The benefits of the internet to students in Nigeria


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The benefits of the internet to students in Nigeria
Posted on: July 12, 2018, 11:21:58 PM
Internet isn't a new name in Nigeria's education sphere - it may have been so before by definitely it has changed for the better. In a simple definition, the internet is huge network of different other networks globally. It is the conglomeration of computers ; where information are stored. The internet accords smooth ,easy and private navigation of information by all and its benefit to students could not be undermined. One might look at the internet as a huge virtual web that connects the entire world. It connects students with knowledge.

Even with the praiseworthy exertion of the Internet, many are yet to conclude that it certainly means that much for students. They base their reasons upon the credibility of the searches made in ease. An internet user can (most a times without any restrictions) go beyond the bounds of his search. They claim the side effects of the internet supersedes what it was meant to serve. Most of these disadvantages would be highlighted as you read on.

Advantages of the internet to students
The advantages of the internet includes:

Receiving help online

This internet feature is widely used by many students worldwide when they seem to be at an endpoint either in their calculations or basically any other academic difficulty. Students finding it hard to write an assignment, essay, dissertation and many other type of research paper is not something new. With the internet on their side, they can practically access instant assignment help. It’s necessary only to ask for help and there will be people who are ready to share some information, explain something or give a hint.

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Connecting with friends

 Staying in touch with friends and relatives is another role of the internet to the students. Nowadays even the moms at home want to be digitalised; the subscribe to the fast efficient way of communicating to their children - which is through the internet. Social media grants easy forwarding of messages. It makes interaction easier.

Online education – Far distance learning

With the internet, one can study a program in a reputable tertiary institution outside the country while still in Nigeria. This form of education is becoming a trend among the students from around the world. The distance between the student and the institution has been bridged with this feature all because of the internet.

At the end of the day you get your certification and this brings more fun to education.

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Unlimited Access to Information

Even though your school's library seems bulky and intact it cannot be updated as the data and information of the internet. Anyone can search through online databases or find all the academic research that he wants. With the right search engines, students are now able to view every scholarly publication or studies from other students. Soft copy of popular textbooks are uploaded to the internet - these are textbooks that may cost lots of money if one is to buy a hardcopy.

Moreover, there are programs that students need to be updated regularly on latest information. The most accurate place a student first tries to access is the internet. Specialized forums and platforms abound for specific niche of academics.

Visual Aid

The Internet provides quick visual aids to student who make use of the internet. They are able to get a visual explanation of whatever he/she was lectured.

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Access to useful programs and applications

With the internet as a base, students can practise online tests on different subjects. He gets the feel of the exams hall, even when outside of it, preparing him/her to reach a set goal. Programs and applications that help student manage their time isn't scarce online. This and many others aid students online.

Despite all this, students don't at all times get benefitted by the use of the internet. Constant use of the internet to solve assignments makes one to drastically neglect critical use of the brain. Getting good results from searches triggers gradual but constant use of the internet.

The use of the internet to connect globally through social media and other socially- minded sites greatly eat into the packed time of students. This defect do come to manifestation in the results when released. In all a cultured and disciplined use of the internet is advised.


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