How to make $10,000 - $20000 Monthly as a blogger in Nigeria


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How to make $10,000 - $20000 Monthly as a blogger in Nigeria
Posted on: October 23, 2017, 11:06:40 AM
Making real money is possible if you follow the right way to make big money online as a blogger even in Nigeria and making up to $10,000 - $20000 Monthly and above is possible.

Most time the only bloggers who can boost by earning such amount of money online are very few and mostly not from Nigeria, as a Nigerian blogger we find it hard making real money online except few 100's of dollars but trust me the big guys are genuinely making lots of money big enough to buy houses and any car of their choice.

Am aware of some few Nigerian bloggers and forum administrators who make some good cash but how many of us can boast of making $10,000 - $20,000 per month, in Naira we are talking about N3.650,000 - N7.300,000 per month.

Yes am not trying to claim that I make such big amount of money online but I am hoping to get close to it soon, in fact, I was not able to reach to that height by now because I didn't follow the right path at the very beginning but I know better now.

I started this forum in June 2012 and since then till now I have learned many things that I will like to share with you especially when it comes to making money online through blogging.

The reason why you don't believe that you can be earning such amount of money is that you are not properly informed that is why I decided to share with you what I learned over the years.

You are miss informed because the only thing they told you was to create a website/blog copy & past and input google Adsense ads and make money, yes you can make money through such means but trust me if you need real money that can make people respect you and call you Sir then you need to get prepared to make real money following the right path which I will be sharing with you.

First, the xtremeloaded forum is not the only website I have but I don't like associating my websites with each other especially if they don't have anything in common and now let me tell you how you can make good money online.

How to make $10,000 - $20000 Monthly as a blogger in Nigeria

Before I start I must tell you one thing, online business or blogging is not meant for lazy people and you will never make it if you don't work hard because there are other competitors who are fighting for the same thing that you are fighting for.

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Adsense is a well-known means of making money online but equally, requires a certain amount of high-quality traffic to make a reasonable amount of money but am not going to discuss Adsense because this time we are looking at other means we can make something big.

Step One

The first thing to do is to draw a marketing plan for the new niche blog that you are planning to create since the blog will be focusing on few products and services then you need to think and know the product that will be suitable for your niche blog to market.

Step Two

You need to find a good profitable niche that has nothing to do with Nigeria but internationally, the reason is that Nigerians lacks purchasing power because some of us don't even trust ourselves talkless of trusting online shops.

The second reason why you shouldn't focus your website/blog to Nigerians alone is that you will not have many options to monetize your website but if you work hard to get traffic from other developed countries with high purchasing power such as USA and UK etc, you will be able to make real money.

In Nigeria, the highest paying affiliate program I have seen is Jumia affiliate program and I commend them but not to compare with some foreign affiliate programs where you can earn between $50 - $200 per sale and will even be multiplied when you sell between 1-10 product per month.

Earning examples of foreign affiliate programs

1-10 Sales per Month: $50 per sale
11-20 Sales per Month: $80 per sale
21-30 Sales per Month: $120 per sale

In this examples above it means that if you sell between 11-20 product per month you will be paid $80 dollars each which is approximately $880 when you sale up to 11 product and will even be higher if you sale more than 11 product.

Step Three

Let us assume we have created niche blog that will be focused on web hosting talks then you will need to channel all your content towards web hosting.

You need to compare various web hosting providers, write often about different web hosting providers and lots more and the tricks are that anyone that comes to your blog is obviously searching for a better web hosting provider and is likely to choose from any of your recommended web hosting providers if you have enough words to convince him which means real money for you.

I Recently wrote about how I made some cash from my new website in no time which I was using to test how affiliate program really works and the outcome was excellent.

Step Four

The hardest work is writing unique content and getting unique visitors to your new niche blog that is why I recommend you research well to find low or medium competitive niche that you can tap into but if you are willing to work hard you can equally challenge your competitors and make your way.

Finally, if you can actually follow this step and work hard for at least 1 year then you will see real money and not those few change you think you are making right now and if those Indian guys can do it then why can't you?

I'm looking forward to seeing your own opinion regarding this article and will surely appreciate your contributions or questions.


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