NIN code & How to get your details on your phone (Fix Invalid error)


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NIN code to check your details online using your phone: Every Nigerian and foreigner legally residing in the country must now complete the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) NIN registration, according to the federal government of Nigeria.

The NIN is one of the most crucial documents every Nigerian can own due to federal government guidelines. The verification of your identification is now necessary for banks. If you still need to take the WAEC or JAMB, you'll need to apply for a NIN before finishing your registration.

It takes 1-5 days for your NIN to be generated and your temporary Slip printed when you register for one at any NIMC enrolment centre.

NIN Code

The most wanted NIN code is 346. It helps you to access your NIN using USSD, and with it, you will never be stranded looking for your NIN number as long as you use the same phone number used to register your NIN. The primary purpose of this NIN code is o help you to retrieve your NIN number easily.

However, if you still have access to the same phone number you used during NIN enrollment, you can retrieve your NIN by dialling *346# and typing one on the prompts screen to access your NIN. Save it or screenshot it and have it on your phone photo gallery.

The good news is that this NIN code works with all mobile networks in Nigeria. Whether you are using MTN, GLO, AIRTEL OR 9MOBILE, you can dial the *346# to receive your NIN number and other details. You can read: How to link NIN to MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile [Updated]

Why is My NIN Invalid? What to Do

Let us treat this issue because if your NIN is Invalid, you need help with the guides below, so let's find out why your NIN is Invalid and what you can do to fix the situation.

Despite the struggle and all the time wasted during NIN registration, many still have issues with invalid NIN after registering and receiving their NIN. Usually, it occurs when you try to link your NIN to your phone number. When attempting to link your NIN to your SIM, there are three main reasons you may get an invalid NIN error.

  • BVN generated NIN
  • NIN registered a long time ago
  • Newly registered NIN
  • Problem from NIMC

BVN generated NIN

Suppose you're opening your first bank account without a NIN. After generating your Bank Verification Number (BVN), you'll receive a National Identification Number (NIN).

Isn't that great? It has saved you the hassle of visiting a NIMC enrolling centre for NIN registration. You're mistaken. The error is because NIMC has cautioned Nigerians only to use the NIN obtained from their BVN if it has been updated at an authorised NIMC registration centre.

Should I? Carry your BVN-generated NIN to the nearest NIMC Enrolment centre and inform the agent or official that you want to validate it? Validation removes the error.

NIN registered a long time ago

The second cause for the incorrect NIN issue is that your NIN was obtained long ago. Your NIN may not have been authenticated by the NIN site, not because you registered it long ago. Don't worry. Instead, verify the NIN at a nearby NIMC enrolling centre.

Newly registered NIN

After enrolling for NIN at an authorised NIMC enrolment location, you'll be handed a slip with your tracking ID and requested to return it on a specified date (typically 1-5 working days) to get your NIN.

You'll receive your NIN slip when you return on the specified date. Newly registered NINs are generally inactive the day you receive the Slip, so you can't use them for a while. How come? The NIMC needs time to verify registration details. Validating your information eliminates the invalid problem.

How can I proceed? Ask the NIMC representative at the enrolling centre where you registered how long it would take to use your NIN fully. After a short period (typically two weeks), you can use your NIN without problems.

Problem from NIMC

Your name, BVN, and other attributes will be requested during NIN enrollment or registration. If NIMC detects incorrect data, your NIN won't be activated, resulting in an invalid error message.

In this situation, take your NIN slip to the nearest NIMC Enrolment Centre and notify the NIMC officer that you want to change the details. Your NIN will be validated and active when you complete the following steps.

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How to retrieve your NIN Number and other details

You don't need a different guide on retrieving your NIN number or other details using MTN, GLO Airtel, or 9mobile because the processes are the same. It doesn't matter what network you are using. All you need is to follow these simple steps below.

  • On your phone dial the code *346# no matter the network you are using
  • After dialling the code, a list of options will be displayed on the screen
  • Select the "NIN retrieval" option from the list by typing the number "1"
  • Note that the operation costs is N20 service fee are deducted from you phone
  • Your NIN number will be shown on the screen or delivered by SMS after deducting the service fee.

How to retrieve your NIN details online

Given the significance of the information included in your NIN, you should not go about with a copy of the Slip in your wallet. But what if you suddenly visit a bank and are asked to present your NIN number or other details that can be found on your NIN Slip?

There's no need to worry if you want to double-check your information because you can do so online if you have a smartphone or dial *346# if you don't. I will guide you on how to get your NIN online in this article.

You might not be able to find your NIN details directly from the internet, but with the help of a mobile app called NIMC MobileID app. Download the "NIMC: MobileID" app and print off the updated NIN to access your NIN online. The updated NIN slip can be accessed online and printed in a paper copy if necessary.

Below is a rundown of the steps you need to take to understand how to utilise the NIMC: MobileID app to view your NIN information online.

 The NIMC MWS Mobile ID app can be downloaded from the Google play store or apple store. After downloading and installing the app,  open the app and enter your 11 Digit NIN and your phone number linked to your NIN.

If you want to use the app, you'll need to authenticate your identity by entering a one-time password (OTP) that will be delivered to your phone.

The app's main menu will load after you've completed the required steps. Click the three-lined "hamburger" icon in the upper right corner of the display. Copy and paste your ID. The information can be copied onto a clipboard or written down for further reference. Then, choose Get Security Pin and record the OTP that appears.

Click Print NIN Slip and enter the UserID you copied earlier and the OTP to access the Print NIN Slip page. The Premium Slip and the Standard Slip are both printable from the Print NIN Slip page. The cost of the premium slip is NGN 1000, whereas the regular Slip is NGN 400. You may use Remita to send your payment.

The receipt you choose (regular or premium) should be available for printing or downloading immediately after you complete your purchase. That settles it. And with that, you may verify your NIN information online. You should be able to quickly verify your NIN online if you follow the procedures in the instruction as written.

It should be noted that the Premium Slip provides more details than the Standard Slip. Be sure that the information you require is included in the Slip you want to purchase before making a final decision. It is highly advised that you pay for the premium slip since it has all the necessary details.

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