5 Online money making jobs and promos to Avoid


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5 Online money making jobs and promos to Avoid
Posted on: December 06, 2017, 12:51:30 PM
Are you among those who search day and night looking for easy ways to make money online, if yes then this article is only for you and you alone.

Making money online from any part of the world is 100% possible but there are few things I thought you should know while searching for an easy way to make money online.

Making money online is possible but the question remains, can you do what it takes to make reasonable income online because many of us are busy looking for an easy way to make money online which doesn't exist.

Before I proceed to 5 Online money making jobs and promos to Avoid, I will request you to take a look at the below content links if you really want to make money online.

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Now while searching for how to make money online always be careful to avoid wasting your time and energy in vain because I have experienced the same thing during my earlier days and I want you to avoid making the same mistake I made when I was a novice.

5 Online money making jobs and promos to Avoid

It's time for me to tell you 5 online money making jobs and promotions you should avoid at all cost no matter how true it looks because they are not really true or reliable to try.

1. Online Survey's

Am sure you have been seeing news and adverts on how to make money online completing few minutes surveys online but trust me making money online is not that simple and during my earlier days I tried it wasting all my time joining many websites that claim to offer few $ when I complete a survey and at the end you will still get nothing.

Online surveys might be working in other countries but not at least in Nigeria as far as I know and it will be better not to waste your time and data trying to make money through online surveys.

2. Share to 20 WhatsApp or Facebook contact and win.

This method is now rampant and many of my WhatsApp always sent such links to me trying to promote what they don't know all in the name of winning a Car, Phones, TV's and Airtime etc but I laugh whenever I see such things because they don't know that they are being deceived and at the end nothing, if you are doing such things better don't waste your time again.

3. Refer and earn point or money

This method is where many Nigerians spent all their time with high expectations of making real money by referring someone from one website to the other, from one platform to the other but I can tell you that even if few of them works 90% of them will still disappoint you at last and am saying it out of experience because I was once like you, desperately looking for a way to make money online.

4. Turning $5 to $100 in few days campaign

If you are really serious about making money online then avoid using the little you have for try and luck because investing the little money you have with the hope of getting a huge return is a dangerous game and you might end up losing what you have because 80% of such campaign don't work but a scam.

5. Online free giveaways

I will not regard this as a scam because many companies and bloggers use this method to promote their product and services but when your motive is to find how to make money online then you don't need to wast much of your time looking and completing online free giveaways and yes 45% of them is a scam.

Thanks for reading all through down to this extent, if you wish to contribute or have any question to ask regarding online money making jobs and promotions then feel free to use our comment reply option below.


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