How to make money online & offline as a student in Nigeria


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How to make money online & offline as a student in Nigeria
Posted on: December 23, 2017, 05:50:18 PM
It is common to see students looking for ways to make money as young people often find themselves in need of funds.

Asking parents for money for extra-curricular purpose is simply inconvenient because they already pay for such things as fees and housing.   

Ways to make money in Nigeria for students 

Offline work for students

Rendering services as a tutor: You can earn few folds of naira by transfering your knowledge to others.Here you have to know the subject you are tutoring

Services on writing course papers, abstracts: Here, the earnings are high and as usual, there is a lot of competition.

Laboratory assistant: You'll earn a little but the experience is priceless. This kind of work allows you to learn from the teachers and is a good investment for the future.

Marketing researches: This deals with conducting consumer and or marketing researches for different trading networks.

Store/Shop assistant: Shops in the country are ever looking for smart boys and girls. Girls may become the employees at clothing or jewelry stores.

Providing courier services: Many large companies constantly need courier services. To work successfully you need to be well- oriented with the city and have good communication skills. 

Taxi service: As a student you can earn by driving, you can work the night shifts. But at the same time, consider that you still have to go to the university after work.

Service as a Cashier:  For this type of work, you need to have restraint and an ability to deal with stressful situations. 

Online jobs for students in Nigeria

Cyber cafe attendant: A convenient job. All you have to do is moderate what clients are doing and attend to their need You can receive or make outgoing calls, depending on the employer.

Writing articles on different topics: If you have good literacy and knowledge of English, this job is for you. The earnings will depend not only on the executed volume but also on the quality of the material. The more literate and interesting you write-up, the more you earn. Here, there's no room for illiteracy.

Writing computer programs: Good mathematics students could consider becoming a programmer! Even those who just started in this direction can earn a decent amount of money through part-time employment.

Earning on social media. You can make money with the help of social networks. You can create an account and get several thousands of active subscribers. You can then offer paid placement of ads for a fee. Alternatively, you could work for brands and companies as social media infuencers.

Blogging: Here, you must have an interest and abilities in writing as well as managing audiences.  The opportunities for earnings as a student in our country Nigeria are inexhaustible.

Other earning options that are not recommended and should be avoided are:

Online betting,casinos and slot machines: You may lose more than you'll win.

Sending spam messages: You will not get big money, but problems with the law are quite possible.

Financial pyramids: Some people can assure you that this is the easiest way of making money in Nigeria. Do not attempt it as you may lose all your money!   

When you ask yourself "What can I do to make money in Nigeria?" you have to analyze the possibilities and weigh all the pros and cons.   

Advantages and disadvantages of work during study


◆ The students gains a lot of experience that can be important to him/her after graduation.
◆ Young people who worked while studying take money seriously because they know how hard it is to earn it. 
◆ You will have some understanding of the area before looking for a full time job, if you manage to get a job related to your field or a field you are interested in. 


◆ Problems with the studies.
◆ Overwork. This can cause fatigue.
◆ Employers and teachers demand your full attention. So one has to make a choice. 

In conclusion, know that your income should not gotten through deception. You will be exposed sooner or later. You have to work hard: get experience, make mistakes and correct them.

Take note that energetic and promising people will always find suitable activities.
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