Nigerian Webmasters/Bloggers take Note (Success Guide)


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Nigerian Webmasters/Bloggers take Note (Success Guide)
Posted on: November 15, 2014, 08:02:15 AM
Welcome since you are interested to know what i had to say to Nigerian webmasters/Bloggers about their Success, you did well stopping by so let begin.
I will start by saying a big congratulations to you for joining one of the most smart and intelligent people (Nigerian webmasters/bloggers) so let us trash out some few confusing things that might be confusing you about the whole thing about owning a running a successful website/blog.

I decided to send this message across to all the Nigerian Webmasters/Bloggers because i have been receiving some questions from some of them and am here to answers those questions they normally ask and also let them know some necessary things that will guide them to success.

First i will start by telling you that nothing Good comes easy! if you think that all you need is a domain name and free webhost like .blogspot or .wordpress and properly some copied articles from other webpages then you are missing something.

I see some few Nigerian webmasters/bloggers who runs their blog with 90% copied article from other peoples blog, well you should know that copying article from other peoples blog will not help you if you don't follow the right procedure.

I Understand that you want to be like Oluwaseun Osewa of Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, My man Doncaprio of, Mankind of Naijaloaded  or even more than them possibly but let me tell you that you need to think and work like them and be patient like them before you can even think of becoming like them.

As i said early nothing Good comes easy, let us look at the years those guys i mentioned has been working to reach where they are today.

Nairaland stated and have stayed from 2005-2014 almost 9 years now.
Linda Ikeji started and stayed from 2006-2014  almost 8 years now.
Doncaprio started long ago with forum but later made a lot of changes but still currently moving ahead at, he is one of the great Nigerian bloggers.
Naijaloaded started and stayed from 2009 - 2014 almost 5 years now.

The reason i gave you this instance is to show you that even if they are making millions and billions they worked and suffered for years and yet you want to be rich overnight simply because you had that Oluwaseun Osewa or Linda Ikeji are making money but you fail to ask yourself how did this people start, i assure you it was never easy for them as well, though things is not as competitive as it is now because not everybody knows about it then.

Am sure i have cleared your mind if you are thinking that you have started a year or 2 years ago without any success.
It doesn't only takes years to make it online but always needs your consistency and focus , you need to know what you are dreaming to become in few years, then work towards it.

Are you talented to be a Blogger/webmaster?
Am just trying to tell you that you can make it but let me also tell you that you can fail if you are not talented and determined to succeed in a highly competitive market such as Blogging.

If you have just started a blog just because you had that Oluwaseun Osewa or Linda Ikeji is making it, better look for what you are good at and face it before you end up wasting your time, blogging shouldn't be just for the money but what you are passionate about.

In blogging Money don't come as quick as you might want it to but with time and hard work you will reach to your destination, all you need is to keep you head straight and keep working you will get what you are looking for at the right time.

You must spend to get:
At the initial stage you must spent before you can make any money online, example you need a personal computer, you need to be subscribing for internet data plan on a monthly basis, you have to stay in an area that always have light with a small Tiga generator as a backup, though not compulsory but necessary if you want to get there anytime soon because you need to work like no one else to be like no one else!

Regular posting is now more important than any other thing:
few months ago we spent most time building links and spending time looking for blogs to comment to get links but as it stands now it seems that links is no longer that important but what i see to be the best practice if you want you blog to be ranking higher is that you need to form the habit of writing and be publishing new article as often as possible as search engine tend to pay more attention to any site that update regularly because anytime search engine bots visit your site they will see something new that will force them to visit your site regularly to index you contents which will increase your rankings and traffic.

I have shown you some few guides that will help you as a Nigerian Blogger/Webmaster to achieve you desire so if you know that you are talented to be one of us, then let go there nothing will stop us.

Hope this helps you to understand more about blogging and its success and if you still needs more guide kindly register and share your comment or connect me through my mail xtreamloaded (at) or call 08064660400.

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