Mistakes And Wrong Opinions University Students Do Make


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Mistakes And Wrong Opinions University Students Do Make
Posted on: March 30, 2018, 11:57:14 PM
The Life you live is your own starting from the day you gained entrance into any tertiary institution. How do you live it?

As an educated person, do you really try to forsee what may happen in the future. Is schooling all about freedom, making a first class or enjoying the pleasures on campus?

 Does being in a university really mean you will get the job of your dream after you've been given your certificate? Do you ever think of something like 'Wasted Education? One thing commonly said by undergrads when stressed is ''Let me finish this stressful education and work in a company soon''.  Is your father the owner of such company or do you know how many people had thought that way but currently doing what they dispised just for thier hands to reach their mouth.

According to Vanguard Newspaper of 24th July, 2008, almost every home in Nigeria Has a graduate. And according to prediction, by 2020, every home will have 5 graduates each who are jobless.

This seems not the first time of hearing such but you are constructing your supporting system upon luck.

 Are you a university first year student? Do you always think of the 3,4,5,6,7 years you will spend within the four corner of the school and what may happen that may drag you back to the village. Cases of losing parent/sponsor are constantly occuring and you think it will never happen to you.

 Even the 400, 500 level undergrads aren't exempted from the realities of life. Some believe waking up each day guarantees they will sleep and wake up healthy the following day.

Are you always thinking rationally?  Life starts the day you begin to take resposibility for your actions. I've outlined below the wrong beliefs held by undergraduates + possible solutions inorder not to be stranded in the river of life.

₹ View Situations In Two perspectives:  You are not too young to analyze situations. Reading in the library (probably day dreaming of whatever) and not thinking of a life after school may be a complete waste.

Take for instance a person bragging about working in an oil company after finishing his/her program may be seen plying his/her trade with red oil in the market. What about you? Are you viewing situation two dimensionally? Are you in the gutter looking only at the stars alone?  

₹ Learn A Skill: Despite the tons of graduates convocated each year, many of them are totally unemployable.

Learning a skill depends on your willingness. Skill is achieved through constant day by day practise. It is true that readers are leaders but tommorow's leaders are those that think wide,skillful and determined.

The problem is not graduating from school, it is what meaningful you can do when out of school.

₹ Over-dependence On Parents:  What do you think is the reason for so many jobless graduates in the country? Some students totally rely on their parents financially from school fees to even allowance, clothing, materials, toiletries etc.

This immediately makes them feel comfortable and creates a zero thinking in them. They only know about how to spend it but never how it comes about. You can learn from the pitfalls of others by thinking about money early.

Money does not fall like Manna from the sky. There have to be something you have that people will pay for and it's better to start thinking of what you can do to start making money now.

Make sure it is something that adds value to people’s life or makes life easy for them. And the good thing is, the better you are able to think, the bigger you earn.  

₹ Have a mutual understanding with your God: If you are a christian, a muslim or others, please always have a mutual relationship with your God. This gives you the instinct that you have a supernatural support at any time.

For Christians! It is important to know which place of worship you should actually belong as everyone on earth will be subjected to an heavenly glory or destruction on the last day.

In all, know that as student, you have the power to effect a positive change in your life. Don't depend of success stories alone, learn from failure stories also. Don't follow the crowd, visualize you mission!

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