3 types of Laptop screens and how to replace/change them when damaged

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Do you know that there are three types laptop computer screens namely Transmissive Screens, Reflective Screens and Transflective screens.

Now let us take a look to each of them and know how they worked before moving to how to replace/change any damaged laptop screens easily.

1. Transmissive laptop screen:
Transmissive LCD's is the most widely used LCD screens simply because they are the best compromise between high quality and low quality priced LCD.
the screen uses what we call a thin film transistor that allows current to pass through it and light up the diodes.

The downside if transmissive LCD screens is that the back-light can be overpowered by bright lights or the sun during outdoor uses.

2. Reflective Laptop screen.
Reflective screens is said to use the same technology that transmissive screens use, though they do not have the same back-light with the Transmissive screens.

Reflective laptop screens do not have the problem of overpowering like the Transmissive screens but do to lack of a back-light it makes reflective screens look dim when being used in a normal conditions.

3. Transflective laptop screens:
Transflective screens are a hybrid of the transmissive screen and the reflective screen technologies that allows the LCD to work like a transmissive screen when being used indoor and like reflective screen when being used outdoors.

The downside of this Transflective laptop screens is the increased cost of productions, most producers stick with the Transmissive screens simply because most laptops are used indoor not outdoor which reduced the need for Transflective screens and even Reflective screens.

I am sure you have known more about the 3 types of laptop screens we have the next step is to teach you 5 simple steps on how to replace/change your laptop screens when damaged.

How to change a bad damaged laptop screens.

1. The first and most important thing is to find out if the laptop creen is really in a bad condition beyond repair and once its clear move to step 2.

2. Close the laptop screen and turn it upside down, then carefully remove the laptop battery.
3. Now its time to examine the laptop screen Bezel to identify if the point of screen cover screw.
Now use a sharp object like knife to remove those covers.

4.You need to Unscrew the screw nails one ofter the other and then start removing the Bezel first by pulling it out gradually with the screw driver before finally pulling it out with your hand.

5. Finally find the exact type of the laptop screen and replace it following the same method used to remove it as stated above on step 1,2,3,4.


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