How to protect your husband against other Young girls


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How to protect your husband against other Young girls
Posted on: August 11, 2015, 12:06:32 AM
Many women believe that men are cheaters and can never stick to one woman but I will tell you today that women contribute to the Men unfaithfulness with reasons but before then I will like to thank you for finding it interesting to read this my little message.

Now I am here to tell you how to protect your husband from other Women/girls by telling you few things you need to avoid in your marriage starting with your dressing.

Your dressing as a woman:
 Have you tried finding out what your husband likes and dislikes in terms of what you put on, you must find out what your husband admires so that your look will always make him say I LOVE YOU more and more because if you fail he will admire other women who looks good to his eyes.

Watch Your Body and Weight:

The worst thing women do these days is that once they get married they will feel that they don’t need to check their body and weights which is totally wrong because you need to stay as young as you can and more beautiful as you can to keep your husband closer to you.
If you look older then you are forcing your husband to admire younger girls which will not be of good to your marriage.

Always make yourself available to your husband, don’t be always busy woman:
I don’t know the kind of business you are doing as a family woman but I tell you if you don't make out time for your husband you will lose what matters most, imagine making all the money and allow your house help to be married to your husband indirectly which the outcome can be disastrous .

You may be complaining that your husband is cheating on you without understanding the cause of it, though a man who have the problem of pursuing girls will still not be controlled by giving him all the time in the whole world but it’s better to do your own part and leave the rest for God.

Don’t compare your husband with any other man:
Men don’t like being compared with any other man as some women always like telling their husband look at papa Emake (Emake’s Father) this and that.

What you say can make your husband hate you and lose interest to do anything with you but will prefer doing it with those who please and sees him as the best.

Give him a reason to stay at home:
The truth is that if you are a good wife your husband will always be rushing home to stay with you and play with you as usual but if you are a nagging woman your husband will even like to branch somewhere else after work because you made your home boring with your numerous nagging and troubling.
Hope you have learned one or two things from this article, I will keep providing more interesting articles related to Love, marriage and relationships


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Re: How to protect your husband against other Young girls
#1 Posted on: August 11, 2015, 02:32:13 PM
Quote from: ekems2020
Nice thread. . .cool n educating
Am glad you like it hope to see more interesting comments


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Re: How to protect your husband against other Young girls
#2 Posted on: November 17, 2015, 03:26:34 PM

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