Top 7 Google adsense question and answers


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Top 7 Google adsense question and answers
Posted on: February 01, 2015, 09:06:09 PM
New webmasters always have one question or the other about google adsense and since i have been using this google adsense for more than two years now, i believe am in a better positions to answers some of the questions you might have about google adsense to help you in your own journey.

Top 7 Google adsense question and answers:
Without wating much of your time let me list and answer those questions you might have on your mind about google adsnse but before i begin i want you to know that google adsense is an only advertising network that allows website owners to earn money on their website and has been the best option for website owners for years now.

Let me list and answer some of the questions new webmasters always ask about google adsense:

Question 1: How can i get google adsense account?
Answer: Normally in other to get adsense approved account you need a website not just a website but a website with good structure, user friendly, sitemap and unique contents and needs to be at least 6 months old though can be less.

Question 2: How to make google approve my adsense account request fast?
Answer: The best option is to forget google adsense at the beginning and concentrate on how to improve your blog with unique contents and make sure that your website don't have any article that is against their policy.

When you apply for google adsense they will check how good and useful your site is and how helpful and friendly it is to its users/visitors

Question 3: What are the things that will make google adsense disapprove my request?
Answer: You must avoid publishing Adult contents, adult naked pictures, I irregal content and copyright protected materials, must not distribute peoples software serial keys clacks etc

Question 4: My adsense is not making enough money for me, how should make more money with my adsense?
Answer: I will like to clear you on this, google adsense is not about creating a website and inserting your adsense code and you will expect to be making thousand of dollars daily or monthly you need to work harder to increase your traffic/visitors before you can expect to make more money using adsense.

Keywords also play a major role on your Adsense CPC (cost per click) if use high paying keywods on your site you then your earning will increase but above all google adsense is all about more visitors more earning.

Question 5:
Where can i buy Adsense approved account?
Answer: Getting Google adsense account is never easy and for that reason some new webmasters wants direct entry into the adsense family by looking for where to buy already approved google adsense account but the truth is that google adsense is not meant for sale Google forbids it and if you are caught then that adsense account will be banned and i don't recommend anyone buying google adsense account from anybody while you can still get it yourself.

Question 6: Can i apply for adsense using a banned domain name?
Answer: No you can't apply for new google adsense account using a banned domain because their system will always know that the damon has been used and banned, adding any google adsense codes to a banned domain is a risk to that particular adsnse account and might lead to ban.

Question 7: Can i user my adsense in multiple websites?
Answer: Yes you can insert your adense ads code to as many website as you wish once they are not banned before or have content that is against adsense policy.

I hope i have answered some of the questions you might have about google adsesne and if you think your question is not included or not answered then feel free to use our comment option to add your question and i will reply your question as soon as possible.

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