My experience Migrating to Inmotion VPS Web Hosting

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My experience Migrating to Inmotion VPS Web Hosting
Posted on: June 19, 2017, 01:41:18 PM
Finding a good Webhosting can be stressful especially when there are many things to consider such as price, reliability, customer care support and the features that the Webhosting offers.

I am not old or new to this business because I started this journey since 2012 till now and I have encountered many things that I will be glad to share with you as a beginner or even as an experienced blogger.

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In this article, I will tell you more about my experiences towards Webhosting for those who refer and I will be eager to learn more from you if you think you have more experience on Webhosting.

Honestly, I have written more articles about Webhosting you can check them out below.

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You will see lots more if you go to Webmasters thread but then I want to use this opportunity to tell you my experience and what I have benefited by moving to a VPS Hosting.

What is VPS
VPS is an abbreviation and the three latter words represents "Private Virtual Server" that is the full meaning of VPS in terms of Webhosting and its' part of Webhosting plans, there are other plans such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated and Cloud hosting etc.

When I wrote about How I Successfully Moved my site from Web4africa to Check out Inmotiohosting I promised to share my experience after using it for few months and now here I am to share that experience with you.

The good news is that since I moved to Inmotion hosting for 3 months now I have never experienced any downtime or errors, and the performance of the forum has improved.

If you are using a computer to browse and sometimes a page refuse to open and gives you an error message as you can see below.

There is something wrong with Glo network that I doesn't open some certain pages on a website when using a computer but no problems when using a mobile phone but I have written a workaround to help you bypass such problem, you can read How to browse more Faster with UltraSurf and Chrome Browser I said this because if you don't know you will think that the website in question is down while the website is active and functional but your network is the problem.

I have been using it since I noticed that Glo data doesn't open all pages but with the solution above you can browse faster and will be able to open any page with no restrictions.

Now back to the business "my experience Migrating to Inmotion VPS Web Hosting" I started with Web4africa Silver shared hosting plan in 2012 and later upgraded to their shared Gold hosting plan when I noticed my website needed more resource to perform well.

Surprisingly upgrading to Web4africa Gold plan doesn't solve my problem because my website goes down every minute and comes up the next minute.

Other websites that are put together on one shared hosting account are responsible for the problem my site was having because they share resource together and once that resource is not sufficient then they will start clashing each minute.

This forum doesn't consume many resources and yet it crashes every minute see the proof below.

image from my VPS Cpanel

I complained to Web4africa but nothing is still working for me and they suggested me to upgrade to their VPS hosting plans, I wanted to but i decided to test something new and different Moreover when I checked their VPS plans I noticed that their VPS offers less for more price and these were the reason why I went on a hunt for good, reliable and value for money web hosting and to my luck I finally ended up with Inmotiohosting and today am so happy with them because my website is always up and running.

I spent more now
Yes, I have moved from Shared web hosting to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and it cannot be compared to shared hosting I now have full control of my website.

I can now install any third party software if I want to and my website can still be stable even with heavy traffic because I have a dedicated resource allocated to my website to consume without any interference from any other website, all that doesn't come so cheap and yes I now spent few dollars every month for my VPS hosting because I need this forum to be up and running 24/7 with great performance.

Finally, I will welcome any question or suggestions you might have regarding My experience Migrating to Inmotion VPS Web Hosting


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