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HMD Global Regains Supremacy with Nokia Clarity Pro; If you've been following my earbuds reviews, you'll see that the Nokia P3600 is my favorite Bluetooth earphone. Coming from the HMD Global-made Nokia BH-605, the Nokia P3600 added a slew of additional functions and let me listen to music like never before. Rich Go is manufacturing high-quality earphones that are a step above what HMD Global offers, which surprised me. So, I've been waiting for HMD Global to respond, and the Nokia Clarity Pro may be it.

Earbuds are available in various styles, sizes, features, and price ranges these days. As a result, the best earphones are a matter of personal preference. Good earphones for me must be comfy, have a long battery life, and sound amazing. It would be beneficial to have a separate app to regulate or fine-tune it. That being stated, I'll be discussing my impressions of the Nokia Clarity Pro earphones and answering the essential question: is it better than the P3600?

Nokia Clarity Pro Earbuds

The Nokia Clarity Pro, unlike prior iterations of HMD Global earbuds such as the Nokia BH-605 and BH-805, appears to be unconnected in terms of design and hardware. The Nokia Clarity Pro outperforms most other earphones on the market.

A dramatic redesign, paired with an eye-catching blue halo notification light and improved circuitry, creates a new level of audio listening enjoyment. In terms of hardware, functionality, and comfort, the Clarity Pro outperforms HMD Global's previous top-tiered earbuds, the Nokia BH-805.

Indeed, the Nokia E3511 ANC, which costs half as much as the BH-805, provides the same experience in a smaller package. The P3802A, Rich Go's professional product, was meant to cater to a different group entirely, with 6 microphones to provide unrivaled audio clarity and quality over Bluetooth earphones.

The fundamental question is whether or not the Clarity Pro can compete with the P3600. I haven't put any earphones through as much testing as these two. The previous versions of HMD Global earphones were nowhere near as good as the P3600, and the difference was immediately noticeable once you put them on.

Things aren't as simple with the Clarity Pro. Despite how dissimilar these two appear to be, there isn't much difference between them.

The P3600's metallic charging cover appears more luxurious than the Clarity Pro's matte black rubbery textured shell. The casing on the Clarity Pro, on the other hand, is less prone to scratches and allows for wireless charging. While the earbuds differ in appearance, they are around the same size and weight.

While both support Bluetooth 5.2, low latency mode, and ambient mode, the Clarity Pro has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), whereas the P3600 does not. While you may assume the Clarity Pro provides a superior experience, the P3600's more ergonomic form allows for more substantial passive noise canceling, bringing both of these buds up to par.

Both include a sensitive touch panel and a total of two microphones, and they sound similar in general. It was so difficult to decide one was better than the other that I had to listen to minute details for hours. The P3600 is probably louder, and the pitch variations are more audible, but that's nitpicking.

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The best earphones are most likely the ones you can afford. You can't go wrong with either of these options. If you choose between the two, the Nokia Clarity Pro is the better option.

My final thought on Nokia Clarity Pro

With the Nokia Clarity Pro, HMD Global is on the right road. The Clarity Pro they have addressed the concerns that consumers had with the BH 805 by providing revamped and improved hardware. This isn't to say that the P3600 isn't worthwhile; it was released a year ago and based on the precedent set by the P3600, I can only anticipate even more from Rich Go in their next P series.


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