LG X-Boom Home Theatre Price in Nigeria (Full Review)


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LG X-Boom Home Theatre Price in Nigeria (Full Review)
Posted on: August 13, 2023, 03:25:58 AM
The LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System is designed to elevate your home entertainment experience with its powerful audio output, modern design, and versatile features. This home theatre system promises to deliver immersive sound quality for movies, music, and gaming, making it a popular choice among audio enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Design and Build Quality

The LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly blends into any living space. The main unit features a combination of glossy and matte finishes, along with touch-sensitive controls for an elegant appearance. The speakers are thoughtfully designed, and sized to fit comfortably on shelves or stands, while the subwoofer adds depth to the overall aesthetics. The system's build quality is generally solid, ensuring durability and longevity.

Key Features

  • Powerful Output 720W
  • Wireless Party Link
  • Auto DJ
  • Karaoke Star
  • Dual USB

Sound Performance

Experience the might of 720W powerful output, immersing yourself in a thunderous audio extravaganza. Let the party ignition commence, as you elevate your audio encounter with the sheer force of 720 Watts, igniting a symphony of booming beats that will propel your gathering to the next echelon of excitement. And with Wireless Party Link, it's time to double down on greatness as you amplify the sound, taking the party to even greater auditory heights.

The highlight of the LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System is its audio performance. With multiple speakers and a dedicated subwoofer, it offers a well-balanced and dynamic soundstage. The system features various sound modes, including Movie, Music, and Game modes, each optimized to enhance specific types of content.

The subwoofer's bass output adds cinematic depth to movie scenes and makes music genres like electronic and hip-hop truly come alive. Additionally, the system's power output ensures that audio remains crisp and clear even at higher volumes.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System is equipped with a range of connectivity options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing entertainment setup. Key features include:

Bluetooth: Easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or other devices via Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly.

USB and AUX Inputs: The system offers USB and AUX inputs for direct playback of music from USB drives or other compatible devices.

Optical and HDMI Ports: With optical and HDMI ports, you can connect the system to your TV or gaming console for an enhanced audio experience.

Additional Features

The LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System comes with additional features that add value to the overall package:

Karaoke Mode: If you enjoy singing along, the karaoke mode allows you to connect a microphone and sing along to your favorite tracks.

LED Lighting: Some models feature built-in LED lighting that synchronizes with the music, creating a vibrant visual display that adds excitement to your entertainment sessions.

FM Radio: Enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations using the built-in FM tuner.

Remote Control and User Interface

The included remote control provides easy access to the system's settings and modes, allowing you to adjust audio settings, switch between inputs, and control playback. The user interface on the system's display is intuitive, making it easy to navigate through various options and settings.


Impressive Sound Quality: The audio performance, especially the bass output from the subwoofer, is a standout feature.

Multiple Connectivity Options: The variety of input options makes it easy to connect different devices.

Sleek Design:: The modern design and build quality contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Additional Features: Karaoke mode, LED lighting, and FM radio provide added entertainment options.


Size and Space: The size of the system and its speakers might require a dedicated space in your living room.

Sound Customization: While the system offers preset sound modes, some users might prefer more advanced sound customization options.

LG X-Boom Home Theatre price in Nigeria

The price of the LG X-Boom Home Theatre System in Nigeria can range from ₦150,000 to ₦ 175,000, However, always remember that the price is subject to change over time and may vary based on the location and current market conditions.


The LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System offers an impressive blend of design, performance, and connectivity options. Whether you're a movie buff, a music lover, or someone who enjoys hosting karaoke nights, this system caters to various entertainment preferences. With its powerful sound output, sleek design, and user-friendly features, the LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System is a solid choice for those seeking an enhanced home entertainment experience.

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