5 Gist that students don't like hearing in lecture rooms


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5 Gist that students don't like hearing in lecture rooms
Posted on: April 28, 2019, 04:07:42 AM
Getting admission to higher institution is no doubt a joyful moment, in the life of every aspiring students in Nigeria, because it denotes the beginning of a new life, a new journey, a step towards dream fulfilment, change of environment, meeting new friends among many other things.

So, going to school is what everyone looks out for, but that’s where the merry ends, because of the rigor of learning in most Nigerian campuses. No thanks to lecturers attitudes and style of teaching in class too.

Like the saying, ‘school sweet, na something spoil am”. Here are 5 statements that annoy most students on campus.

1. Settle down please, the lecturer is here finally: This statement, on a normal day should mean to settle down for learning, but in most cases, the manner & mood with which you receive it, can be so annoying. This is common when a lecturer delays you unnecessarily for hours, yet still telling the class governor that he is on his way, only to come after you are already feeling exhausted. Now, he enters and starts saying the nonsense, “sorry class, settle down pls, shall we begin?”

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“For your mind, you will be like settle down for what abeg? After I don dey see my bed for here? Oga sir, will you gerarahia”. Anofiaa????

2. Tear a sheet of Paper: Hehe hehe.  This happens often when a lecturer asks too much question in the class and expects sufficient reply.

You will hear, “We talked about the evolution of man from Ape last time, what did we say about Ape?

After like 2mins with no hands up, She will be like, “ehn ehn!! So, that last class that I was shouting on top of my voice, you people were just looking abi?” So, none of you can explain what I discussed just last week oo? OK, tear a sheet of paper, this is your C.A test.   Lol!

Trust sharp guys, as dem dey tear sheet, naso them go dey use style open the lecture notes to see where APEs dey.  You go feat memory storage in seconds.   Lol

3. Can we continue please : This is another annoying statement to some students, especially at evening classes, when most are already feeling tired beyond redemption.

Students be like, “Oga free us now? Which yeye continue again”.  While for lecturer mind “na we die here ooo”.

4. Take this material too, make photocopies – This is one off reactive and crazy thing most students hate to hear most, especially when a lecturer keeps dropping one material after the other, in every other week like say, na  for inside the course the whole degree programme ends. Most students would be like, “God, which kind Whala be this now” – I don tire for this school oo.

5. Hey, you, give me your matric no: This happens most when you are caught for class misconduct and the best way to threaten you is asking you to drop your matric no.  ????

Till that semester is over,  I swear, na for the course your mind go always dey. You will be like “Hey, what if this man fails Me”.  Lol


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