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New 2go v5.0 has done it again in the field of chatting. With exciting new features coming with this new 2go,am sure you're gonna be a 2go addict once more fella.

Earlier,i've written a post on Latest 2go Version 4.5 download from .im

Download the new and awesome 2go v5.0 in these forms
2go Version v5.0, v5.0.1, v5.0.2, v5.0.3, v5.0.4, v5.0.5 v5.0.6, v5.0.7, v5.0.8, v5.0.9, v5.1, version 5.2, version 5.3, version 5.4, version 5.5, version 5.6, version 5.7, version 5.8, version 5.9 for all the java Compatible Phone, Tecno, Blackberry, Samsung, Android, HTC, Java and Symbian Phones with New Looks and chatting system.

You can Download 2GO Version 5.0.1 in both Both Java .jar and Zip Application depending on the one you wish to have.

The newest version of 2go vs 5.0.1 mobile messenger has just been released. It comes with many new exciting features and we'll be looking at the major features below.

2go v 5.0 feature 1. 2go Chats

Conversation with your friends, loved ones and Rooms you
have joined or started chatting with will appear here. That
means it gives you notification on all
your current chats. This also will notify
you of your offline notifications.

2go v5.0 feature 2. Friends

This has all the List of your friends, this includes the ones online
and also those offline. You also know
friends who have offline notification
which enabled with only a bluish icon.
Changes here are not quite visible
because you still get to know which friend appeared online,
and also which of your offline
messages you sent got delivered,
meanwhile, the same kind of friend list
settings still applies nothing changed.

2go vs5.0 feature 3. 2go Rooms

This is still like the normal rooms you know.
Here you get to meet and chat with people of same ideology
and mind set, you have rooms like
Entertainment, education, sports,
music, News, University, Politics etc).

2go v5.0 feature 4. My Profile–

For the guys that loves changing there profile pic on an hourly basis,here you get to update
your profile picture,of which other users will identify you with, it also
features where you put up you “public
message”, and then you identify you
relationship statue, you don’t know,
because you find your life partner
here. You see your Gocredit reader and also you get to choose a 2go Room
Nick name.
very important. This is the name you'll be answering in 2go rooms.

2go v5.0 feature 5. 2go News
Here you get all the 2go
latest information’s, News and latest
i advice you check here from time to time.

2go v5.0 feature 6. Get GoCredits

Here you shop for your gocredits. You have the option of
buy for either 300 Gocredit for (NGN
30), 525 Gocredit for (NGN 50) OR 1100
Gocredit for (NGN 100).

2go v5.0 feature 7. Settings

Here you could change
your 2go style, General settings, Gateways, Alert settings, Change Password. You can get
to know more “About” 2go.mi, you can
also get “Help” or Even “Quit”.

2go v5.0 feature 8. Switch Accounts (NEW)

This feature is awesome.You can
move in between different accounts as
you’ll be logged out and taken directly to the new login page for you to login
another account or you can still re enter
the first account.

So 2go v5.0 is simply awesome and i advice you go get the app for yourself.

Download New 2go
Version 5.0.1 with
Screenshots at

Latest 2go with blackberry screenshots and 2go star boosting.

2go just released a new version, 2go v5.0.1 . I got this via 2go website. The 2go team is proud to announce 2go v5.0.1! for Java, android, window phones and Blackberry users. You can now download the newly released 2go Version 5.0.1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6 .7 .8 .9 in Java .jar, .apk and Zip application files.

To be frank,this is the 2go version you'll really enjoy because of it's amazing features,screenshoting,etc.

where to download 2go v 5.0 with screenshot

Download 2go speed booster ultimate in

Download 5 in 1 2go by maxibrainz.jar

How To Download and Register For latest 2go Version

let's look at how to download and install the new and latest 2go v5.0

Hello pals, i wanna to share the new 2go downloading information for begginers.
Do you know that 2go have, improved their registration method. Means that the registration can only
be done it after downloading!

How To Register New/Old 2go Account

Below information is in two types, One is For the old users but dont know how to proceed with the
downloading, while the other is for the new users.
For Old users
1. Download latest 2go app 3.7.5 by searching with the search box below
2. Lauch the app.
3. Then you will be required to select your country,click submit then input your number and click
submit,lastly enter your password to start chatting.
For New users
*. Download the latest 2go app suitable for your phone or mobile device by searching with the search box below.
Note: use your phone default browser.
*. Launch app and you should get an option to sign up as a new user.
3. Fill the required details and click the submit button to commence your Chatting.
Happy Chatting. Share your 2go username and be added here.


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The new 2go vs 5.0 has hit the download market online and everyone is going to download it. Will you be left out?
Of course not.
2go5.0 download from
version5.0 looks just like the Latest Whatsapp latest version - has
launches a new version called 2go5.0.2
with new features.
All 2go lovers, there’s finally good news
for you all! The other 2go versions can't beat this one.
Most people prefer the2go
interactive mobile application to
Whatsapp but kept pleading with the
guys at this new of improve their
features to enable much faster delivery
system and to boost smooth chat.
between friends and loved ones . am not really a 2go freak but this latest version 5.0.2 is way too massive to be ignored.
Well,to keep it short, 2go programmers at has done a great job by adding features that we haven't seen on 2go ever since.

I logged in to my2goaccount today
(which has really been a while I did) and I
was so impressed with the new
development the guys at2godid.

Features of the new 2go vs 5.0.2

The new features takes the previous
Navigation bar off the roof as it adds a
new Icon to the stock tagged “ Switch
Account” and “Connecting”
Below are the new features listed in the
2gov.5.0.2 on Java phones.
- Chats (Notifies you of all current chats
that you are currently into with friends
and loved ones.
This now also notifies you of offline
What’s New in Chat: You won’t believe
this:2go5.0 now gives you delivery
status of your message same way
Whatsapp does. WhatsApp shows a
“correct-like mark” on every delivered
messages –2gonow shows a “correct-
like mark” on all sent messages to your
contact. So, it’s easier to now know
which message has been sent and
delivered unlike before. This is so cool.
- Friends (List of all your friends, both
online and offline) You also get to know
which friends have offline notification
enables with a bluish icon.
What’s New: You see which friends
appear online, which of the message you
sent to friends offline gets delivered and
same friend-list settings still applies.
-2goRooms (Here is where you get to
chat with people of like-minds like sports,
education, music, etc)
- My Profile
- Get GoCredits –2goMarket place
- Settings – Basic settings applies
- Switch Accounts (NEW) – You can switch
between multiple accounts as this will log
you out and take you directly to the login
page for another to login or you can do
the same.
- Connecting (NEW) – Shows you the
connectivity strength of your mobile
device and network operator. Once you
see this bar, it signifies that the2goapp
is still connecting.

How to download the latest 2go vs 5.0.2 on all devices.

Now, I will also be showing you how to
download2goversion5.0 (v5.0.2) on
you java phones, android phones and all
smart phones including Blackberry and
HTC. Mind you, the current2go5.0 has
only been rolled out for JAVA phones like
Nokia and other JAVA enabled devices.
This sameversionalso applies to2gofor
For BlackBerry 2go, just visit app world and you'll get the latest version.
For Android 2go download, I'll be sharing the download links here for everyone.


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