Carry Overs In Higher Institution : How To Overcome It


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Carry Overs In Higher Institution : How To Overcome It
Posted on: June 20, 2018, 10:01:47 PM
If you check the meaning of the term 'Carry over' in any dictionary, you will discover it's another entirely from what Nigerian students know it as. I may be a bit partial in implying the word 'students' to mean only 'University undergraduates' in this piece.

This does not rule out the possibility of relating to any other kind of student in Nigeria.

Carry Over conceptually means failure in school. It signifies not being able to hit the pass mark to qualify a certification after a program. In the university settings of things, somebody who couldn't meet the 45-mark pass maximum would have to rewrite the particlar course again next year with his/her junior! Isn't that a disgrace of the latest order?

That's not all, with consistent cumulation of carry overs, the particular student has to pay one or two more school fees depending on the dozens of carryovers achieved.

Carry overs aren't reserved for dummies or what you may termed 'unintelligent students', highly intelligent students do fall into carryovers. Would you say they are not intellectuals or were they not always reading?

It is better to prevent than to cure and you start the prevention by knowing the issue. In the University, you are not trained to read ONLY, after all it is an added advantage in life.

You are trained in LEARNING and CHARACTER. Nigerian lecturers have succeded in making Nigerian students see the hell of a study time in the course of their programme. They really make sure students are stressed from the beginning to the end.

A typical Nigerian lecturer(not just a lecturer per say but a professor) will edit the structure of a textbook produced oversea thinking he is creating a new publication. In order to let students know he has really deserved to be  acknowledged as a prof, will spice those 'copied writeups' with grammars just to prove ownership. To punish students the more, they will leave the piece they wrote and curate questions from a simpler piece produced elsewhere.

They prepare to see students fail. When probably these students know they will fail, they meet them to sort differences out or risk  carrying over the course. That's the bitter truth about the logic of carry overs.  

They are many reasons why you must completely avoid carry overs.

Effects Of Carryovers - The Adverse Features Of CarryOvers

₹ You seem down academically:
Some people do look down on themselve whenever they fail - it's quite natural. I remember back then in secondary school, how i had always been at the top in class. Whenever they see me they look down on themselves. They tend to forget or don't know that i did climb up there to the top. How my experiences at the bottom did keep me floating.

Intelligence Quotient aside, consistent and wide reading will make you an A+ student. Learn how to read without sleeping at night here.

₹ It weakens students psychologically:
You won’t feel yourself among your peers anymore when you are a carryover student. It brings your thinking to the lowest minimum.

₹ It will weaken you physically:
Keeping pace with your main courses plus the carryover courses you have to do is physically tasking enough. You may barely sleep at night. You have to meet up with the time table of your main courses and that of your carry over courses. And it's a first order punishment.

How to avoid carry overs

₹ Choose your course correctly: If you wish to avoid carryover, then reject imposed course by friends or family. Don’t because of I must study by fire by force go for a course you cannot fit in.

₹ Choose friends: Choose ones that motivate and care for you.

₹ Get materials on time and attend class: Handout or textbooks, materials prepare you towards exams, why not get them early. Some lecturers are full of themselves – locate their kind and read up their material.

₹ Study hard, study smart: study to live, study everything. Ask questions, create or join study groups. Use the school library.

₹ Set goals:  A set goal may take discipline to obey but the outcome do erase the sacrifice.

Never joke with your Continuous Assessment C.A. Just because others succeed in a particular course doesn't make you a failure. You were created to succeed, that's why your need to relate well with your creator is the last and foremost armour to defeat carry-over!


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