(Yul Edochie & Judy Austin) What you should know about


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(Yul Edochie & Judy Austin) What you should know about
Posted on: April 30, 2022, 06:05:51 PM
Yul Edochie fell in love with Judy Austin, a model-turned-actress who went on to star in her own film. Judy Austin's on-screen husband has become her real-life husband four years after she started working in Nigerian cinema.

Judy Austin was a well-known Nollywood actress located in Asaba, Delta State, until her arrest on Wednesday.

When Yul Edochie, her former coworker and now husband, made her his second wife, she was forced into the spotlight.

Voluptuous actress Yul has had to deal with internet haters who have flooded her page after she broke the bombshell on Instagram.

Adding fuel to the fire, the actor referred to his former coworker, who is now the mother of his child, as his second wife.

Until now, the only information that Yul's friends and family had was that he had married May. In October 2021, the pair will mark their 17th wedding anniversary.

Who is Judy Austin?

Judith Muoghalu, popularly known as Judy Austin, is a tall and voluptuous Nollywood actress and producer from Umuoji, a town in Anambra State's Idemilli North.

Judy didn't start out as a performer in front of the camera. In addition to her studies at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, the model, and musician has also pursued a career in fashion.

Acting became her new career path when she failed to find success in music. For the first time in her life, she met a film director and producer, Silvester Maduka, who hired her to star in the 2013 film titled "The Secret of the Witches."

By 2018, Judy had already produced two of her own films: "Native Girl" and "Fear." She rose quickly in Nollywood. Her on-screen hubby became her real-life husband four years later.

Nobody knew that he was secretly married to a second wife, a 40-year-old actress who hopes to become Nigeria's president.

According to media reports, Yul paid Judy's wedding price on Sunday, only days before she gave birth to their baby in the year 2021.

May, Yul's first wife, was unaware of this new development until only a few days ago.

The mother-of-four recently unfollowed her husband on Instagram, indicating that she is upset with the present state of their marriage. However, many people are still curious about Judy Austin's identity. What happened to Yul Edochie and how did she become involved with him?

Judy's first movie with Yul

With Yul Judy's help, the film Native Girl' was made and Judy performed the major part. The first time she has ever directed or produced a film.

She portrayed Yul's shy wife in the film, in which he played a successful multinational businessman.

"I had told him I wanted to produce a movie, and that I wanted him to direct it," she stated in an interview with the Tribune. The only advice he gave me was to come up with a tale that was both unique and compelling. He was convinced as soon as he saw the scripts. With the support of my director, Yul Edochie," "Native Girl" was born.

Additionally, she stated that Yul contributed monetarily to the project. She estimated that the film's production cost her N4 million. As a "one in a million sort of director that wants everything to go perfectly," he was also characterized by her.

On her Facebook page, she's always praised Yul, but people felt it was all about a junior coworker doing the right thing for their boss.

Oros, a luxury French fragrance company, announced in 2017 that the pair had been named brand ambassadors.

Meanwhile, following the actress' recent second-wife issues, many Nigerians have reminded her of her recent words on marriage in interviews with Vanguard Newspaper, in which she declared that marriage is not an accomplishment.

"I don't believe in moving from one man to another," the actress stated of relationships, marriage, and sex. I'm a person who thrives on relationships. I feel that you should have someone, a guy, with whom you perform this thing, rather than giving it out to all males who cross your path at the same time. You do what you think is best for you.

"In terms of relationships, I adore them, and it's how I'm wired." If a relationship doesn't work out, you have the option of breaking up and getting hooked again, or you may take a break. It's not all about the sex or the emotions in a relationship.

"I enjoy having regular contact with intelligent individuals from whom I may learn. As a result, any "relationship" with the appropriate person is a good idea."


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