KashKash Mobile Loan app is one of the best in Nigeria


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KashKash Mobile Loan app is one of the best in Nigeria
Posted on: February 24, 2021, 11:06:43 AM

In Nigeria, there are more than 100 mobile loan applications available in the Google Play store but out of that 100 apps, we only have a few that are designed to help you out of your financial problems while some are designed to worsen them.

Kash Kash Mobile Loan providers are one of those loan platforms ready to render help how you need it and when you need it. If you need a quick loan that gives you peace of mind then Kashkash should be your destination. I have been testing and reviewing different mobile loan apps in Nigeria and when I come across a good one I don't hesitate to share my experience.

I have had the worst experience from certain mobile loans including the ones that started sending downgrading and disrespectful text messages to all my contacts just because of a token I was owing to them but with KashKash you will be valued and respected as a customer.

However, no loan provider will be happy when you failed on your promise to pay your loan as agreed and to be on the safer side, form the habit of paying your loan on time and you will enjoy the best service from KashKash.

Why I recommend KashKash loan

I recommend KashKash Mobile app because I use it myself and they are good and treat their customers professionally than those useless loan app that will talk to you like a thief. It is good to pay your loan before the due date but even when circumstances don't allow you, KashKash will approach you intelligently and encourage you to pay your loan in a friendly manner. When you use KashKash you will enjoy the following services.

Easy registration and fast approval

Downloading and registration are as simple as reading an ABCD and it takes less than 2 minutes to get approved as long as you are qualified to get a loan from their platform. As they say, seeing is believing, you can download the KashKash Mobile app from here and see for yourself.

However, if you have been using different mobile loan apps you will understand that downloading and completing your registration doesn't guarantee loan approval. In some cases even after you have succeeded in registering, paid money to connect and verify your ATM card, you will still be rejected but with the KashKash Mobile app, your case will be different because you will be accepted as long as you are qualified.

Obviously, every mobile loan provider uses certain criteria to determine the eligibility of their customers but KashKash are fair and just, ready to welcome you anytime and any day, all they need from you is your sincerity by ensuring that you pay your loan before the due date to enjoy more.

KashKash gives you a discount when you pay on time

To encourage you to pay your loan, KashKash occasionally offers its members great discounts for paying on time. As I said initially some loan providers are there to compound your problems while some are there to help you when it matters most. The loan offer will keep increasing as long as you are paying your loan on time.

80% of the mobile loan providers in Nigeria are so greedy that they don't care about you, their main focus is to get more money from you under the pretence of helping you. A bad loan provider will offer you a loan at an exorbitant rate and expect you to pay within a short period of time but with KashKash they have your interest at heart.

Favorable loan with low interest

Undoubtedly, the main objectives of every loan provider are to make money but most of them are going about it in the wrong way, forgetting that those who need a quick loan needs help as well and not to add to their financial problems. However, when you compare KashKash with other providers you will know that they are not only interested in making money but as well ready to help you meet your financial needs at any given time.

Best Customer care support

To identify bad loan providers, go to Google play store and search for a particular app, read 20% of the whole review by users and see how they attend to issues when their customers complain or report issues to them. Most of them don't even respond to issues because they don't care about whatever challenges you might be facing the only language they speak and hear is pay back your loan.

A visit to the KashKask Google play review page will explain further, though people must have one issue or another and they must complain but how you respond matters a lot, KashKash is doing great in terms of customer care support by attending to every issues and complaint by their customers.

How to qualify for a loan while using KashKash

I am not sure about the criteria KashKash uses to ascertain the credit-worthiness of their customers but one thing am sure of is that their system is not far from other platforms. How you fill your profile plays a major role, during registration you are asked about your working status and how much you earn monthly, whether you are married or not and as well as your complete address. If they dictate any false information or feel insecure offering you a loan, then you will be rejected and asked to retry a few days later to enable them to know you more.

Some mobile loan application like Carbon will request for your bank statement to offer you a long term and low-interest loan while some don't ask for a bank statement. There are other things they might be looking out for like your phone contacts. Your phone contacts also play a role, as they say, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

Having access to your contact also allows them to get in touch with your family and friends when you refuse to repay your loan and at the same time refuse to talk to them, this not about KashKash though, every loan provider in Nigeria does it but some of them handle issues more professionally than others.

In conclusion

I shared my experience after using KashKash mobile loan app but I understand that my best and preferable loan app might be your worst and most hated app because of the challenges you might have encountered with them. Moreover, our needs and wants differ.

You might desire to have a long term higher loan offer which only comes after building a good credit score with them. It's also possible that they might have rejected your loan application when you need it the most which made you hate them but the obvious truth is that no loan providers out there are perfect before the eyes of everybody and based on my experience I will rate KashKash 8/10.

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Ojo Ololade Samuel

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Re: KashKash Mobile Loan app is one of the best in Nigeria
#1 Posted on: July 20, 2021, 11:44:09 PM
I want a loan of 5,000 and I'll be glad if my permission is granted successful thank you

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