Why a nagging wife can be as worst as cheating wife


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Why a nagging wife can be as worst as cheating wife
Posted on: March 27, 2015, 10:44:34 PM
Some women believes that not cheating on their husbands makes them a perfect wife but trust me you are wrong, being a nagging wife can be as worst as cheating on your husband.

I understand that you may not compare cheating with nagging but trust me both of them can cost lots of harm and you don’t need me to tell you that too much of everything is bad.

First what is the meaning of Nagging?
Nagging means a person constantly harassing someone to do something or persistently painful or worrying.

Secondly what is cheating?
In marriage Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity, in other words according to wikipedia Cheating is the getting of reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation.

Now let us discuss why a nagging wife can be as worst as cheating wife:
1.   Nagging wife sends their husband to earlier grave because some men as they nag on everything they will still be doing anything possible to please their wife even when painful and such things reduces their life span.

2.   A man marring a nagging wife never have peace of mind, is either one arguments to the other, disagreements on everything.
3.   Nagging wife will always push their husband away through their unlimited nagging because some men will be seeking for happiness outside.
Nagging wife can be as harmful as cheating because what makes a family perfect is their ability to understand themselves when necessary.
The same nagging makes men not to be happy when returning home from work because they are afraid to nag with their wife.

Disadvantage of being a nagging wife:
If you are a woman then let me tell you what you can get when you decide to be a nagging wife.
1.   You will never know your husband secrets because since he doesn’t peace in you he will not be that close to you.
2.   Your husband will start cheating on you because you are sending him away with you too mach nagging which will open door for some other girls who will try to show him that they are different.

3.   Nagging leads to 45% of broken marriages today and if you are a Nagging wife you are forcing your marriage to crash.
Finally nagging is not good in an relationship and am telling you to be careful and moderate the way you handle issues with your husband so that your marriage will last and stay healthy.

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