on: January 05, 2021, 01:18:38 PM
Coconut is that large fruit that hangs out from a coconut palm tree. They are usually green or yellowish in colour when still immature and takes on a brownish exterior when they are fully matured and dry. In both states, their interiors contains a fluid which is conventionally referred to as coconut water.

Coconut water is usually cloudy and is enclosed by a portion of white solid layer known as the coconut meat. At the exterior of it is the shell and the husk. While It is from the coconut meat that coconut oils are gotten, the coconut shell is used in the plywood industry as well as in the manufacture of mosquito coils and incense. The husk also has its uses: it could be used in making floor mats, ropes and medium density fibre boards.

Concentration of coconut water decreases as the coconut goes from the green immature fruit to a matured one, thereby deserving its commonly labelled name: green coconut water. The cloudy liquid contains a good amount of carbohydrate and electrolytes needed by the body like sodium and potassium. Coconut water is leisurely taken as a juice drink (seldomly in packaged form) or in its natural form, with many scientist affirming of its nutriment.

Benefits And Uses Of Coconut Water

Coconut water has been claimed by brands to be that extremely nutritious organic drink one should take regularly. The implied nutrient contents of it, mostly exaggerated to better market the product, is refuted by scientists. Nutrition experts agrees to the fact that the water contains certain important nutrients required of by the body but disagrees with its alleged over-nutritiousness. Although natural beverages are considered better than synthetically manufactured drinks, the experts avers that some weighty claims by brands as regards the benefit of natural coconut oil isn't proven by science.


Nevertheless, the importance of the drinks cannot be undermined. Below are the several benefits of Coconut water you need to know.

Coconut Water Helps Prevent Dehydration

Green coconut water allegedly helps in the prevention of diarrhea-induced dehydration especially in young children.  Some are of the opinion that the fruity taste of the juice encourages a substantial intake of it, thereby making it a better rehydrating fluid than water.

Athletes who frequents themselves with exercises also uses coconut water against sports juice. However, it is yet to be proven that coconut water is more beneficial as a rehydrating fluid during exercises than sports juice. Additionally, how better is coconut water than plain water is also being investigated. Nevertheless, what stands factual is that coconut water serves as a rehydrating fluid just like any other drinking liquid.

Coconut Water Contains Carbohydrate

While on a workout or a strenuous exercise, you might need a handy digestible carbohydrate in order to avoid fatigue. Coconut then comes to rescue as it contains carbohydrates although in minute quantity. To get a relative overview of how less in carb is coconut water, a cup of coconut water has 46 calories and 6 grams of sugar, while a cup of orange juice has 112 calories and 21 grams of sugar. 

Meanwhile making a comparison with plain water which has no carb content, the coconut water is more effective for people on regular workout and physical exercises.

Coconut Water Contains Manganese

15% of the daily body requirement of manganese is gotten from a cup of coconut water. And manganese is one of the trace element required by the human body which it can't independently manufacture.

Its function in the human body involves how the body breaks down carbohydrates, amino acids, and proteins in addition to how the body heals cuts and wounds. Other important use of the manganese includes immune system boost, prevention of inflammation, and bone formation.

The mineral according to a 2014 study also helps reduce blood sugar, and this is of importance to diabetic individuals.

Manganese is stored in the body in bones, liver, pancreas, brain, and kidneys.

Coconut Water Contains Electrolytes Needed By The Body

One cup of coconut water supposedly contains 14% daily body requirement of Magnesium; 13% daily value of Potassium; 11% DV of Sodium; and 14% DV of Calcium.

Magnesium among other functions helps in protein synthesis in addition to blood glucose and pressure regulation. Potassium helps in body fluid balance and nerve signals revitalisation while Sodium helps in blood pressure control and fluid regulation. And in same convention, Calcium helps in bones development and in nervous communication.

The above electrolytes although could be obtained from countless other meals is easily obtainable by taking some few servings of coconut water.

Coconut Water Could Also Be Used As An IV Fluid

Intravenous fluid regulation involves the delivery of a fluid from a hanged bag through to the veins of a patient. The patient could be one suffering from dehydration, cancer or bacterial infections.

Fluids for such treatments consist of water with electrolytes, sugar, or medications depending on the ailment affecting the sick person. And coconut water being rich in electrolytes could be used as an emergency IV fluid.

Coconut Water — A Natural Diuretic

In situations whereby you're required to excessively discharge urine, the coconut water might be of help. Some cupful of the natural juice ensures there are enough fluid in the body, and this correspondingly triggers an excessive discharge of liquid waste as urine.

Coconut Water Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

In several studies, it has been verified that coconut water helps lower the blood pressure of people having high blood pressure. It is also claimed that coconut water positively influences the effect of medications used to improve the blood pressure condition.

Adverse Effects Of Coconut Water

Coconut water has been unveiled as an important fluid to human. However, it does have its downside. The side effects of taking coconut water is majorly due to an excessive intake of it, as such a safe admissible quantity of the fluid for intake is advisable. The following are the disadvantages of coconut water you should know:

Lowers Blood Pressure

Coconut water lowers blood pressure, and this is to the disadvantage of individuals with low blood pressure problems. It is advisable such individuals get a recommended intake measure from their health providers before gulping down the liquid into the body.

Could Lead To Kidney Problems Due To High Potassium Content

For individuals with kidney problems, intake of extreme quantity of coconut water could pose a health issue. Potassium if present in large quantity in the human blood is usually excreted out as urine. However, individuals with a malfunctioned kidney might have difficulty excreting the excess mineral and that leads to more kidney problems.

Might Negatively Influence Surgery

Due to its ability to cause a drop in blood pressure, intake of coconut water could influence surgery operations. The blood pressure needed during surgery might get interfered with if coconut water is taken before an operation.

Not Much Carbohydrates And Sodium For Recreational Athletes

Although sodium and carbohydrates are present in coconut water, its minor presence offers no quick energy replenishment for a tired athlete. According to scientists, rather than take coconut water or sports drinks, taking bananas or some pretzels could easily offer the carbs and nutrients needed for quick recovery during or after strenuous exercises.

Conclusion: Is Coconut Water Good For You?

From all scientific observations, it could be concluded that coconut water is beneficial for any normal human, although it needs not be taken in large quantity. Taking excessive coconut water could lead to health complications due to the surplus of trace elements it might introduce to the body.

Nonetheless, except for individuals under peculiar health situations, excessive quantity of trace elements in the body has considerably no effect on the body system, and as scientists attests, minor effects might take years of excessive intake to exhibit. And in most cases, deficiency of these kinds of elements in the body poses more negative effects than an excessive intake of them.

Aside those under specific health conditions, pregnant women are also advised to either restrain themselves from taking coconut water or consume it moderately. And as against exaggerated reports, there is no evidence to back up the claims of coconut water aiding labour.

Generally, coconut water is safe and beneficial for everyone. For many, the addition of supplements like protein powder and vitamins makes for a nutritious cocktail.

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